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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

hey all! =P its lunch time again...didnt have anything to do so i thought i could just stop by and see how everyone is doing =P! its snowing outside and i gotta get back to school soon... =P imma be like a snowman when i reach...i think they said it was a mixture of snow and freezing rain 0_o... lol well anyway have a great week...donno if i will be able to visit any1 or even come back on till X-mas break -_- well cya!

........no questions today...cant think =P

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Friday, December 7, 2007

hey guys srry is been awhile since i came on very busy with school! projects assignmest ect...well i gotta do this fast cuz im on my lunch period so i gotta get to class in like 5 mins! well how have you all been since i was gone! did u like my picture....not the best well wahatever! uh oh belll just rang! gotta go now! i changed my theme to DEATH NOTE! AWSOME SHOW! =P well gotta run BYE!!

1) Like my pic?
2) Ever seen DeathNote?
3) Did u miss me?

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

yes its the weekend FINALLY!! man im so tired... so sleepy yet i dont want to go to sleep...lol i just donno what to do... well i hope the weekend goes ok... -_- we had snow on thursday and now is still there but its slippery and i nearly fell =P stupid ice... there was a Snow Storm Warning on wednesday saying bout it...most catholic schools closed but all public were open...only busses cancelled -_- we had to do so much work this whole week...i had a presentation, had to do these stupid surveys and other crap like that...i wish it could snow again =P snowday on mondya that would be awsome! thats the only thing i like about winter snow..and well Xmas but ya other than that i hate winter...to cold for me...i was in layers since wednesday! =P even got my mittins on... -_- which have huge holes in em...nothing much doing over this weekend...all i did so far was come online and started to draw for Ramen Elf's Xmas contest =P it will be done my tomorrow no doubt...drop by and see sometime and see if you can win =P well that's mainly it...well cya! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND

1)Do you hate or love to draw?
2)What do you like most about winter?
3)Are you an over protective person?

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