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Thursday, May 25, 2006

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The tiger here, just stopping in. This tiger has been very busy lately hence why he hasn't been on. Other than that tho, I manage to sneak into three movies after I paid for one. All in all, I seen 4 movies and didn't have to pay for the other 3. Heh. The movie i did pay to see was "See No Evil", gory as hell, plus the deaths for very cool and original. Recomend it if you love gore, its actually a little better than "Hostel". The free movies were "Over the Hedge", "MI:3" and the "Da Vinci Code". I recomend seeing all these movies. Can't wait for the new X-men movie to come out. Finally we get to see the almighty Archangel and actually see Rogue, Iceman and Pyro do more then just take up space. Anyways this tiger is gonna sleep now. Sayonara and au revoir
~the real king of kings~

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