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Hade to make room for the playlist if anyone knows how to get somewere other then here or the post please tell me.

for any request for songs just pm me and I'll put it on as long as it's not rap.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Still going
This week was alright. Watch BladeRunner in my SiFi class and we will have to do 4 letters all from diffrent ages to the derector. only hypithetical though.

I hade a presintation on getnatics today. I had a team, btu I was the only one that knew what was going on at all. So I did most if not all the work. We hade to do a skit along with it and I couldn't think of anything so we mostly just impravised. I think we got an 88 on it and I should be getting extrqa points from the group work since I did it all.

That was my week all i have know is some reading to do over the weekend then I can relax a bit.
got have fun

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Ive been trying to work with theotaku a bit, but to me it's still not as good as myotaku. I don't like having to go to theO to use pms. Theres alot of other stuff on there that I don't know how to work too. So I'll try to post here and visit like befor. on to whats been happening: I hade spring break. It was a nice break, but the fact that I was sick the hole time and still am. I finaly got to go out with my dad and have fried cheese curds and bowl. For those who don't know what cheese curds are there the cheese befor there it is made into cheese or squiky cheese as i like to call it. I finaly made it passed a 100 bowling. I don't bowl often and I've been trying to git 100 for more then 5 years now. This week at school was short and easy. I have a 4 page paper to do for tuesday though. An essay on 3-4 books that we read in class bassed on one main idea. I'm doing the good side of science. Most of the stories are dark so I thought this would work out well. Have a great weekend and next week. Hugs ~BCB~
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