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hello, feel free to sign my gb add me as a friend whatever. and if u ever send me a chain letter i will not add u as a friend or sign ur guestbook!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

well it seems the contact stuff isnt working so my email is blakfeatheredangel@yahoo.com and if you want my fb send me a pm or a email or contact me on yahoo messenger
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   Hello Everypony!
Well hello everypony! yes i said pony, get over it. so it's been awhile hasnt it? well for anyone wondering i am still alive and am now a brony! im still an otakuite and always will be, its in my blood. so i havent really been doing much, trying to get into college and a job, and pretty much figuring life out. i dont really expect anyone to read this but if you do i'm going to update the contact information so feel free to contact me. i always love making new friends and dont worry i dont bite...hard. so have a good day or night as the case may be!

~Giggle at the Ghosties~



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Friday, February 12, 2010

*sigh* i miss all my old friends. there's no one ever on anymore. if anyone reads this i prolly wont be on in a while so in the mean time feel free to contact me. the contact stuff has been updated with my new email and my myspace. i'm always welcoming new ppl so dont be afriad to contact me if u dont kno me. however be warned i dont put up with bull shit and i'm not afraid to speak my mind



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Saturday, September 15, 2007

hello ppl. i'm just really bored.


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