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Thursday, October 16, 2003


Wow guys, the voting continues!! I got alot of votes towards the poll(thanxz for the critisim, SomeGuy, I think I spelt it right)
and I hope to get more and more votes.

Just so you know, anime movies are allowed, and please, cast your votes on the info post that is down a few days ago, it would help me greatly!!

So, remember to tell your friends, and I will start to sort the anime, and you can add as many anime as you want, even if you forget some. I will not be counting my fave's, cause it may effect the poll.

Happy voting, and hurry before its too late!!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Need some help here!!!

Hey, come on people, I need some more anime favorites, I've only gotten two different. So, please, tell me your favorite anime and tell your friends!!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


So, its like 10:00 and I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard. Yeah, I just wanted to say that, I found out that that Inyusha show, or whatever its called is on Fridays at 10:00 and 10:30! So, I'm wondering if its any good, cause I'm ganna watch it.

Please don't forget to enter my pole, see my last post. Later....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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   New Idea!!! ANIME POLE!!! Here Only, on Beyblader!!

Yeah, so, I got this wicked idea, I'm going to hold this anime contest.

Okay, so heres the deal, you can vote for your favorite anime, and feel free to vote as many times as you want. I will make a top 20 list of the most populair anime around.

I will update you on how many entry's I receive, and if I get alot, I will amp up the list, to maybe top 40 or even 50! I'll tell you if this will happen though, so don't get your panties in a bunch!

So, tell all your friends and don't forget to vote yourself, cause I'm sure you all want to know the most populair anime, as well as I.

Another important thing, when you are submitting your fave anime, please only put one anime name on each SUBJECT bar, its easier that way. Thanxz!

So don't forget to vote, and remember, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

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Monday, October 13, 2003


So, yeah, last night(I'm Canadian, remember) my mom made Thanksgiving dinner. My older brother went off to his friends house, and my little brother was being all nice, which he never is, and was sucking up to my mom, making me think he wanted something!

Dinner was great, as it always is with my mom, and I almost got rid of my little brother as he was going to go to his friends house, but wasn't alowed.

So, I went to rent the new Bionicle movie, cost three dollars, yeah, so what you say. Got home, went to take the rest of my 15 dollars out of my pocket, it wasn't there!!!
I had lost 15 dollars that I just got somewhere on my trip to the movie store and back.

So, I'm out 15 bucks, but, the movie reveled to me the location of the seventh Toa, a contest I'm entering that could win me a plasma, 42" TV! Yeah, so if I win anything, losing that 15 won't mean a thing!

P.S. I cleaned up those mess ups cause my modify post thing is working now, and I uploaded two pictures of Megaman, found in orinigal anime section, and here on Beyblader, so check em out!

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Need Some Ideas....

Well, I've been thinking, I might start doing some quiz things like Nitz does. But first, I want to know how many people support the idea. So, please tell your good friends, and get them, and yourself over here to submit a comment telling your reasons. It would be appreitated. Thanxz.

So, I want to make a daily commitment to put something on here that intresets people. If you have any suggestions, good or goofy, please, don't hasitate to tell.

Here are some ideas I've come to.
1) Anime updates- info an the latest anime update of a sertain anime(DBZ, Beyblade, Gundam, etc...)

2) Manga update and preview- I seem to know what happens around the world of manga, so this would include updates on upcoming manga stories, only in Shonan Jump though(only manga I can get my hands on)

3) Fake character interview- funny comments that some of your fave anime characters would talk about if they were being interviewed.

So that's what I've got, thell me your ideas or tell me which of these you like, if any.
Later, Megaman, Log-Out!!

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Well, DBGT Started!!(no subject)

So, most people know that DBGT started on Friday. Well, I missed the first eposoide,
but, I managed to watch it this morning. It
was the same eposoide, and it was great! I know that Bulma and Vegeta are in the next show, cause I read the first two eposoides online.

Yesterday, I drew my first picture of Megaman EXE(name of new Megaman from 15th anniversery) and I started to draw Lan, but I didn't finish. I'll be posting them soon, mybe today, but I don't expect to. If I have free time maybe...

I'm wondering what's with the new font and colour stuff that's up top, I don't know what to do with it, THERE"S TO MUCH!!!! So, if anyone can help me... pleeeezzzeeee????

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Friday, October 10, 2003

Here are some pics from my website. You can view it at beyblader.gametimes.net

If these don't appear, please tell me, when I view them, they never appear, so if your expearianceing the same thing, please leave a comment, thanxz.

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   Hey, today was better!

Yeah, so, today was great:) People keep giving me things!

Okay, first, My little brother bought chocolate milk with his lunch money, and gave it to me(he must be sucking up cause he wants somethin I guess) then at lunch, my friend just gave me a dollar when I was waiting in the lunch line(she must want something too) My mom gave me a toonie for lunch(yeah, money:) Then my mom gave me a chocolate bar when I came home, I bought my other friend some ice pop thing, with her money(she didn't want to wait in line) and she bought me a chocolate milk(I guess people like giving me chocolate milk;).

That was cool, how that worked out(my teacher also gave me a dirty look when I was talking in class).

So, when I got home, there was no fusing, I got on the computer and played around, my little brother left, YEAH!!!!! Listened to some music, yeah, ya know, good stuff.

Anyway, in class, when I got to science, my teacher took out little class of 16(usually 19, but three went to some seminare) to the glorious gym! Yeah, our whole class was spent playing Europeon Handball, and basket-ball. After that, we went ot shop, two good periods in a row. At lunch, my friend and I remembered that Monday is Thanksgiving, that means, yes, more good luck! No music class! The heavens are prasing!!! Which of course means I can surf the net more cause I don't have to do some bio for music!!! YEAH!!!

Well, I'm sure there are other great things that happened to me, but, I just can't remember them now, I'm a bit brain dead cause I'm listening to anime music and talking to my little brother.

By the way, one thing that put a curn in my pants was that Drake, off Survivor, threw a imunity challenge just to vote a person off:(
That make Megaman angry!!!

Later guys, Megaman, Log-Out!!

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Thursday, October 9, 2003

Megaman the ditcher!

Megaman is a ditcher, you let him use the bathroom and he runs off to eat! Kids, never trust a Megaman, you praticly have to hold his hand! Ya, so, later!

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