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hi! welcome to my site! well i have some rules!
1. NO CHAIN LETTERS!!! absolutely not!
2.dont diss my friends!
3. dont make Nightmar3 mad....cus he'll come after you!
4. im bi and a christian and if you have a problem with either than leave now.
5. dont you dare steal any of my stories poems ect on here!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

hey guys!! long time no see!
long time no see guys!!
so i have been gone for what is obviously months. but i am once again back!!! yay. so what things did i miss while i was gone? have i mentioned that i am officially engaged now? i dont plan on rushing anything though. i want to get thru college and into my career as an artist or novelist first. i do have to say i can't wait till i have kids. i really am excited about life.

i missed being away from myotaku. i have alot of freinds on here and i hope to make even more as i go and hopefully to get closer to the ones that i already have. im thinking at the moment of doing a quiz on some things and doing it as a chain quiz. it sounds fun as you see. well ta ta for now. i hope to get plenty of comments since ive been gone for so long. i hope i was missed. lol.

x's and o's lotsa love!!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

hey i know its been a while but im thinking of using another site instead of myo. its not what it used to be in my eyes and im starting to get frustrated and stuff and need some time away anyway so yeah. if you wanna reach me and stay in touch my email is blackittey.inshadows@yahoo.com. im me or message me anytime.
x's and o's lotsa love!!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

quotes or sayings
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