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Friday, December 31, 2004

  Broken,Breaking,and Bleeding

My stomachs tied in black lace, My lips are an open grave, I wail,scream,and cry; Blood and sequence posion my eyes, This is so intoxicating, Increase..decrease my medication, I will cut out your love, And hold t high above, For the demons devour, Till your final breath, final hour, You spoke,spat, and spit; Choked on blood of your invent, Carress me, So I can bend,break, and bleed

yesterday i was so mad..that i bit right through my lip..got home and stuck a saftey pin thro it..it didnt hurt one bit..maybe cuz i was so mad or somthing..it closed up thro night tho..feels like a lump..weird feeling

this whole week ive read the bible every night..so happy..

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