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Sunday, July 22, 2007

   Back from Paradise
If there is one thing that bothers me, I would imagine it bothers many others as well, its that feeling that is lost right after you come home from possibly the best trip that you can recall. I am not talking about the feelings that you have of complete memory of the trip; I am talking about the feelings that you get when you can not actualy remember everything, and you become angry at that fact. If you ask where have I just come back from, it is Le Havre, France... I know, its french. I visited because there were friends of mine that I have not seen in about a year and a half, and I was lucky enough to get an invitation from them.

Picture or feel this, by the sea, a cool salty breeze, the bright sun, lots of busy people, foreign country and all the things that come with it, currency, habits, mannerisms, obviously the total lack of common language, and of course your best friends who are just happy to have the chance to see you everyday even if just for one week. Everynight is just a party, the party simply made to celebrate the fact that there are the American friends in town. Going places and having people recognize you before you have a chance to catch their name. Living with a girl you know you cant touch because she would just complicate things far too much for you and many, many others. Seeing a girl who you know is perfect but you know that her current man is just too good a person to push aside. Finally, meeting the coolest girl who you would consider most like you and would die to see everyday.

All of this and more... not too say that I am a bastard, but I am miserable that I am back home possibly explaining why I am drinking the Frenchmen's favorite drink. Perhaps this is a sign and reason why I have chosen to study abroad for the next part of my life.

Beyond this though, I have just found out that I have a thing called Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis, GPC. I literally cannot wear my contacts for the next three months or else, as my optomitrist says, "your eyes, thomas, will shut." God knows why I have been forced onto this. I would guess that I just like most of you who read this I sit infront of the computer late at night burning my eyes out.

Onto anime though, I just recently finished BERSERK the cartoon series. Unfortunatly, I can not find the manga to continue the story so whatever. I guess that I am an action man as far as this whole anime thing goes. One of my friends recommended that I begin to watch the old school Mobile Suit Gundams like 0800. Is this a good idea?

Sorry for not writing sooner. I make this long because I know that somepeople enjoy reading and then others know that I may not be back for awhile. As someone told me hear, I come and go like a stray cat. I hope not to but who knows, I work now.


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Sunday, January 21, 2007

   All done now
Now that I just finished my mid-term exams and I am in college the rest of my school year seems pointless. I honestly do not know what to do except wait for next year to come.

I finished Cowboy Bebop. Always a fantastic ending... im somewhat confused though because it just ends with spike dying. fay and the old man on the bebop just are left hanging. kind of wierd i think.

I miss the days when I could come home and watch good tv like this. I now come home to nothing except maybe something from Netflx. I might go see bond for the fourth time... but who knows anything these days.

over and out,
yours truly,

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I dont know really what to say today other than the fact that it is finally snowing. It has been at least one and a half months since it last snowed and that was the big "October Surprise Storm." Hopefully, this snow will last though because I am miserable since I havent been able to use my new K2 skies.

Im gonna go finish Cowboy Bebop today and then watch House M.D. because they are both fantastic shows.


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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Finally Liberated!
First off, I got my iPod fixed. It took about one and a half months to do this, but who is counting? Whether it be a movie I can watch, pictures to see, music to hear... I am finally back to full strength as far as my important possessions go. Sadly I now have to wait for it to load... should take maybe 10min.

Anyways though, one thing im amazed by in my senior year of highschool is the little amount of work there is. I always thought it would be another rough year because college would be worse, but I guess not. Not to say that Im not doing anything because there are important subjects that I enjoy, just there is nothing to really do for them anymore. Maybe its not such a bad thing though.

I sent a peer evaluation in for a friend of mine to Darthmouth which I was very proud of. The writing is probably my best work because I would hate to not see my mate not go to where he wants to. I will flip if he gets in. This kid is probably going to cure cancer so this might be a big motivator for me if it works.

Cowboy Bebop is fantastic im halfway through already and thanks to the recommendations Bebop and lucifer.

See ya

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

   Life at the moment
One thing I thought I might do to get back in the swing of things is to watch Cowboy Bebop. I've watched it fully through at least 2 times because I own it, but it is still a fantastic show as always.

Unfortunatly though, I have mid-terms coming up soon... very annoying. I only have three because two of my classes dropped but that still leaves AP Gov, Calc, and Chem. Son of a dog... i think I might be somewhat done. Good news though is that I am in college already, so I guess I wont have to kill myself too hard. Maybe it will just be to see if Im still good or not.

Anyways, if anyone has a recommendation for a TV show for me to watch I would appreciate it. Older ones similar to Cowboy Bebop and maybe an idea of where to find them would be nice.

Happy huntings

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