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Welcome to Beyblade Paradise! Names Reiko. Most of the stuff on my site are quizzes about anime especially Beyblade!!! My most favorite animes are Beyblade and YuYu Hakusho! I mostly like Beyblade more than YuYu Hakusho. My favorite character from Beyblade is Kai Hiwatari!!! Most of my quizzes would probably have Kai in it since I really like him!^_^

Sunday, January 14, 2007

hello everyone! sorry for not being on for a while. i finally got internet axcess on my laptop! now i'll be able to go on more often. also i'll update my stories more often. if any of u read them. i might even post some of my stories up so be on the look out for them.
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Monday, November 13, 2006

hello everyone! sorry for not updating a lot lately. i was so busy i nearly forgot about this site. Hopefully you'll all forgive me. don't expect me to be on for probably the entire week. i've been busy with writing my stories and hanging out with my friends on gaiaonline.
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

tomarrow is DRACULA!!! because of the play tomarrow i'll be skipping aall four of my last classes!!! also this saturday i might be adding fanart to this site so look out for some fanart and maybe a few quizzes. well, that's all for now. see ya all later!!!^_^
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

FOUR DAY TILL DRACULA!!!!!YAY!!!!! i just can't wait to see it! it's gonna be awesome! the high school students at eisenhower are having a Dracula play on friday and i'll be able to skip some of my classes to see it! also i joined fanfiction.net. if you want to read stories about kai and beyblade than go to fanfiction.net and look up Dark Phoenix Angel101. right now i'm working on typing the next chapters for two of my stories and typing up two vampire beyblade stories along with a romantic story of a phoenix and a neko-jin. my goal right now is to right at least ten stories by the end of the month. so operation vampire is a go!^_^
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

sorry for not posting in a while. i know i've haven't updated like i said so, but at school we had to find out r new username and password before we can go on the computer. i'm also thinking about putting up some fanart i made myself, but my printer/scanner isn't working at the moment(and i can seem to scan stuff). hopefully i'll try to get it to work.
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Your foreplay involved...Headjobs
And you screwed this many times:3
Afterwards you both...Had a shower together
This is your chance of staying together...: 98%
This is your chance of screwing again...: 93%
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