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Sunday, May 14, 2006

   ^-^; wow
i haven't logged on forever! <.<; and i didn't realize i was added to people's friends list. wow...o___o; anyways i'm going to start posting back, okay? >.< sorry i haven't been on alot has happen sice my last login.

1. i moved to a different town, but not far from where i use to live.

2. in a new school district and i'm a freshman in a new highschool. ^-^;

3. my dog died. -.-; in november

4. i almost got in a relationship with a guy friend but changed my mind cause i know he is a player. v.v; ask his ex's. those girls still like him.

5. ^-^; i'm going on a trip.

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Monday, March 7, 2005

   Muwahahaha! o.0;
HI Today was interesting. I went on to Vampirefreaks.com and on to my friends name...and I loaded up her pic and all but I was suppose to help with something else but what the hell right?

ANYway I'm probably going to join that site too...I'm like apart or 10 or more sites and I only go to 4 of them. Oh well they can just delete my ass. Me and my friends are GOTH! <.< okay I don't act like it when I'm hyper...in fact I'm just plan stupid when I'm hyper...ALSO


or I shall send evil spirits after you. ^-^ Oh and we die each second of the day. ^-^ COME ON DEATH! sorry I'm physco...I talk to dead people.

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Happy/ Depressed Goth Gurl

woah long code...anyway I finally left that god forsaken site.I had some friends from school there who kept bugging me....

I'm moody cause of that.

*growls* bad day and that that. well so far. My mom feels crappy and we were going to go bike riding but she feeling bad! AHHH! %%#$ %#^#%^$!

But otherwords...I'm kinda happy and depressed.

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

• www.asylumworld.com/…
• www.asylumworld.com/…

I don’t like her but she is pretty. ^-^ I want to look like her!



Weee I can fly..!


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This week I have already been to 2 funerals...@___@ I've been to ALOT of funerals...or at least lived through them. -.-; Anyway you all might think I'm crazy and all but I talk to the dead! -.-;;;; ya know spirits...well people always ask me about DEATH...and tell you the truth...DEATH is a spirit...and she works for god...I've seen her too..but she basically what ya all say...all bones? yep...but is quite nice. ^-^ Hey this ability runs in my family...x.x don't ask..we all have abilities of physics and shamans...very confusing...and scary..sorta....<.< and suicidal spirits are the worst...-.-

good info: Don't kill yourself it doesn't help depression...cause I talk to suicide dead people there still DEPRESSED!X.X and complainy....

Also I have no info on heaven or hell for even Death or any spirit knows the answer of that...so basically when we die...WE STILL DON'T KNOW ABOUT HEAVEN OR HELL.

Doesn't that stink? we're all still gonna be clueless.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

*cough* okay here is the deal
I like this guy which I'll call umm..Oreo for now...Okay he is weird alright. I mean he is a complete freak ass geek but still. I mean he practices witch craft and he has some anger issues.(Considering he has been kicked out of school and been in fights but is still a nice guy.)And he is my friend right now oh and he practices witch craft which I think is ****ing awesome. *cough* considering I talk to dead people...don't ask okay...dead people just talk to me and this ability runs in my family but unfortunely....I'm the one with the power the strongest...

Anyway back on subject he is friends with my friend Currency and he like her. And wants to ask her out which she don't like him that way but is afraid to say no because his temper might get out of control...so yeah thats all.

Also word of wisdom: Don't ask the dead about heaven or hell cause even they're not sure if it exist. Seriously and also most suicidals are depressed as heck and most spirits wish me dead...Any questions? x.X; (why do I even bother?)

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