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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So life is going great for the most part, My health issues are ohk for most part, My horse is great, getting feed now that I'm doing it and shes getting worked just about everyday, so her muscles and weight is coming back nicely, The dogs are good they are fit again and happy were I am, Tat is all most finished and she has all her clearances. So yeah lifes going good, I'm in a place were people care and i find it kinda odd, but getting use to it, My group of friends has changed a little but I'm ohk with that, and I'm all most done all they way with school, to so i can go and take on the next part of school. woot so theres a life update for you all, hope all is well with everyone. and if not smile once a day it chases some of the demons away.
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