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Gaze into my eyes
fall under my spell
what my key unlocks
I will never tell
you're wrapped around my finger
like the puppet that you are
hidden in your heart
my love is never far
To be with me forever
you're sealing your own death
and you'll only see my eyes
as you breathe your life's last breath
I am unobtainable
a Heartbreaker, a lie
I am unforgivable
A breathtaker that makes you cry
So watch me from afar
For if you come too close
you'll fall under my enchantment
The spell of my lost ghost.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


okay, I would love to put all of my art on theotaku but I'm having problems with it. So, I'll posting the link to me deviantArt account so that people can see my art. Check it out if you like, in my opinion, I'm not half bad. lol.


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Sunday, July 8, 2007

blech, bored.

Nothings really going on in my life, I need excitement! Its 3:30pm right now...and I'm still in my pajamas. XP Today I'm going to attempt once more to upload some fanart and possibly my fan manga. I hope it works this time.


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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Okay okay, I've decided to rise up from the dead once more and return to theotaku! I'll start my resurrection with a new profile, new icon....going to attempt to post fanart and mangas, and just be totally semi-devoted to theotaku. (it would've been completely devoted, but I have other sites too. Like Deviant art and gaiaonline.)So, talk to you all soon! <3
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