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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

   Camping's great...
Well recently wolfmistress, rulerofpenguins, and me went camping. it was wolfmistress's first time camping too! Anyways we had fun and today in geometery I was doodleing instead of working and I drew us as chibis! Well the first pic is when we were out walking and we kept hearing things and rulerofpenguins had a flashlight and I had a kitty! Then the other piccy is when we got up that next morning I had to drive my uncle's Tahoe back for him and wolfmistress had to ride with me ^^ she was scared.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Important, please read!
Hey you guys I have a favor to ask all of you who are my friends and are kind enough to do me a small favor! My friend has put up alot of art and most of it have no comments and votes, so I (and my friend)would really appreciate it if you would take the time to check out her art and at least vote for some of it. And if you wont vote for her art because you don't like it or some reason then vote for poor me because I had to scan, twick, crop, and add all those in like 1 day for her!! She put alot of hard work into her pics so please at least go check them out. Her name is Misora-chan. Here is some of her stuff...


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Misora Swinging

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Neko Slave

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Mail Girl

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Chibi Ninja Friends!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

I got tagged...
The rules are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

Here it goes...
1. I act (and seem) stupid but I make straight A's most of the time.
2. I'm a only child.
3. I got blue eyes.
4. If you catch me by surprise and poke my forehead I meow...
5. I'm a HUGE tomboy.
6. I love to draw.
7. I'm eating oreos right now haha.
8. X.x I'M CRAZY!!!! lol

Ok, the 8 peeps I tag are(even if they don't do it):
Rulerofpenguins, Wolfmistress, Kenasuke, Misora-chan, MewKittyCatChan54, Neko.Lover, Fluffy Pink Fox, and LintuHitose

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Part 7
“Gaara!” screamed Aki as she waved and ran up to Gaara. “Hey, what took you all so long?” asked Gaara. “Oh, these two goof balls decided to go missing,” said Aki as she pointed to Dai and Kuro. “Oh hehehe our bad!” giggled Dai as she smiled. Gaara, Aki, and Kena stared at her. “Since when do you giggle and smile?” asked Aki. “Oh I uh…I dunno, um why don’t we hurry and get to shopping!” said Dai. “Oh yes!” agreed Kuro as she grinned. “I like this new change in you guys!” said Aki. Dai and Kuro just giggled and smiled more. “Well let’s go,” said Gaara. “Ok!” agreed Aki as she followed Gaara. Eventually Dai, Kuro, and Kena got separated from Gaara and Aki, so they decided to go back to their room. “I’m gonna go take a shower,” said Dai as she grabbed a towel with her right hand and headed for the bathroom. ‘Hmmm…I heard the shower going this morning and when I looked around Dai was the only one missing, why is she taking another shower, and why is she using her right hand a lot more,’ thought Kena as he sat down on the couch, ‘and when and why did they put their forehead protectors back on, they both have been acting strange lately.’ “What are you thinking about?” asked Kuro as she sat down beside him. “Ohh, I was…uhh, nothing.” Kena said with a smile. “You’re so shy,” giggled Kuro as she leaned over a hugged Kena. Kena hugged her backed confused, Kuro pulled back a little and was face to face with him. “You’re starting to blush again, like in the tent,” said Kena with a grin. Kuro’s face got redder and she smiled at him, Kena leaned closer to her, “You’re not going to pull away this time are you? Like in the tent,” asked Kena still grinning. “No,” replied Kuro as she leaned forward and kissed him. About the time she did she felt a sharp pain in her back. “Ahh!” Kuro screamed as she leaped up, Kena had stabbed her in the back with a kunai. “Kena why did you do that?” asked Kuro as she began to cry. “Your not Kuro, that’s why!” answered Kena, “And whoever is in the bathroom isn’t really Dai either.” “Hmm,” Kuro laughed as she pulled the kunai out, “How did you know.” “Next time you transform into someone maybe you should watch them a little bit closer before, you two act nothing like the real Kuro and Dai,” explained Kena, “one thing is they hate shopping, they are not very girly, Dai already took a shower this morning, I had them take off their forehead protectors so we wouldn’t run into that problem, Dai’s forehead protector was on the wrong arm anyway, Dai is also left handed, they don’t giggle and smile as much as you did, Kuro isn’t that easy and I doubt she would ever kiss me, and the biggest mistake Kuro never cries.” The fake Kuro smiled in a cloud of smoke she transformed back into herself. She was a normal height and had shoulder length dark brown hair and a forehead protector tied on her leg, “Ami get in here, he knows,” the girl yelled. “So who are you?” asked Kena. “I’m Manami, and I’m a Sand Village spy ninja” said Manami. “And I’m Ami, also a Sand Village spy ninja,” said the girl who was impersonating Dai. She was a little shorter than Manami and had short blonde hair with pink streaks in it. “We take care of unwelcome visitors like your self and other ninjas,” said Manami as she threw a kunai at Kena and got more out, while Ami got out a sword. Kena dodged the first kunai and got ready to fight. “Where are the real Kuroneko and Daikirai?!” yelled Kena during the middle of the fight. “You’ll find out soon enough,” answered Ami. ‘Huh, where did Manami go…oh no’ thought Kena as he turned around. But he was too late Manami knocked him out cold.
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Part 6
Kuro yawned as she got to her feet. “Good Luna,” she said as she petted Luna. Then in a puff of smoke Luna was gone. Kuro wondered into the living room to find Dai on the couch. “Wow, for once we’re up before Aki and Kena and I even had time to take a shower,” said Dai. “Yea,” said Kuro, “So what is there to do until they wake up?”
“I dunno,” replied Dai, “wanna go walk around the town?” “Sure why not.” Agreed Kuro. Kuro and Dai got ready and left a note for Kena and Aki so they would know where Kuro and Dai had went.

“Shouldn’t they be back by now?” asked Kena. “Yea, they should,” replied Aki, “I bet they found a weapon store or something like that.” About the time Aki finished her sentence the door opened and Dai and Kuro walked in, “Hi you guys, sorry were so late we got caught up in all the stores shopping,” said Dai as she walked toward Aki and Kena, “they had so many cute little outfits and stuff!” “You what?” questioned Aki, “Since when do you to two get caught up in stores? You hate shopping.” “Oh, yea, we found several stores that specialized in weapons and stuff,” explained Kuro, “and some had specialized outfits that could hold and hide more weapons.” ‘Something’s different,’ thought Kena. “Oh, ok then. Get ready lets go, we’re suppose to meet Gaara in town soon,” excitedly said Aki.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Part 5
They had been in several different shops and so far had managed to stay together. “Let’s go in here,” said Aki as she dragged Dai, Kuro, and Kena into a clothing store. Aki’s eyes lit up when she saw a purple and gold kimono. “I have to try it on!” she yelled as ran and grabbed the dress. Dai and Kuro went and waited for her outside of a changing room, while Kena sat in a chair and started reading one of his magazines. Dai and Kuro were looking through a rack of clothes when all the sudden Kuro felt like someone was behind her. “Ahhhhh!! It’s Satan!!” screamed Dai as she pointed behind Kuro. Kuro whipped around to see Gaara who had a ‘what the heck’ look on his face. Dai ran up to him and asked, “Satan can I have your autograph?” “Uhhh, Dai that’s not Satan…that’s Gaara,” said Kuro. “Huh…Gaara?” questioned Dai. “Yea…” said Gaara. About that time Aki came out in the kimono.
“Gaara…what are you doing here?” asked Aki as her face got red. “I thought I saw you and I…I followed you all, so I…I could see you.” Gaara said as he blushed somewhat. “I was right! We were being followed!” yelled Dai. Aki and Gaara began talking and catching up. “So she does have a secret love life we don’t know about,” whispered Dai to Kuro. Kuro just laughed. Aki went back in the changing room and changed into her clothes. When she came out she convinced Gaara to show them around. She followed Gaara closely as they left the store and went to the streets. Kuro and Dai grabbed Kena as they walked out the door.

After Gaara showed them around the town he walked back with them to there hotel and stood outside of the room and talked to Aki while Kena, Kuro and Dai went in the room. “Bye, see you tomorrow,” Aki said to Gaara as she entered the room. “We have a problem,” said Dai. “What?” asked Aki. “Well the beds sleep two people and some idiot got us a room with only two beds…so one of us is going to have to share a bed with Kena,” explained Dai. “I vote Kuro,” said Aki. “I vote not Kuro,” said Kuro. “Ok…we can draw straws? Who ever has the shortest straw has to share a bed with him,” said Dai. “NO!! You know how bad my luck is Dai!” yelled Kuro. Kena just set back and laughed. “I think we should draw straws,” said Aki, “that’s two against one were drawing straws.” Dai went and got three straws and cut them into three different lengths. “Here Kena,” said Dai as she handed the straws to Kena, “So no one can be accused of cheating.” He grinned devilishly as he held them out for the girls to pick there fate. Aki grabbed one first, then Dai, and then Kuro. They all looked at one another hoping they weren’t doomed with “the straw”. The girls held the straws out comparing the lengths and unfortunately lady luck was pissed at Kuro. Kena began to cackle and laugh an evil laugh. “Ok fine then,” Kuro said as she bit her thumb enough to bleed and made some hand signs. The room filled with smoke and when it cleared there was a large black and red striped panther growling at Kena. “This is Luna, she is going to sleep between us on the bed,” Kuro explained as she pet the large panther. “KITTY!” Dai and Aki screamed as they leaped on the floor to pet Luna. Everyone changed into there pajama’s and headed for bed. Kena was lying on the bed when Kuro walked in to lie down, right before she got to the bed Luna jumped up on the bed and laid down in the middle next to Kena. Luna turned and growled at Kena. “She’s not going to kill me is she?” asked Kena. “No, as long as you stay on your side of the bed,” said Kuro with a yawn, “goodnight.” “Goodnight,” Kena grumbled. During the middle of the night Kena got up to use the restroom, “You got to be kidding me,” he said as he walked back to go to bed. Kuro and Luna had spread out and took up the entire bed. Kena went over to what was his side of the bed and tired to push them back over, but as soon as he touched Luna she turned started growling at him as she tried to bite his hand. Kena jumped back and grabbed his pillow, “fine then, I’ll sleep on the floor,” he said as he started to lie down.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Part 4
In the morning the girls got up and walked to a hot spring that Aki had found earlier. “So did you meet anyone interesting while you were training Kuro?” asked Aki with a smile. “No Aki, but I did run into an old friend of yours.” “Huh? Really? Who?” Aki asked. “Gaara,” smiled Kuro, “he was very interested when I mentioned I was your friend.” Aki blushed, “Aww Aki has a love life we don’t know about!” squealed Dai. “Oh shut up!” Aki screamed. “So what were you all doing out here anyways before I came?” asked Kuro trying to change the subject. “We were heading to a sand village,” happily explained Aki, “we were going to go train there for awhile and Kena has something he’s supposed to give to someone who lives there.” ‘Interesting,’ thought Kuro, ‘Gaara lives in a sand village, wonder if were going there…too bad I don’t know the exact sand village he lives in.’ Kuro, Dai, and Aki finished bathing in the spring got dressed and walked back to their campsite. When they got back Kena had all of their stuff packed up and ready to go. “Ready to head out?” Kena asked. “Uhh, yea I guess,” said Aki. “Yea,” Dai and Kuro said at the same time. “Good I think we can get there before night fall,” said Kena. The girls grabbed their stuff and followed Kena through a forest that was slowly disappearing and turning into a desert.

“There it is,” Kena said pointing to what looked like a small town in the sunset, “We better take off our leaf village forehead protectors, they could cause problems.” The girls nodded their heads in agreement as they took off their forehead protectors. They had been walking for hours and the sun was starting to go down. They rushed to get to the city before it got very dark. “Now we just have to find a place to stay for the night,” said Kena. The girls stayed close and followed Kena down streets of the town looking for a motel or something. There were bright decorations up everywhere and lots of people out in the streets. Kena, Kuro, Dai and Aki decided that they must be having some kind of festival. Dai kept looking over her shoulder every few minutes. “What’s up with you?” asked Aki. “Nothing, nothing. I just feel…well like we’re being followed,” replied Dai. They continued to walk and Dai continued looking over her shoulder. “Wait here’s a place,” Kena said as he turned to go in a building with a vacancy sign hung in the window. They got a room and headed upstairs to where it was at. “Is this our room?” asked Dai as she walked into the big room. “Yea, I guess the key worked, so this has got to be,” answered Kena. “Well why don’t we put up our stuff and go look around town?” asked Aki. “Ok, I guess we can,” said Kena as he gave them all a room key, “If we get separated, come back to the room whenever you’re done…and stay out of trouble.” “We will,” chimed Aki, Dai, and Kuro.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Part 3
They set camp up and Kuro fixed them all some good food and told them about what she had been doing. “Wow, I never noticed how really bad Kena’s cooking was until now; when I finally get something eatable,” laughed Dai. “Hahaha your sooo funny, now shut up,” said Kena. “Awww you’re just mad cause Kuros stronger than you are now!” chimed Dai. Aki joined in, “Yea I bet she is, especially after seeing her take all those cloud ninjas!” Kuro just sat back and listened. “She is not!” replied Kena. “Then prove it!” said Aki. “Yea! Why don’t you two fight and find out, first to draw blood from the torso wins and no using ginjutsu and ninjutsu. You can only use taijutsu and weapons,” declared Dai. “I’m up for it if you are Kena,” said Kuro. “Fine then, lets go,” said Kena. Kena and Kuro got up and moved out and turned and faced each other, while Aki and Dai got ready to referee. “OK, ready?” asked Aki. Kena and Kuro nodded. “Thennn…FIGHT!” yelled Dai. They both jumped in the air and immediately began attacking. When they hit the ground Kuro was smiling and Kena noticed she didn’t have a scratch on her, and then he felt something on his arms, legs, and cheek. He had cuts all over them and was bleeding. “Ready to go down?” asked Kuro. “Never,” he said as he lunged at her, but it came to quick and sudden end as her fist dug deep into his stomach and he fell to the ground. “I will give you a chance and let you get up instead of taking my win quickly while you’re on the ground,” said Kuro as she backed up some with a smile. Kena slowly got to his feet and thought ‘how could she have gotten this strong in only year, on her OWN!’ he got to his feet and said, “I’m not going to let you win…you can’t be stronger than your own sensei.” Kena started throwing hundreds of kunai in every direction, ‘there’s no way she can dodge all of these’ he thought. He stopped to get a breath to see what damage he had done. “WHAT!?!?!” he screamed. Kuro was no where in sight, then suddenly Kena felt someone behind him then he felt a sharp pain go across his torso. “You missed…and I win,” said Kuro as she made a small cut across his torso, not very deep. Just enough for him to start bleeding. “KURO WINS!” yelled Dai. “Ok now lets get him bandaged up,” said Kuro as she picked Kena up and helped him walk back to the camp site and tent.

“Ohhh she so kicked his butt,” laughed Aki. “Oh yea, Mr. High and Mighty got beat by his student,” Dai joked. Kena could hear them from inside the tent and laughed silently. Kuro stepped in with a pan of water, cloths, and first aid stuff. She dipped one of the cloths in the water and folded it up and placed it on a cut on his arm. “This should make it feel better,” Kuro said as she added more cloths. “Thanks,” mumbled Kena, “how did you get so strong?” “I trained pretty much the entire time I was gone, I didn’t get much sleep,” answered Kuro. “Well whatever you did to train worked…well,” said Kena. “Was that a compliment??” sarcastically asked Kuro. “Yes, it was,” mumbled Kena. “Aww, your starting to warm up to me. Aren’t you?” laughed Kuro. “Yea…I guess you could say that…” said Kena, “I’m not sure what…” “Take off your shirt,” said Kuro before he could finish what he was saying. “Wait…what?? Hold on I didn’t mean I liked you that much! Take it slow!” said Kena. Kuro smacked him. “I meant so I could put a bandage on the cut on your torso, you pervert,” said Kuro. “I uhhh…well I can’t move my arms that well now and it hurts to move them much…so your going to have to take it off for me,” said Kena. “Wimp,” Kuro mumbled as she took his shirt off. Kuro started rubbing an ointment on his chest so the cut wouldn’t scar and would heal faster. Kena started smiling and blushing. Kuro smacked him again and said, “Stop it! You’re enjoying this way too much you pervert.” “Ah, you know you like it,” Kena joked. “No,” Kuro said as she finished putting the bandage on. Kena set up and was close to Kuro and they were face to face. “Why did you leave in the first place?” Kena asked. “I…I wasn’t strong enough,” she said as she blushed, “I was no help, I’m never getting my arm snapped so easily ever again, and I’m not a freakin damsel in distress.” “It wasn’t your fault that your got snapped. I should have prepared you all better,” said Kena. “I umm…” Kuro could feel her face burning and knew it was bright red. “Hey what are you two doing in there?” joked Dai. “Yea you’ve been in there for awhile Kuro,” said Aki. Kuro walked out, “hahaha you guys are so funny.” “We know,” said Aki. “Well I’m going to bed,” said Dai as she got in the tent, “WOW! Why is Kena’s shirt off?? Kuro what were you doing??” “You’re horrible, I was putting a bandaged on his wounds,” Yelled Kuro. “I bet that’s not all you put on them,” joked Dai. Aki started laughing as she fell in the tent on her sleeping bag. Kuro followed her in, “I hate you,” she said to Dai. “Hmmmm, and notice who’s sleeping by Kena” Aki pointed out. “Kuro don’t do anything your going to regret,” said Dai as she settled in between Kuro and Aki. Kena laughed as Kuro pulled a cover over her head and yelled, “GOODNIGHT!” They all settled in and drifted off to sleep.

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Part 2
“Can we stop and make camp now?” asked Aki. “Yea if we don’t we wont be able to see how to put the tent up!” complained Dai. “Alright, alright. We’ll stop here.” Said Kena as he started to lean his stuff against a tree. As soon as he leaned down a kunai landed on the tree right where his head had been. The three jumped back and got ready to fight as some sand ninja’s slowly surrounded them. Kena instructed the girls, “Watch your backs, who knows if there are more. What do you all want?” “We’ve been instructed to kill anyone that comes through these forest towards the sand village, especially if they are ninja’s from another village,” said one of the sand ninja’s who appeared to be the leader, “so sorry but I’m afraid your going to have to die now.” As he finished the sentence the other ninja’s began to attack. Aki dodged kunai and started using her sand, while Dai tired to get to a spot where she could use her chakra. “Kena, summon Malkori,” yelled Dai. “I’m trying!” Kena yelled back, he had not been able to focus very well lately. After awhile of fighting Kena and the girls were getting tired and getting hurt worse. Then suddenly the sand ninjas’ regrouped and formed a circle around the three. They knew that the sand ninjas’ were going to all attack at once, and that they may not make it. Then the leader of the sand ninjas’ all the sudden fell out the tree he was sitting in after a shadow (similar to an outline of a person) went in front of him. Kena looked closer as did the others, “He’s dead!!” one of the sand ninjas’ said. Then one by one the sand ninjas’ started dropping dead as the shadow crossed in front of them. Some stood there ground trying to figure out what to do and what direction to fight in, while other fled and panicked. It didn’t matter within a couple of minutes they were all dead. Kena was staring at the bodies that lay around them. “Who…what could of…of killed all of them so quickly and easily, when they just about killed us,” Aki said as she started shaking. Then in a tree in front of them the shadow figure appeared it was a person. The person said, “Did you miss me?” Dai’s eyes lit up as she said, “Kuro?” The person laughed then jumped down, “Who else would it be,” said Kuro, she had an all black cloak like thing on. Dai and Aki jumped up and ran to Kuro and hugged her. “Your back!!!! What took you so long?” Dai joked. Kuro replied, “Hahaha, you know me, I’m never satisfied with my strength.” Kena stood up and just stared and smiled at the girls. He thought ‘She has changed a lot, how was she able to kill all of those people without breaking a sweat?’ “What not going to say hi to me or anything?” Kuro jokingly said to Kena. Kena walked up and said, “Hi,” as he hugged her.
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

   My Story Part 1
I'm gonna start posting some of my story everyday now, it's about my friends and my original charaters. Kenasuke Sensei (Kena) is Kenasuke's character, Aki is Wolfmistress's character, Daikirai (Dai) is Rulerofpenguins character, and Kuroneko (Kuro) is my character Later on in the story Hiroshi (my other oc), Misora is misora-chan's oc, Kaiu(misora's oc) and some others will be added! So hope you all like it! (i got pictures of all the chracaters on my portfolio)

“Kuro…Kuro!” Daikarai yelled as she walked down a hallway towards Kuroneko room. Kenasuke had finally found a place for him and the girls to live at when they were not on a mission. It was a fair sized house with a big courtyard in the middle, perfect for training. “Kuro, come on wake up,” Dai yelled as she opened Kuro’s door, “Oh no.” Kuroneko’s room was clean and made up. The only thing out of place was a note on the bed. Daikarai rushed over to read, “You idiot, why didn’t you say anything!” she mumbled under her breath. Dai turned and ran downstairs, “KENA, AKI!!” “What wrong Dai?” asked Aki, “Did Kuro try to kill you again for waking her up?” “I wish, it would have been better than this!” said Dai as she pointed the note. “What’s that?” asked Kena. Dai said, “I found this note on her bed and she’s gone. It basically says she gone and wont be coming back until she is stronger and has better focus. She’s going to go train on her own.” “What!?!? Is this a joke, hahaha very funny Kuro, nice acting Dai. Where is she really?” questioned Aki, Dai didn’t flinch; she just began to look pitiful and helpless. “No, why didn’t she say anything! How can she just up and leave!” yelled Kena. “Calm down Kena,” said Aki in a calm of a voice as she could. “Yea this is just the way she is,” explained Dai, “This could be good for her, she much harder on herself than anyone else is. It won’t be long before she comes back.” “Well we can at least go look for her!” Kena said as he headed for the door. Aki and Dai followed silently. The spent the entire day searching and half the night, but they found no trace of Kuro anywhere. Kena, Aki, and Dai continued training and waiting throughout the months.

Dai stared out the window of Kuro’s old room. She starting remembering things that had happened in the past, like when they first met Kena and all the silly things they had done. “It’s almost been a year, now, hasn’t it?” asked Kena as leaned in the doorway, he knew well what Dai was thinking about. “Yea, just about,” she sadly replied, “do you think she’s ok?” “I’m sure she’s fine,” he replied trying to comfort her, when he himself had doubts all time, “Well we have a to get started on that new mission, get ready and lets go.” Dai took one last look out the window and headed out.

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