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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I have now been in TX for 6 months, that's 6 months of something stable in my life. that's something i really haven't had for the last umm 2-3 years, I'm very very soon losing that and going back to MA/NH/ME, I dislike TX a lot but there are a few things that i like a lot too, but i miss home, and the things i have built there and the odd shape of a family i have created there. and right now I'm torn about leaving something that is stable and going back to something unstable, I'm lost and torn and want to cry and run full speed...its weird and if i don't understand it dose that mean that its ohk?? or am i that unstable that this is all a bunch of OMFG??? Really i think i just want and need a home. a home that I'm not scared of saying the wrong thing, a home where i can be me and that's all right, a home where i can walk in and breath and not worry about what is wrong and what is right and just know that that place is safe and stable in some sort of confusion......... yah .... I'm lost,alone,scared,and in the dark again.....
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