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Sunday, June 27, 2010

So my School Final got moved to July, witch means i got home sooner.... But i dont get to show my dog one more time to try and get points out here before going home, kinda a bummer. but ohh well, i guess life goes on.

Had the Whites pay me for doing there stalls, wich it not why i did them, I did them because they welcomed me with open arms to hte barn and left me work on there horses for the school stuff and let me ride and got me in the spot im in now so that im riding everyday. But Mr white didnt/ woulnd take the money back... -.-, that dam old man is like his dam old horse at times, sigh. Im thankful for the money because im saving up for a car/camra/ something.... but i was not expecting it and it again is not why i did it. oh well life goes on. Ill have to say Im glad i got to meet them, because it shows me that there are still people out there are care as much for there horses as much as i do. and it makes me smile

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