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well, here it is my site. not much but just enough 4 me 2 get daily $#!+ off my chest or to share something more positive. so take a look...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

   Winter BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!
I am delusional in my happiness! I finished all my finals and I'm in my comfy home typing on the PC! XD my 1st semester of college was HELL! be cool, stay in school you guys ;D... LoL yeah, right! i hung out with one of my friends over thanksgiving & we went 2 c Beowulf (AWESOME). We graduated high school together but she decided 2 take a year off. I was so envious cuz I was totally miserable being a Pre-Med major & all. Thankgiving break was the calm before the storm of final exams. I guess I'm one of the few people who truly wanna be a doctor cuz I know so many science majors who switched out of pre-med to avoid its rigors and major in something else health related. I think I fared OK in all my classes except the chemistry lab class. i did good on the final but for the most part i sucked at the class. not only was the material just plain hard, but it was taught by a TA (teaching assistant to the professor) who half the time didn't care to help you and the other half of the time didn't know what the F*** he was doing. but i'm just glad its all over now & I have a well earned 6 WEEK BREAK! i made my spring schedule and I'm taking much better classes & have more time on my hands. I just hope you guys weren't as miserable as I was this past week.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

   College Life
well, as hard as it is to adjust to I'm starting 2 get the hang of things & I've made new friends. on one of the first few days, i met 2 girls on my floor (all female floor BTW) that are into anime 2! I also had a camping trip for my life science scholars program. we went into the mountains & slept in log cabins. it was fun when we arrived there at night and saw the night sky from the countryside. i haven't seen so many stars since i went to Nigeria. the next day we went to a stream and looked for fossils. i found a few and we found alot of salamanders (so cute^_^). then we went canoing which was a first for me (the rowing made my arms a bit sore though). after that point it went downhill. we then went to a bog where every few seconds ppl would sink knee deep into the mud. at first it was ok since ppl were willing to help each other out, but then the program director started a mudfight! i was so mad! i sank knee deep & had to pull myself out. i then ran with about 12 other ppl back to the log cabins. we got first dibs on the showers! it sucked because my shoes were wet & i couldn't wear them in the chilly mountains so i wore flip-flops with socks. The worst part is when a cold front came through, the air dipped to about 30 degrees & none of us were prepared for that. I was freezing, especially since the log cabins weren't heated. in the early morning, my friend & i had 2 get up & eat since we had to fast. when we left the cabin we could hear bears. we dashed to the kitchen! luckily we didn't get mauled but the professors were always denying the likelihood of finding bears. but on the last day when we were glad to leave, the director told us about a recent incident where a man had to shoot a bear in his house took place near the camp site. WE WERE SO MAD! but we let it go since the buses came soon after. so yea, that was my bittersweet experience.
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

i'm sad. i know i haven't been on lately but its the fact that my internet is dumb compunded with the fact that i went 2 a 3-week orientation & i just got back last friday. well now its friday night (technically saturday) and i have to move into my dorm on saturday or sunday. it sux that i don't have a laptop yet so the only way i can update this site is from a computer at one of the campus libraries. i really am gonna miss the simplicity & laziness of high school life... :'(
P.S. i'll still keep in touch but it'll be more easy when i get my laptop, till then adios amigos!

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Monday, July 2, 2007

   feel good, inc.
luv the song but yea i'm feelin good today.
over the weekend i celebrated my friend's Bday at a bowling alley. he turned 18 and we were gettin down to the music with the black lights like it was a club and just being plain dumb. we had fun. my other friend who is dating him was kissin him like every 5 seconds the rest of us were like "get a room"

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Monday, June 25, 2007

   Summer is here!
I'm truly enjoying the relaxation i'm getting. staying up & watching adult swim without having to worry for classes is great. My only problem is my college orientation. I have one 2-day program for receiving my scholarship and a 3-week program for all freshmen. it takes a big bite out of my vacation time and i really would like to spend time with my friends before we all split up around the country. but i guess life moves on...
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