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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stop right there and think about what you just said. You want me to stop what im doing and be all smiles and happy. But this aint ever going to happen, you say I don’t know what you have been though. Well here let me open your eyes and show you this movie called my life. My mummy didn’t really care, she just didn’t want to be alone, so here and my daddy got married, she lost her horse blames me, not even born. When I was little there was fighting screaming yelling throwing things and hitting, there was those nights when she’d run drive off fast to get away for a bit, to lull me to sleep. This is only the start this went on for years, I was left with grama and papa, living in and out of their house, then little brother came, they fighting got worse, all ways moving never money to pay rent, only wishing for a dream of a flight that never brought me back there, now as you see this is only the begging and there is more yet to be seen
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