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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Im haveing a bit of an off day, its like im not doing enough and im all alone, im not really hungery and i feel like im going to snap or cry...but oh well heres a poem.
Song: I like the way you lie

I just have one thing to say
And it goes something like this
Live and love will all you got
No, no that’s not it

Ohk here it is now
When you’re chasing a dream
No, no never mind
I think I’m going to give up but

When the summer night wraps its self around you Look at
The Fire flies because they are like dreams
And can pass you by

Make your world something that you don’t mind sitting in
When there’s no one for you
When you want to be left alone
When the world is saying fuck you
Go there and smile at the Fire flies as they dance around you
Because these are your dreams

Make something out of them
Make something out of life
For this is the only one you have
I just have one thing to say
Chase your dreams like they where fire flies on a summer night
Run after them with a jar and try to catch them
For its up to you
To get your own
There aint going to be someone to hand them out to you

When you’re all alone run to your own little world
And smile as the fire flies pass you by

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