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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I want to purge out this hate,
Choking on gulps of glass tears,
You left me with no choice,
Is this some kind of sick joke!

Look at your hands and face,
They've turned to burning stone,
Trimmmed with my scarlett hate,
I purged all over your fuckin fate!

Take this poisioned wine,
Choke on your words to death,
Eat this mureroud stale bread,
Because I've become your Dark Cheif

haha,.eh.nymph..that wasnt a poem?.LOL..
well..im just so frustrated right now..im struggling light and dark,good and evil..im running scared as hell through my mind all of these thoughts of the past year..scared me as hell...and these stories are coming back to me again..damn..people are so good at that..hate christmas cuase only cuz my mom hasnt had time for the faimly...chasing dance rehersals...buh today and stuff she has...so idk.. o.+

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