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Thursday, March 9, 2006

rAnDoMnEsSnEsS 2
hey again i havent posted in like 4ever so i like this new song mrs.booty lol the song is so funny me n holly sat there singing that all day and it was funny school has been so weird it feels like friday lool but anyway as i was saying about me n holly it was so much funn to day we took some pics and i liked them all and i recorded all the freakin cars that went by in an hour and the house that my freind used to live in and we walked and talked wanna kno the songs lyrics this is the part i kno
kelly parks babba sparxx
i found u mrs.new booty bring it together then bring it back to me hit the players club bout a month or two but his hand on then see what it do.......lol thats a weird but i like this sopng the truth about heaven its so pretty oh.....and these guys that were hott i filmed them and they said hi and then like an idiot i said hi and then heard a car and turned real fast and said ohhhhh CAR lol it was funny and my friend ash was being a butt hole today but anyway i cant what 4 tomorrow its friday and i dont kno imma see if i cant spend the night at my friends house and hang with holly oh and this girl was all like so the guy on your binder(hott tall guy on my bg) do u get laid by him last night cuz ur hair is a mess and ur hyper lol and then like 5 girls were fightn over my binder cici,crissy,
ash,jessy,me ok 4 i counted wrong but it was so funny i wish u all could be there on my next post ill post a pic of me and u can see how ugly i am lol but i g2g ill see u guys later im tried

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

  hey sory i havent been on in like 4ever but so much has happened since i have been on and oh i like jared padalecki better now than jensen ackles but ya not that new but have any of u seen cry wolf i did like alot and this guy asjked me out and im in a new shool and i have a myspace and i now have aim again its SupernaturalGrl1 and ya iv been bored for like everlong oh and jessy got me in to saying stuff like holy moly oly and 4everlong and a bunch of other stuff and i like where im going now and im on the phone with my friend becca and i guess not that much has happened but this guy asked me out and i said no and now im finding out that this guy got sespended for air humping some girl last year so that kinda freaked me out oh and i got jensen ackles number so yay im happy god this is so random this post is and if u dont get it just tell me but ya if u have a my space im i_love_gummie_bears so i hape to see u soon so ya and im haveing a sleep over tomorrow and oe=ne next week at my dance studio so yay 4 me and sory i havent been coming to all ur sites i have been very busy but i g2g so byes....*hugs*
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