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Friday, June 24, 2011

need to rant
There are days were I want to scream, I want to scream at everyone who looks at me and makes those stupid ass comments, Because you know what I am trying and I’m so fucking sorry you cant see it, I’m sorry I’m not you, and I’m so fucking sorry that you cant see what I see in life, and I guess I’m sorry you don’t care.

I’m sick of trying to show people I’m not some useless kid, and I’m sick of the people who think that they know me, because no matter what you don’t and I’m sick of it. You be me for a day and see what you say.

I’m sick of people getting all bent out of shape because I point out what’s really there, and say things like ooohk, ooohk, or I know, or I got it. I hate being told to do something when I have been doing it a certain way fro god knows how long, or being told to do something like 100 FUCKING TIMES, I HEARD IT THE FIRST time.

Really hate when I say I’ll do something and then someone takes the response from me and blows it way out of proportion…. Breath...

And I’m sick of how you look at me for my choice of friends or when you comment about my boyfriend…. Really I’d watch what you said, because my minds like a trap it all builds up till there’s no more room and then it explodes. I love my horse and my dogs, and I hate when people trash them, or make faces when they talk about them,
I’m not fully together and with out them I’d be lost and a. kill myself or b. kill someone else…. Yeah….

I still want to walk into the other room and scream ….because you took it all wrong congrats again, and you could fucking say thanks when I buy you fucking lunch and don’t really have the money for it….

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