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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

same song as last one

I look around me
And I see a place that I’m not sure I like
I see their eyes as they look at me
And I hear their words as they tell me that I don’t fit in here
I’m not part of this or that

Well I don’t care any more
And I don’t get it
Why make me feel like I might fit here
And then smack me down

I may seem to be nasty, strong or something else then what I am
It’s a mask that I show you
But I know what is out there
I don’t lie to my self
And that makes me cry
Myself to sleep

For I know the night is not long enough
And that in the day light the only monsters I will see
Will be you and those around me
But I also know
That you don’t know this

For I am the one that cuts to cry crimson ears
I’m the one that talks to the animals
I’m the one that dances to the gods of old
I’m the one that wants to run away
To hide from you all
But I see what this world is under the new moons light

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