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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Poem: Untitled
On a midnight dark and dreary.
I pondered growing ever wearier.
Pondering ever so weary of my fate
So dark and dreary.

What is to become of me all alone and teary.
Alone on a night so dark and dreary.
Being pushed from all directions,
Forced to make so many decisions.

"What am I to do I cry" as
I lie under the moon and stars
For they are all that hear my cry.
Alas I ponder growing ever wearier.

Pondering of my fate that seems so dark
And dreary. Will I find my answers
To the direction I need to go, fate why
Do you hate me so?

Time slips away on that night so
Dark and dreary. Slowly it seems
To someone so weary. Oh moon
Come now and listen to my plea,

Wonít you send a sign something
To help guide me? Out of no where
Or so it seems a lone wolf approaches
Me, staring, staring at me.

Large yellow eyes staring into mine.
A few moments pass neither of us blinking.
Then that lone wolf starts speaking!
"Dear kin of mine what is it thatís troubling you?"

"I see it in your eyes." Then I reply
"Oh my brother of mine! My path I've
Lost and I canít seem to refind."
"Fate is cruel, fate is unkind playing

A strange game with this life of mine..."
"Listen clear and listen close..." Said
That brother of mine. "If lost your path
You seem to have found,"

"Then what you must do is look around.
Not in the forest or on the ground."
"But deep within your self is where
Your answer will be found."

I awake only to find t'was a dream,
All in my mind. But I look up at
The sky and see a majestic Dragon
Flying by. Then I realize tis more then

A dream, t'was quit real. Yes my brother
Now I see, t'was you who was speaking to me...
To show me what it was that I needed to see.
So now I know, now I see the path that has

Been shown to me. I spred my wings
Itís time to fly, along that dark lonely sky.
Off I go into the unknown. On that
Midnight so dark and dreary I no longer
ponder weak and weary...

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

thank you all for 5,600 downloads ^_^ I'm happy I'll try and add some more wallpapers soon!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

   wOOt! Chat Box!!!

Get Your Own Chat Box! Go Large!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

well I'm back
I'm back in costa rica for a month I just got here today I miss my boyfriend but I get to see my best friend Samuri 7 and all that good stuff so yeah 3 weeks isent that long but in one hand I want it to be long so I can spend time with my friends here but on the other hand I want it to be quick cuz I want to get back to Tony *my boyfriend* and all my other friends up there I KNOW! I'll just kidnap everyone down here and bring them up there or vice verca lol that'll work anyways talk to you all later hope your all doing well
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Monday, May 7, 2007

YAY! I passed my permit test so now I have my permit I'm happy and I only missed 3 out of 35 questions so that makes me happy
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   The best night of my life!
I went to prom with my boyfriend Tony *we've been dating for almost 10 months now* on saterday I had the most romantic, wonderful, just all around best night ever!!!! ^_^ I'm so happy and I got one of my fantasys well 2 I got Tony in a Tux and I got to dance with him to the song Amazed by Lonestar I love that song and its excatly how we feel about each other so yeah hows everyone else doing I'm going to go take my drivers permit test today I hope I pass so wish me luck and I'll post how I did when I get back ttyl
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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

   It's finaly done...
After months of promising I finaly re did my sight its been far to long. Sorry it took me so long but like my last post stated my lifes shit right now. So yeah oh sorry for the font not being the greatest of colors I cant get any other color to look half way decent so if you cant read it just highlight it and I appoligize for that. So yeah let me know what you think, enjoy...

P.S. heres a couple poems I wrote within the last week or so, let me know what you think.

Through Me

You see past the mask Iíve hid behind all this time, you saw right through meÖ
To see what Iíve hiddenÖeven from me, you saw right through meÖ
Night and day secrets locked away forever more, or so I thought... Locked away forever more till that day, fate came knocking on my door. And you saw right through my cleaver disguise that has fooled many wondering eyes. You looked right through me and saw deep down the true form that is my inner self. Locked away for none to see, forgetting who I once use to be... Scared and lonely is what I truly am, lost with nowhere to go... Pieces of the puzzle were given to me, no where they fit together can't you see? From the inside out, I work day and night with nothing but my own insight... Lost and alone I've fallen again, forbidden from anything but to stand up again... Dazed and confused what am I to do? Through the dark I stumble and fall, questions unanswered, no one to help me when I call... At the end of my rope ready to end it all... Your light shown through and you reached out your hand. Unsure what to do, not knowing where I stand I grabbed your hand. Slowly but surely you gained my trust getting closer to me, my outer shell hoping to bust... No longer as lonely or falling as far. Your arms are all ways there to find me if I stray too far... Saving my life day after day no matter how far the dark consumes me again... You looked through me right past my disguise. Look into my eyes, my truly sad eyes you'll see a million tears have gone by yet there still not dry... Forced to grow up to fast all the more reason to hide... Until I fell under your watchful eye... You've seen right through me and right past my once cleaver disguise, right down to the person I once tried to hide...

All Alone

Why did you leave me all alone with nothing but my tears. No one to confide in, nothing to confort me... Why must you leave my side? Now, I walk alone no one there to guide me how I wish you were here beside me... We'll be together again this much I know but when will you rejoin me again to be beside me. Alone I lay in the dark corner of my mind, lost in dispair. Will I ever see you again? Untill then I sit and listen for your voice whispering always there ready to guide me... I love you more then words can ever say, will I get the chance to tell you someday? Untill then I sit and wait untill the day you reach out your hand and grasp mine then together we'll be once again...

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm really really REALLY sorry I havent been online the thing is my life is sucking major ass right now and I just havent been able to keep up with my posts and shit my weekends totaly ruined and all that lovely shit *note the sarcastic tone* anyways talk to you all later hope your doing better then I am
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Monday, April 16, 2007

sorry I havent been on lately I've just been really busy and a lot of shits been happening I'm having a hard time dealing with so I appoligize for not being on I'll do my best to get things change around soon
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

   New Wallpapers
Just a little notice I have some new wallpapers up if you have time please come and check them out
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