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And remember to ask about our generous health benefits.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Wow! It has been a while
Okay, as I usually do I randomly disappeared for...*counts*... a year and a half (give or take). Not really much to add though. Plans for global domination have stalled, henchpeople demanding vision insurance coveraged (I told them to wear sunglasses), and the "thinking parlor" is getting a new "throne" installed.

Hmm, maybe I should torment France for a few days.

(Translation: Randomly disappeared, bored out of mind, nothing new, dropped in for the heck of it.)

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Yay! Finally saw it.
I finally got a chance to go rent Kill Bill vol. 1 today. It is definately a Tarintino film, which is great, since he is an amzing director.

The fight scenes are well choreographed, and the blood spurting is amusing to watch. I still cannot get over the joke of the Ka-boom cereal in the begining. :D

Perhaps the best part is how everything hints to the film styles of the 70's (I think that is the era they said). I am a big fan of the retro style movies like that.

The only problem: not enough cussing. ;)

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Thursday, September 2, 2004

I just got done with a 10-hour long, first day of work. My feet are killing me, my knuckles are scratched up, and I never want to see another store display background in my life.

*Takes a deep breath, and sighs.*

Now that I have that out of my system, I will explain. I started my first day at a brand new Super Target store here in Illinois. It's nice to be part of the group that is there before the store opens, but it much harder work.

The work so far is focusing on getting the shelves installed, various racks set up, and the price tag holders snapped onto those metal hangers used for pencil boxes, and other boxes that hang at, or near eye level (of which there are several thousand).

There are a few things that made the day easier. First was the fact that there were a lot of people, which got the jobs done faster. Then, there was the DJ playing music through big-***ed speakers, and the pizza in the break room for lunch. And, let us not forget, the paycheck waiting for me on next friday.

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