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"Life is like a videogame to conquer this game all you have to do is play."

Leica /lai-ka/ [Jp ライカ] [.xn Лайка] fem 1 : loves anime and videogames 2 : draws a lot 3 : wants to meet Gackt 4 : likes to read 5 : likes to pretend as a vampire, detective, assassin, ninja or samurai 6 : decorates and personalizes everything 7 : always seen with earphones on 8 : have a hyper active imagination 9 : very quiet person 10 : open minded syn leics, raika, blackyuna, rai, kuroyuna

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm finally able to edit my profile here!! but the background still doesn't work so I just choose a black background ^^;

my links:
livejounal >>> http://blackyuna013.livejournal.com
twitter >>> http://twitter.com/blackyuna
tumblr >>> http://blackyuna.tumblr.com

my site is still up but in active and somehow underconstruction
>>> http://blackyuna.webs.com


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

   oh my profile~!
it's been a while and I think this profile page is mad at me... I can't seem to update the design~! TT^TT

oh my new blog is here


Saturday, March 22, 2008

wow~ I can still use this!?
I haven't posted any drawings and ecards ever since TheOtaku...
Sadly I haven't figured that part out...


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