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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

   My my!

I'm back, you see, I told you I would return! And to think, you didn't think I'd come back! Well here I am, talking about nothing again!! I was just wondering if you guys would like me to write about anything in pertickular? And no I don't know how to spell whatever that word is that I spelt wrong, at least you get what I mean. Well, if you've read my list of things I like, then you should have some idea what I like to write about! Even if something you like isn't on my list,(I know that this post is very confusing to read, but you'll get through it alive...maybe) you can still ask me to write about it, if I have any knowledge about it! Oh, and I would just like to thank all the people who have viewed my one and only fan art, and voted good on it, and I will be adding an awsome picture of the Gundam Heavy Arms real soon! Till then, see you soon!

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Monday, September 15, 2003

   The wonder world of Sonic!

Yes, yes, today I will be talking about Sonic the Hedgehog, and if anyone thinks that Sonic is not anime, then their wrong! Sonic was oringlly created in Japan, but he is only made into english language comics and games today, but he is still anime!! Anyway, Sonic's newest anime serious is the awsomely amazing, Sonic X! Starring our favorite Blue Blur, Sonic is transported to the human world after an accident in Dr. Eggman's labotory concerning the chaos emerald. Sonic meets a nice boy named Christafer and he helps Sonic on his missions to save the human world from Dr. Eggman. I'm acculatly writing this at school, so I have to log off now and end this post, but I will be back to update this post, so see ya! And I'm sorry that I haven't been adding posts everyday!

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Friday, September 12, 2003


Why won't lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of people visit my site? I mean, its totally cool, with updates all the time, come on people!! Or at least sign my guestbook, plllleeeeaaaassssweee?????!!!!!

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Thursday, September 11, 2003

   Beyblade Character Part 4

Sorry for the long wait on the final part of my Beyblade Character Profile, I've been REALLY busy! Plus I couldn't get on my computer, my mom was waiting for a call all week. But enough with the excuses, let's get rolling! The final profile is about my favorite character, Ray! Yeah!! Ray is the most calm and collected character of Beyblade. His awsome Bit-Beast is the powerful Driger, the white tiger. Ray's old team was the White Tigers, and he ends up battling his old friend, Marhia, in the finals of the Chinaese tournament.( I have no clue on how to spell Chinaese, if this is even right!) Ray is also the one who will pull through to get a win in an inportant tournament, even when the Bladebreakers are down one. Ray is also the one who will calm that stupid Tyson down and finally get the idot to shut his mouth! That would be great if he could do that all the time!!!! Well, if I feel like opening up my mouth, or should I say mind again to talk about Ray....
Then I will!!! So I'll right soon, and remember, ya gotta catch 'em all! By the way, this is a really, really bad picture of Ray, the one up in the My Picture box is the best!
( Cody, your lovible host of Beyblader, will be changing some things on the side bar, including her moto! So... LOOK!!)

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Saturday, September 6, 2003

   Beyblade Character Part 3

Welcome back Beyblade fans! Today I will be talking about the ever enthusiastic Max. Well if you have ever visted Beyblade sites, and even if you haven't, you may know that people spell Max's name differently, but I perfer to use this spelling. Anyway, let's get down to bussiness. Max is a very hyper active kid, just like Tyson, and his Dracial bit-beast is as powerful as they come! Max specializes in defence and can easily hold his own in a tough battle. Not only that but, Max and his dad run a Beyblade battle shop. Max is best friend with Tyson, and they met during a Beybattle. Well that's all I have to say for today, remember to Let it Rip!

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Friday, September 5, 2003

   Give me comments of what you think of this!

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   Beyblade Character 2

So, did anyone like my first Beyblade character insider? Well of course you DIDN'T! Remember, it was about Tyson! Well today I will be talking a little about Kai. Yeah, I know he's everyones favorite(mines Ray, hee hee) but I know so much about him, and... I just can't tell you all of it in one little post! Oh well. Anyway, Kai is the leader of the Bladebreakers. He the most seriors and best Beyblader on the team. Of course, as you would probable know if you ever saw the show, he is a bit of a trater, but we still love him! Kai wears some of the coolest(but wierdest)clothes on the show, and I heard on a Kai lovers site that his little capes name is Joe. That's right, Joe the cape! Kai's Beyblade is the amazing Dranzer. Dranzer is a very loyal and strong bitbeast, and that's why Kai chose to use him, because Kai strives for power. One last thing about Kai before I have to go, and this probable the most important, Kai is the strong silant type. He doesn't like to talk much, and he absolutly hates that big mouth Tyson.

Well, I gotta blast, so I'll see ya soon!

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Thursday, September 4, 2003

   Pokeman!!! Bouya!

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   Awsome DBZ!!!

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