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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Together Again
I walk along the moon lite beach one person comes to mind that person is you. How I miss you so, all I can think about is you. How far apart we are right now but soon I will be home to see your smiling face and to feel your loving embrace. Take comfort in knowing it wont be long before were together again. For now I sit and dream of you. I watch the sky and take comfort in knowing your watching it too. I wish you were here beside me but tis not ment to be. Soon my love, soon you will be beside me.
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Together We Stand
I walk among the tree's oh how far apart we seem. As the wind blows through the leaves in my mind all I see is your smiling face how I long to return to thee. But its not yet to be a while longer we must wait but soon I will be home again. What ever is ment to be will work out perfectly. Tonight we must be apart but soon you'll see I'l be back in your arms. How I wish you were here to hold me through the night so lonely. But no matter how far apart we may be my heart will be with you, your not alone together we stand hand in hand.
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Monday, December 25, 2006

   Merry Christmas!
I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!! May all your dreams and wishes come true in the new year!!! Follow your dreams, nothing is impossible!!!!!! ^_^
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2 More Poems
Heres 2 poems I want to post together (Normally I wont do that it will be one at a time.) I wrote them for my Grandmother. She passed away 3 years ago this up coming January. She taught me so many things and I miss her dearly so here you go enjoy.


Storys untold laughs unfold so many you had to share. You taught me to read and to write and how to enjoy the evening light. So much time we spent together I thought it would last forever. But life is short it doesnt last forever. So little time to say goodbye tears still fill my eyes. I love you so farewell my teacher. Down from Heaven you watch over me. I miss you so time can not heal this wound I'll see you again but not very soon. My journey still young many lessons unlearned. I will never forget the lessons you taught me my teacher for they are always there guiding me. Just like you are always beside me whispering in my ear to guide me. Farewell and adew grand teacher of mine I will miss you for all of my days.

Grandmother Dearest

Alone I walk on the moon lite path with no one here to guide me. Searching for the ghosts of my past. Grandmother dearest how I miss you so. Why did you have to leave me? Now who will guide me? Alone I walk searching for you for I know you will always be there to protect me. From Heaven you look down apone me. Are you still proudly smiling at me? Follow your dreams, follow your heart that is what you told me. Grandmother dear smile and know I'm following my dreams and my heart. I gaze up at the sky and know you are still proud of me and will always protect me. When my time comes to follow where you have gone I hope you'll have a place readt for me so we can sit and share. Grondmother dearest I miss you so.

P.S. I have new wallpapers up or at least they should be soon go check them out

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

As promised
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Okay heres the first of the poems I promised I would put on here also I'm going to change my theme back to Halo at the request of AnimeK so here you go enjoy.


I walk a lonely road the only one I have ever known. Dont know where it goes but its home to me and I walk alone. Forever tortured or so it seems by mankind oh so cruel. Hated and shuned all because they do not understand why I am diffrent. Instead they choose to see a monster they clame me to be. It's not my fault I'm not to blame for being born diffrent. Drenched in pain always alone because people think they see a monster inside me. My shadow is the only one who walks beside me, always alone. No one there to guide me. Will no one out there find me? So close to the edge I'm about to break. Hell is better then here or so it seems. Over my head drowning in despare in you come to save me from my pain. You dont run, you dont hide, you want to see what I'm like inside. You dont see a monster inside of me. No more to walk, no more to roam on this lonely road I called my home.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Todays my 17th birthday!!!! YAY!!! I'm happy!!!!
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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Okay... I'm assuming since its been a couple of days and no ones commented that no one likes my Halo theme so I changed it back to my Dragons since that seems the be pretty popular with everyone so yeah anyways not much going on here I have 2 days before I turn 17 *my birthdays on the 18th* I'm training for my up coming compition in January I wont come in second this time I'll make sure I place first YES! ^_^ so yeah also one of my good friends has convinced me to start writing down my poems which normally I dont I just work on them in my head so I will post them on here from time to time also I've added 3 more wallpapers yes I know its been forever I'm sorry for that and also I will be working on a ecard or two so keep an eye out for those the wallpapers are all under Inuyasha so let me know what you think one of them has my newest poem on it so yeah thats about it for me hope your all doing well ^_^ ttyl
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

I've changed my site around
Well its done I've over halled my site and it is now a Halo theme YAY! Halo!!! so yeah let me know what you think so yeah see you around! Oh one more thing check out the music video down at the bottom of the page its Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin from the Halo 2 sound track! Sorry its been so long I've just been really busy lately with school and my dance classes and I'm training for another compition coming up in January so yeah hope your all doing well see you around
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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

   So tired.....
We'll I'm back in Costa Rica it kinda sucks cuz I miss my friends and my boyfriend in the states but on the other hand I get to see my dad and my friends here oh well its only for 26 days but thats going to be a long time.....oh well hope your all doing well ttyl
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Sunday, November 5, 2006

Click me and all your dreams will come true...
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