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Yo yo all coming to my site welcome i'll soon be adding wepon art so coment!!!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

me pet

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

sweet music

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some stuff bout me
About Me...

first name: Ryne
middle name: s
last name: why?
age: 15
age you want to be: dont care just not 90
age you act: 13
birthdate: 7/5/91
birthplace: pa
star sign: cancer
do you get along with your family?: mostly
any brothers/sisters?: 1 bro 2 sis
any pets?: yes
what kind: 1 dog 1 fish and 1 snake
are you happy with who you are: NO
fave food: spinage
smoke: no
drink: no
do drugs: no
cry often: no
go to church: no
pray: no
read the newspaper: no
take walks in the rain: yes
take long showers: no
sing in the shower: no
like school: no
want kids: yes
if yes, how many: 1-3
love yourself for who are: yes
play sports: no
sleep a lot: yes(20 hours)
like to sing: no
like animals: yes
play with fire: yes
fave eye color: blue
fave hair color: brown, black
height: any hight
weight: any(no im not desperat)
piercings: ok
if yes, how many: some
tattoos: no
if yes, how many: 2 at most
and where: anywhere
hot or cute: both
looks or personality: personality
first thing you notice: personality
coke or pepsi: coke
bikini or one piece: bikini
swim trunks or speedos: trunks
love or $: love
pop or water: pop
dogs or cats: dogs
aeropostale or hollister: ?
abercrombie or american eagle: ?
night or day: night
sun or rain: rain
green or purple grapes: green
heck yeah or hell yeah: ?
hot tea or ice tea: none
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
hugs or kisses: kisses
quiznos or subway: both
summer or winter: winter
spring or fall: fall
wine or beer: niether
pizza hut or papa johns: both suck
cried in school: no
gone skinny dipping: no
been drunk: no
smoked: no
skipped school: no
had someone cry on your shoulder: yes
cried on someone's shoulder: no
been kissed: no
cried during a movie: no
if yes, which ones: ?
seen something being born: no(tank god)
if yes, what: ?
been in love: yes
had a medical emergency: yes
had surgery: yes
spent the night in a psych ward: no
played strip poker: no
played strip poker and lost: no
been picked on: yes
slept outdoosrs: no
been on stage: no
been to camp: no
talked to someone all night on the phone: no
thought you were going crazy: yes
been betrayed: no
had a dream that came true: no
been on the radio: no
been in car accident: no
been in a car accident on your b-day: no
toilet papered someone's house: no
egged someone's house: no
had your heart broken: no
been dumped by someone: no
dumped someone: no
are you a romantic: yes
what is important for you in a relationship: a deep conection between personalities
do you have to someone before you date them: yes
what is the most annoying thing about the opposite sex: noting
school: for
prayer in school: ohnesstly dont care
abortion: not for use to deside let the woman in tat situasion deside what to do
kids: for
adoption: for
the war in irag: against
sex before marriage: for
eggplant: against
long distance relationships: for
online dating: against
single parenthood: against
restaurant: to many to chose from
drink: coke
store: all but clothing
color: green and black
shoe brand: none
clothing brand: drunken monkey
animal: leoperd
day of the week: friday
sport: football
flower: velvet rose
ice cream: banana chocolate
band: MCR mainly there are several others
song: XXL-dont remember
candy: rolos
season: winter
you hugged: ?
you kissed: ?
that made you laugh: ?
you talked to: ?
you yelled at: ?
that made you cry: ?
you hit: ?
that brightened your day: ?
miracles: not alwaz
santa: no
god: no
magic: no
love at first sight: yes
karma: a little bit
heaven/hell: no
satan: no
angels: no
demons: no

Take this survey | Find more surveys
Bzoink - The Original Survey Site

love is not blind but blind folded

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

me and Snakespeare!
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us again!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

so yo all know

Get your own map and more at BlingyBlob.com

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A new contest the category for this one is the liver foundation

The reason for this is a sad story where a devout Christian lost a 2-year-old baby to liver complication.

The requirements are easy just draw a pic with butterflys and in large clear letters joey jog with the tag Joeyjog and your first name. the winner (if there is one its being decided by my mom) will have their art on a banner. (Gatta admit thatís some publicity) all art is due by August 23rd

Tanx if any questions contact deamonangle666 (please keep in mind this will be on a banner)


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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