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Saturday, April 7, 2007


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::About me

Hi u guys.I'm japanese american like me, hate me i don't care.please don't write or speak to me in japanese, because i do not understand it, sorry it's just my parents don't ever speak to me in japanese that i eventually grew up not knowing my own language, but english...yeah that sucks

Name: I'm not telling, if I tell you i'm going to have to kill you

Gender: I'm a DUDE!! meaning i'm a GUY!! ahaha...lol..!!...

Birthday: December 1st, the year you were born!eheh

Hobbies: Drawings, Video Games, Computer,...uh...i'm spacing out...uhhh...



I owe alot of thanks to somegirl for helping me out on this layout thing. She is NOT just SOMEGIRL she's a good friend!! SO BE HER FRIEND TOO!! My site is nothing compare to hers, but at least I know the basic i'm HAPPY!!


Saturday April 7, 2007

Final Decision and Goodbyes : Leaving the Otaku for good!

Well everyone I am officially leaving. I have made a decision that I will not delete my site but leave it as a mark in the otaku history. I had so much fun with everyone of you guys. I won't forget you guys, but unfortunately I have to leave due to many reasons and I really don't have a need for this site any longer. But before I leave for good I would want to thank some important good friends I have made over the entire course that I have been here on the Otaku.

Either you all will take these evaluations as bad or good, it doesn't matter because I won't be around to answer anyways. ahaha..gotcha! okay so here goes the first person...and then so on and so forth..

Jugnaka: This guy here is probably the coolest guy I met here on the otaku. He's been a really great friend and had helped me alot through rough times even if it's just through the net. He's a great listener and understands so much about life at such a young age. He's acts mature yet he's really funny and just a completely awesome guy to know. I value his time and friendship a lot and he too can be a good friend to you all. Be nice to him while i'm gone! Thanks for being a cool friend man! same goes for your other self too!

Ordinary Girl: She's definitely another cool person I have met here on the otaku. She's very funny and dorky yet shows maturity at the same time. She's always someone fun to talk to and she makes me want to smile all the time. I like how she isn't insane about me. ahaha...And it makes me want to like her for that..though she doesn't know that...I hope she just doesn't kill me after hearing this...though I doubt she will be able to since I will be long gone after this anyways...Thanks so much for being there for me when I needed it most.

EdotenseiHime: She's another great cool person I've met. She's fun to talk to, she's caring and just great all together. I really like her for this. She's so nice too, and always fun to talk to and get to know. She's funny for giving me the nickname "blazie"...that's a cute nickname and I don't have a problem with it. Treat her well and be her friend she's worth it. Thanks so much for talking to me and just making me feel better.

darbie28: She scares me sometimes because I keep thinking she wants to kill me. lol! but she is a great funny person. I have alot of fun when talking to her. I like how she can take jokes. She's fun to argue with and then laugh about it later. I'm going to miss our useless arguments!lol!LOVELY!!!

Ekedo: Another cool guy. He likes pokemon but I like him for having the courage to say he likes it. It's never too late to admit it. He's a fun guy to talk to and that's why I like talking to him. It would be great to talk to him more but his comp has parental locks so he almost always leave in awhile which is such a shame. but I still have so much fun talking to him. Thanks for being a great friend.

kakashi fan girl: She's a cute girl. I like her for being a good friend and I have so much fun talking to her. She is another person worth knowing.

somegirl: This girl here is my biggest help ever! She is awesome! When I wanted to know about making layouts she helped me right away! She wasn't like other people who never replied back to my plead. I will forever remember her for teaching me this great knowledge. She is definitely gifted beyond html talents. Be nice to her! even if she's not around much anymore. Thanks for much for all your help! I am forever in your debts!

thepinkprincess: Another cute girl here on the otaku! She talks so innocent and it's always so fun to talk to her. I like her cute personality! I could see why her bf loves her. She's funny and just the cutest. Thanks for being so fun to talk to.

snowycloud: She's another good friend. I could relate a lot to her. She's fun to talk to and makes me smile. I'm glad to have know her and got to know her. Thanks for having the time to talk to me and being a great friend.

PenguinCrossGuard: She such a fun person to talk to. She's almost always bored so talk to her and be her friend. She stays up late to talk to me which is so nice. I really like her for being who she is. Sorry that I won't be able to keep you company during those boring times anymore.But it was great talking to you.

Kitsune901: She's funny and insane sometimes but that's what good about it. She makes me laugh and she has a cute personality too. Always fun to talk to her and tease...lol! But she has been a great friend.

Everyone here on the otaku are important to me, but these people were the ones that kept in contact the most to me so yea.

Goodbye everyone. It was great knowing you all during this short long period here at the otaku. I hope you all the best in life! And thanks so much for being all great friends! I love you all and i will miss you all. Take care and have a wonderful life everyone! I'm officially out of here! PEACE!



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