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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Taking a step off this cliff that I sit on, falling without a thought of who’s going to catch me before I hit the ground.
I don’t ask you to help, and I’m not going to say thank you. For I help without a thought, but you sit here and call me name and make fun of me
This is me just letting go, you thought you knew me but as I can see you’re in shock, you didn’t know that I could just let go and let the wind rush by my ears
I can’t hear your mocking voice anymore and I don’t care, there is no reason to hold on to this place. No I’m not happy and yes I feel unwelcome here
You just use me, laughing and talking behind my back, go one have just one more glass, because when you wake up from this dream I won’t be here
I’m not scared of falling, not scared of being back flat on the ground because I have been here so many times before, knowing that I don’t sit on a pedestal

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