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Thursday, February 2, 2006

   More Story again
Okay people, here's some more of The Other Side for you all! DO COMMENT OR NO MORE THE OTHER SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Hi guys,” I said, trying to act normal. I quickly checked my watch. “I need to call my team mates okay? They’ll be wondering if I’m okay or not.” I saw the strange looks on their faces. “It’s a standard procedure from where I’m from.” I pulled out my cell phone and walked away out of earshot and dialled Kai’s number, but he was engaged. I then called Tala, and he picked up the phone.
“What do you want Kara?” he asked me. He had my number programmed in his phone, so he knew it was me calling him.
“Look, I’m with The Barthez Battalions and one of them just greeted me with a Biovolt greeting!” I said.
“I know it’s weird eh? But they’re not at Biovolt otherwise we’d know them and-“
“Kara, calm down, I’ll put Kai on the phone for you. He’ll know more than me anyway,” Tala said.
“But I couldn’t reach him!” I exclaimed.
“And he has just hung up okay?”
“Kara? Are you sure about it all?” Kai asked me. Tala obviously gave him the story before putting him on the phone.
“Yeah! I am definitely sure!”
“Well, you could say you’re from Biovolt and try to make a connection with them and Biovolt, or you could say nothing at all about Biovolt and carry on with your normal life and we may never know. Whatever action you take, you are responsible for anything going wrong, you understand? Not me. See you later, and don’t be late.”
“I wo-“ I started, but he hung up on me. I rolled my eyes and put my phone back into my pocket. “Okay, I know what you just did Aaron, and what I want to know is where you guys are from.” There. I had said it. They acted dumb. Like they had absolutely no idea what I had just said. “Don’t act dumb, you know what I’m on about. I’m from Biovolt, and you just did a secret greeting. Explain.”
“Okay! We’re from a school, similar to Biovolt. It’s called Neoborg. The same guy, Mr.B., runs it, it has the same kind of rules, signs, and slightly different training. We barely hear about Biovolt, but we do know a little. Is the rest of your team from there too?” Matilda confessed.
“Yes,” I replied. “How come I’ve never heard of Neoborg?”
“Neoborg was kept a secret from Biovolt until you reached the black group. We had heard rumours, and before we left, we were told they were true,” Claude said casually.
“But none of use suspected a team from Biovolt to be competing,” Miguel finished. I nodded.
“Lunch now please?” Aaron asked, and of course we went and found a place to eat. We had a normal conversation over lunch, not about Biovolt and Neoborg, but about beyblading. We discussed what it would be like to be the world champions. Soon we had only ten minutes left and we had to go back to the stadium.
“So what’s your room number?” Matilda asked me.
“64. You?” I replied.
“66. We’re almost right next to you!” Matilda announced. She was quite a nice girl, apart from when she beybladed. She had told me she was quite nasty when she beybladed. A totally new girl. I said the same too. We had reached the stadium and I noticed the rest of my team walking towards me. I was just in the door and Tala grabbed my arm.
“C’mon, this way, quickly,” he whispered to me and yanked hard on my arm, leading me away without even saying good-bye to my new friends. He pulled me into an empty hallway. “Did you say anything?”
“They’re from Neoborg. It’s an extension form Biovolt. Run by Mr B, has similar training, rules, etc. Thing is, they know about us, but we don’t know about them.”
“Beyblading teams please come to your places. The competition is about to start,” Mr Dickinson’s voice said over the microphone.
“Explain more later to the others. Good job though. Lets go,” he said and he smiled at me. It was then that I realised he was still holding my arm and I couldn’t do my usual turn around and walk away without saying anything at all, so I kind of smiled back at him. Suddenly he pulled me towards him and kissed me. I didn’t realise what had happened until he let go of my arm. “Hurry up, we’ll be late. And don’t fall for any of those guys. They’ll trick you and end up winning.” He walked out. I quickly walked out after him. I made it just in time for our match.
“The first match will be Team Blitzkrieg against Team Bega. Lets begin!” Mr Dickinson announced.
“Who’s first?” I asked.
“You,” Kai said and I stood up, walked over to the dish and pulled out my beyblade.
“3, 2, 1, Let It Rip!” I yelled on time with my opponent, a girl called Ming Ming. She suddenly started yelling out all of these attacks, but it wasn’t worth it. I just dodged them. So I decided to end the match, especially since it was boring.
“Chanzon! Finish this!” I said, calling out my wonderful bit beast, Chanzon. Chanzon is a huge cheetah with black and orange armour on parts of him. His eyes are gold and very fierce. His coat is sleek and he is very fast, so fast you can’t see him. My beyblade is the same orange as his armour, and I am so glad I have him. He isn’t just a bit beast that I use for fighting, but we are bonded the way friends are. He keeps me company and I keep him company. He made his move. As quick as lightning, no, faster, he moved. He gave Ming Ming’s beyblade a strong whack and it flew out of the dish. I had won. We had won. The crowd roared again for my team, and I could see The Barthez Battalions cheering too. Next up was Kai against a guy called Brooklyn. Kai won, as usual. Then Tala went up and also won. We were going really well.
“Team Blitzkrieg wins against Team Bega! Next up is The Barthez Battalions against BBA Revolution!” It went Miguel against Tyson, Miguel winning, then Ray against Matilda, Ray winning, and then the last match, Claude against Max, Claude taking the victory. “The Barthez Battalions win against BBA Revolution! It looks like the finals tomorrow will be The Barthez Battalions against Team Blitzkrieg! Everyone, have a good rest and we will see you tomorrow!” Kai and Tala shared a Hi-5 and I walked over to The Barthez Battalions.

“Congrats you guys! Looks like we’ll be fighting tomorrow then?” I said with a smile.
“Yep. And F.Y.I., we’re gonna win!” Matilda exclaimed enthusiastically.
“Yeah right!” I said jokingly.
“We will win, just because we’re better,” Aaron said, backing up Matilda.
“So because we have a fight tomorrow, you’re going to stop being my friends? Is that the case?” I asked.
“Nah, we’re just having fun. We always do this to the other team in practise battles,” Miguel informed me.
“Kara! Come on!” Kai yelled to me.
“Gotta go,” I said. “I’ll see ya’s tomorrow, or later on maybe.” I turned around and ran to my team.
“We so rock,” I said to them. “And we are so going to win.”
”And I bet every team said that at the start of this competition,” Spencer said.
“Ha, ha. Very funny Spencer.” We walked out of the building and into the hotel across the road, chatting about strategies and techniques. The guys went straight out again to do something, but I stayed out on the small deck. There were four small deck chairs and a railing about as high as my waist. There were gates between each apartment’s deck, but they could be easily jumped over. I sat down on the ground and pulled out my beyblade. Chanzon came out and sat next to me, purring loudly. We sat there, sharing secrets and watching the sunset until some one tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Miguel standing behind me.
“Hi,” I said.
“Hi. You mind if I sit down?” he asked me.
“Is this Chanzon?” he asked as he gestured towards my bit beast that was looking strangely at Miguel, wondering if he should accept him or not.
“Uh huh. Isn’t he wonderful?” I said in a dreamy voice and gazed up at him. His head would be about the same height as my shoulders when I was standing up. He was the best thing that had ever happened to me in my life.
“Yeah. He is so cool. I wish he was mine,” Miguel said, but then noticed the alike glare me and Chanzon were giving him. “But I don’t really. I’m just expressing the fact he is so cool.” My glare turned into a smile and Chanzon’s glare turned into a straight face. We continued to chat, and soon it became dark and a full moon came into the sky. Miguel checked his watch.
“It’s time for me to go training now, so I gotta go. Bye,” he said.
“See ya,” I said cheerfully. I went into my room, letting Chanzon go back into the bit chip. I went straight to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. There was a storm starting outside, and I couldn’t get to sleep with all of the noises happening. Later on that night, the rest of the boys returned and they went to sleep straight away. I guess I fell asleep, because Bryan woke me up at about midday.
“Seriously Kara, it’s midday, get up,” Bryan said.
“Huh? What? Oh. Sorry ‘bout that,” I said sleepily. I sat up and sighed. Then I realised that the storm was still going, worse than when I had fallen asleep. “How can I sleep through that?” I asked myself that over and over again until I was fully dressed. After eating with my team, we went to the Beyblade Stadium, just about being blown off our feet by the wind. The Barthez Battalions were already there, waiting for us to turn up. I saw Matilda smile at me and I waved back. I was ready to fight, even if it did mean taking down my friends. I did that all the time any way at Biovolt, so this shouldn’t be any different. But it was. I felt hurt inside when I watched Claude fall down when he lost to Kai. I felt more hurt when Matilda just bet Tala. And I felt hurt the most when I took down Miguel easily.
“Yeah! We won!” Kai yelled out loudly as Miguel’s beyblade flew out of the dish. Miguel was tired from the match and he collapsed. His team ran up to his side. I turned around to my team, all of them sharing high fives. I walked down and got a short and very awkward hug from each of them. We went up to Mr Dickinson who proudly handed the trophy to Kai, who held it up high above his head. He passed it to Bryan who was at his right, who also held it up. He passed it to Spencer, then Tala, and then finally he passed it to me. I held it up high for a few seconds and then passed it back to Kai. I smiled at the paparazzi and at the filming cameras, but frowned when I saw that Miguel was being lead out of the building on a stretcher. I must have done quite a bit of damage to him. My eyes quickly went back to the trophy and I smiled again. I knew what I had to do tonight.

It was 10 o’clock. Everyone was asleep apart from me. I reached into my small backpack and pulled out what looked like a make-up kit. I opened the small box. I stared at my choices. The pocketknife was my choice. I found the rest of my slowly healing cuts up high on my leg. I quickly cut myself again next to the last one. I winced in pain as the blood slowly eased out of my leg. I quickly covered it up and placed the knife back. I felt my pain and regret dripping out with my blood. I could forget about it now. No more regretting it, cause I did what I had to do to win, no matter how much I dislike it. I shut the box, put it back into the bottom of my backpack, crawled into bed and fell asleep straight away.
I woke up the next morning feeling much better about yesterday and myself. My mind wasn’t distracted my hurting my friends, it was thinking about what would happen next. I would probably have to go back to Biovolt. I sighed quite loudly.
“What’s wrong?” said a voice from behind me. I jumped and looked behind me. I relaxed as I saw it was just Tala. It could have been anyone, including Hayden.
“Nothing,” I said quickly, hoping he wouldn’t realise I was acting a bit guilty.
“I saw what you did last night.” Uh oh. That was bad.
“What are you talking about?” I said with a stupid little laugh at the end.
“You know what I’m talking about. I watched you right from the start Kara. I saw it all.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Are we going back to Biovolt today?” I asked, hoping to change the subject.
“Don’t change the subject,” Tala said, realising my plan. “I saw you cutting yourself next to at least ten other cuts.” I looked away. How could he have seen me? I checked the window and the door before I got out the box. I felt a tear in my eye. I quickly rubbed my eye. I couldn’t cry. Not here, not now.
“Hey, I just wanted to say that I support you. I do it to.” I looked up to him, shocked. I always thought I was the only one who did it.
“You do?”
“Yep. Done it for a while now.” He stopped suddenly. I turned my head around and saw Kai standing in the doorway.
“How long have you been there for?” Tala and I both asked at exactly the same time.
“Long enough to know your little secret.” He came inside my room, shut the door behind him, walked over to us and stood in front of us. “Why are you two cutting yourselves?” When we didn’t answer he started yelling at us.
“Okay, slow down mate!” Tala yelled. Then he said quieter, “Kara go first.”
“Excuse me! I’m not going first!” I said surprised. Then Kai looked at me with what seemed to be an evil look on his face. I sighed. “I do it because I’ve either done something I regret or cause I’m really sad or in pain. Happy?” Kai didn’t reply. He just looked at Tala and raised his eyebrows.
“Well?” he asked him.
“I do it because I’m sick and tired of taking orders from you and your grandfather. I’m sick of being bossed around all the time. And it’s also cause I hate myself.”
“This is way more serious than I thought,” Kai murmured. “Okay, wait until after today’s celebration party at the Beyblade Stadium. I would have found out a plan after that. I won’t spread the word.”
“When is the celebration?” I asked him.
“Tonight at 9. Be there,” Kai said as he walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Me and Tala both sighed a sigh of relief.
“Glad he’s gone. He was doing that, ‘I’ll take control’ thing again. That’s what I hate about him sometimes,” Tala said. He realised I was still staring into the space where Kai was standing. “Do you like him?”
“What? No way!” I said and gave him a friendly punch on his arm. I stood up and grabbed my bag off the floor. “You coming with me?” He looked at me with a very confused look on his face.
“Where?” he asked.
“I’m running away.”

“You’re what?” Tala asked me in surprise. “You can’t do that! Mr B will be annoyed as, Kai will go nuts, you won’t own the Championship anymore, you can’t survive on your own, and you will probably end up being hunted down and killed by the henchmen from Biovolt!” I raised my eyebrows.
“Biovolt has henchmen?” I asked.
“They have really good fighters that hunt people down and kill them, yeah!” he replied and then started to stare me down.
“Look, I’m leaving here. I won’t be killed because I will be protected, and besides, I’m really good at fighting. I am sick of everything to do with Biovolt, so I’m leaving. Now.” He looked down at his feet, thinking things over.
“Okay. I’m with you,” he finally said and went to his room. I went out onto the balcony and he met me there with one of his backpacks. It contained his most important stuff, just like my one did. “How do we get down?”
“Easy. Wolborg is an ice bit beast right? So he could easily use his power to make an ice slide down to the ground, we slide down it, get onto Chanzon, and leap away at the speed of sound.”
“Okay. Sounds good,” he said and pulled out his beyblade. He let it rip and Wolborg came out, quickly formed a slide made of shining, white ice off the balcony and down onto the ground. I heard the door slide open behind me as Tala stepped closer to the slide. I saw the other three behind me, only Kai realising we were escaping. He let his beyblade rip and called out Dranzer immediately. I pulled out my beyblade, calling out Chanzon. He stood in front of me, guarding me with his life.
“Go!” I yelled to Tala and he jumped off the building onto the slide and made his way down to the ground. Wolborg followed Tala down, cracking the ice slightly. I jumped down and called Chanzon after me. Chanzon didn’t help the ice. It started to crack even more.
“Dranzer! Melt the ice! Hurry!” Kai yelled out. I realised it was getting hotter, and the ice was melting fast. Soon I fell at least five stories with Chanzon right behind me. But when there was one story left to go, I felt myself hit ice, and slide down it. I stopped right next to Tala. I could hear Kai cursing and swearing at us as I patted Chanzon. He knew I had all of the time in the world I wanted. I waved goodbye to them and hopped on the back of Chanzon. Tala made Wolborg go back into the bit chip and jumped onto Chanzon right behind me. Then time froze. Chanzon, Wolborg, Tala and me were running away from our past lives and getting ready to live a completely new life, without Mr B, Kai, Bryan, Spencer, or anything to do with Biovolt at all.

Chanzon unfroze time just as we had arrived in China. We were both hungry now, so we went into a Chinese takeaway restaurant to eat. We took our order away to the riverbank to eat it. It actually tasted quite nice. It was just before lunchtime in China, so we had half a day to have fun.
“I reckon we should have a makeover, you know, so the henchmen don’t recognize us,” I suggested, saying henchmen sarcastically. We both cracked up laughing. An old couple walking past saw us and smiled at each other.
“Is it nice to be young?” the old man asked us.
“Yeah,” I said being polite. I gave them a small smile.
“He didn’t finish dear. He always asks young couples the same question. Is it nice to be young and in love?” the old woman said.
“We’re not in love, we’re just friends,” I said, my smile now gone. After they had wandered a bit further down he bank, we cracked up laughing again. It was so great to be able to laugh again, just like when I was way younger, before I was forced to go to Biovolt. I quickly shook that memory away.
“I’m serious Tala. We should do it.”
“You wanna, you know, with me?” he asked.
“Oh! No! I mean the makeover!” I realised the look in his eyes. He was such a dreamer. I don’t think he realised my heart was set on someone else I had left behind. “Tala, stop it! Stop looking at me like that!” It was no use. He wouldn’t stop looking at me with those blue-grey eyes. “Cut it out! I’m warning you! Stop it!” I sighed and concentrated on my scrumptious food. If I ignored him, he might stop it. I chewed and swallowed a bit, trying not to look at him, but soon I did. He quickly kissed me. When he moved away from me, I saw the old couple giving me a ‘Told You So’ looks.
“Next time you do that, I’ll kill you!” I threatened him.
“Well, a, don’t drop hints all the time, b, stop flirting and, c, don’t look so hot all the time,” he answered back.
“Excuse me! I don’t drop any hints or flirt with any guys, and I can’t help it if a guy thinks I’m hot. And back to the subject, I’m thinking of dying my hair purple.”
“I’ll go for a silver-white kind of colour. And I’ll have more bits hanging out of the hair do.”
“Yeah, that’d look cool. I might cut it to an inch below my shoulders too. And I should get my ears pierced.”
“Here’s some money. Go spend it and meet me back here in two hours,” Tala said, thrusting money into my hand and walking off. After two hours, I had gotten my hair dyed a nice shade of purple, not bright like lavender, but not really dark so it looks like black. It hung about an inch lower than my shoulders, not at the middle of my back like it used to. I also had a fringe now, instead of having it tapered. My ears had been pierced and had a nice blue gemstone in them. I was wearing a nice shade of pink lipstick and a pink t-shirt with a cat on it. I had brought nice dark jeans and white sneakers. I had blue and pink bangles on my wrists and a gold necklace with a yellow, spiky pendant on the end. I had bought a new bag, a dark shade of blue with a lighter shade of blue for the zips and decorations. I had donated my old bag to a second hand shop and got a small amount of money for it, just enough to buy a large bag of multi-coloured and multi-flavoured lollies. When I got to the exact same place on the riverbank, Tala was already there. He had dyed his hair a white-silver and had got his stylist to make it so instead of two strands, there was six, three on each side. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it. He had jeans and blue and black sneakers on. Yeah, that was definitely him. And I was definitely a new girl.

“Where do we go now?” I asked him.
“Dunno. Do ya wanna try the Beyblading Club?” he asked me.
“One problem, if say Kai saw us, he would recognize Wolborg and Chanzon. We can’t unless we change our beyblades and bit beasts or stop completely!”
“Well, I’m going to the club. What are you going to do?” I stared out at the sun setting and at the full moon beginning to rise.
“I will wait out the back of the club until you come out. By then I will have made my decision,” I replied and we walked to the Beyblade Club. He went in while I waited around the back for him. I sat there talking to my beyblade that I held in my two hands. I wanted to keep Chanzon. I thought he was the best thing ever to happen to me ever, and I didn’t want to loose him. But I also didn’t want to give up beyblading, and that would mean I would be discovered if I used Chanzon to fight with. This was so confusing! What to do, what to do! I tried Chanzon, but he had no ideas, he wouldn’t talk to me. I sighed. What could I do?
“This isn’t going to work out Chanzon, is it?” I asked him. He didn’t reply. “I don’t want to loose you, but I can’t keep you. What can I do?” Tala finally came out after two hours of me complaining to Chanzon.
“Well?” I asked him.
“Hurry, we need to go. Kai was in there!” he said as he grabbed my right arm and pulled me up. He turned around and stopped.
“What?” I hissed at him as I looked over his shoulder. “Oh.” I could barely see, but I could see that Kai was standing there, facing us with a knife, gleaming in the small amount of moonlight, at his side. I looked at Tala.
“Do you know this guy John?” I asked Tala putting on a fake accent, so Kai hopefully wouldn’t recognize my voice.
“I don’t think so Rose. You?” Tala asked me. He had changed his voice too.
“No I don’t,” I said, hoping this would fool Kai.
“I know that it’s you Tala,” Kai said coldly.
“Tala? I thought your name was John,” I said, acting like I was his friend or something. Kai clearly didn’t recognize me, but knew Tala was Tala.
“Look Tala, your girlfriend here can leave, I just want to talk to you,” Kai said.
“Go Rose. Hopefully I’ll see you soon. I’ll meet you at your house,” Tala said, his voice back to normal. He shoved me gently from behind and I walked up to Kai. He was blocking the only entrance and exit. I turned and looked at Tala for the last time, my eyes giving him a long story of sentences like, ‘What is going to happen?’ or ‘What are you doing and why?’ I turned around and saw Kai standing in front of me. He smiled as he stood aside and I walked past and around the corner. I broke into a run, scared to death. Soon I heard Tala yell out in pain. I knew what Kai had done. I knew I had to run away as fast as I could just in case Kai came after me after stabbing Tala to death. I ran and ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I turned around a corner and collapsed on the side of a wall. I breathed in quickly and then breathed out quickly, over and over again. I felt blood rushing to my head fast as I thought about what had just happened. Oh no, no. What can I do know? I realised I had made up my mind. I had to loose Chanzon. Even though I cared the most for him and loved him so much, I couldn’t keep him.
“Goodbye Chanzon,” I whispered as I held him in my hand. His bit chip sparkled once and then my whole beyblade and bit chip broke into a million pieces. I smiled as tears streamed down my pale face as I watched Chanzon’s orange and yellow spirit fly up high. “Goodbye my friend.” I managed to whisper as it disappeared way up high in the sky, and I faded away from this world.

I woke up in a room. I wondered if Kai had caught me, maybe he had recognized me. I looked around the room. There was another bed across the room from me, with a pink sheet and pillowcase, looking untidy, as if someone had slept in it and not made it straight away. There was an empty set of drawers beside me with a vase full of fresh looking flowers sitting on top beside a lamp, pale pink curtains covering the windows, darker pink wallpaper, lots of pictures of famous boys like Orlando Bloom, Jesse McCartney and Brad Pitt hanging up on the wall, a few photos of two people, a girl with pink hair and a pink headband with pink ears on it and a boy with long black hair, and a red head band with a ying-yang on it, in frames on the other set of drawers. There was also one of the pink haired girl and a boy with long black or dark brown hair together. Those photos were accompanied by a few single ones of the pink haired girl, and one with the girl and boy with three other boys, one quite large and had short black hair, one with long black or dark brown hair and about average height and the other small with green hair. There was also a lamp on there too. I noticed that the people in the pictures all looked like they had fangs, or slightly longer teeth where vampires would have fangs. I shivered as I noticed this feature. A stereo sat on the floor with about twenty different CD’s sitting beside it. There was also a pile of books on the floor by the other bed. No, Kai hadn’t caught me. I was just with some other people, in the pink haired girl’s room. I sat up straight and rubbed my eyes, remembering that Chanzon had left me forever. I sighed and the door started to open. I looked over to it and saw the pink haired girl come in with the other four boys that were with her in the photos.
“Hi!” said the girl. I stared helplessly at them.
“It’s okay, we won’t hurt you,” the boy with the long black hair and the headband said. I wasn’t too sure though. They could hurt me. I had learnt to not trust anyone I didn’t know straight away.
“I’m Mariah,” the girl with pink hair said. “This is Ray.” She pointed to the one with long black hair and the headband on. “This is Lee.” Her hand moved to the next boy. He had long dark brown hair. “This is Gary,” she said as she pointed to the largest one of them. “And this is Kevin!” She finally finished and pointed to the smallest one with green hair.
“What’s your name?” Ray asked me. Uh oh. I’d have to change my name too now, not just my beyblade. Either pretend I don’t know, use the name Rose or make up a new name. What one should I choose?
“Oh, I’m Brittnee, and it’s spelt B r i t t n e e, not B r i t n e y,” I replied quickly. So from now on I was going to be called Brittnee, not Rose or Kara, Brittnee. I liked that thought.
“Hi Brittnee. Can you remember what happened to you last night? I found you asleep against the wall outside by the gate. You looked as if you had been crying and there were tiny bits of orange and yellow bits of plastic and metal in your hands,” Lee said. I felt the tears coming up in my eyes and I looked down at my hands.
“I think we’d better go,” Gary said to Kevin and Kevin nodded. They walked out of the room as the other three came and sat down. Lee sat in front of me on the bed, Mariah on the left of me leaning against the wall and Ray sitting on the very edge of the bed on my right.
“You can tell us what happened,” Mariah said soothingly. “We’ll understand.”
“Yeah. You can tell us anything,” Ray and Lee said at the same time, but didn’t laugh or smile or even look at each other. I sniffed and thought about what I should say.
“I used to be a really good beyblader, the best out of my friends. Last night though, I had to make a very hard and important decision. I chose what I thought was right, but it meant I couldn’t keep my beyblade or my bit beast. My beyblade broke and my bit beast’s spirit disappeared and then I just passed out. My beyblade was yellow and orange, so that would have been the remains you found in my hands.” After I had told my story, they all looked as if they felt really sorry for me.
“So, that’s what happened eh?” Lee asked and he looked me right in the eye. I nodded, trying to keep the tears hidden.
“Oh, I am so sorry Brittnee,” Mariah said. I thought, who’s Brittnee? I’m Kara. Then remembered I was Brittnee.
“Do you have a family or a place to stay?” Ray asked me.
“No. I’ve run away,” I replied.
“Do you wanna stay here?” Mariah asked me.
“If that’s okay,” I replied. “I don’t have any money or other clothes though.”
“I’ll take you shopping now if you want,” Mariah said. “Could we go Ray?”
“Sure. Be back by twelve though,” he said and stood up. “C’mon Lee.” Lee also stood up and followed Ray. I knew they would be talking to the others while I went shopping, deciding what they should do with me. Mariah reached into the top drawer of her set of drawers. She pulled out a purse and placed it in her pocket.
“Come on Brittnee, we only have three hours!” Mariah said as I put on my shoes and grabbed her hairbrush. I quickly brushed my short purple hair and walked toward the door.
“Oh, no Brittnee. We don’t usually use the door if it’s good weather and you’re just going out the gate, which is right out here! You use the window!” Mariah drew back the curtains and opened the largest window. She jumped out, landed perfectly like a cat, and beckoned for me to come out. I jumped out too, but landed on the garden.
“Oops!” I said and felt my face going red.
“Don’t worry, I’ll fix it later. But it looks like you’ll need some practise!” Mariah led the way. We went out a peach gate that was connected to a peach and purple wall that surrounded the area. I looked back to the building I was staying in. It was a Chinese style and had a black roof, with red around the windowsills and white on the rest of it. We took a bus to the mall. It was crowded with heaps of people and lots of shops to go to. After two hours we arrived back, me with a completely new set of clothes and jewellery and Mariah with a few new items too.
“If you get accepted into here and then decide to stay here for ages, you’ll get your own room! If that happens, let me help you choose your colours, cause I’m really good at seeing what colours go together with each other,” Mariah said as we walking in through the door this time, turned right, walked past five rooms, and then entered into a room with a sign on the front saying ‘Mariah’. We put my clothes into the drawers and then Mariah led me to where Ray and Lee would be. We walked right past the front door and passed two rooms on the right and one on the left. Then on the left there was a corner and on the right there was another room. It had ‘Main 1’ written on the sign hanging on the door. We walked in and saw Ray and Lee sitting cross-legged on the floor with their shoes off, facing an old man. I looked around the room and saw it was plain and big, apart from a huge table pushed against the side of the wall at the back. The wall had at least six large windows in it. A large cupboard stood in the back corner and in the middle of the room the floor goes up a step higher there is a purple and gold mat up on the higher bit and the old man is sitting cross-legged with no shoes on on it. Ray and Lee are sitting down on the lower part of the floor. Behind the old man sitting on a small low table is a wooden statue of a tiger with armour on it, a wooden statue of a lion with armour on it and a wooden statue of a cheetah with armour on it. The cheetah is in the middle, with the tiger on the left and the lion on the right. I can see a yellow beyblade sitting in front of the old man. I have a strange feeling that there is a cheetah in that bit chip. The cheetah reminds me of Chanzon, but the other cheetah is way different. Ray has a green beyblade in front of him. I have another strange feeling, but this time that the tiger is inside his bit chip. Lee doesn’t have his beyblade out, but I know he has one. I have yet another strange feeling, this one saying that the lion is still wild, running free in the mountains not far from here, and that Lee does not own the lion. I notice this all in three seconds, and I see Mariah slipping off her shoes. I copy and we leave them by the door, but out of the way in case someone comes in. We sit cross-legged beside Ray. The old man decides to speak.

“So Ray, is this the young girl you have been talking about?” he asks, speaking slowly and clearly. Ray nods.
“This is Brittnee, Master Zen. Spelt B r i t t n e e,” Ray replies. The old man turns to me.
“Hello Brittnee. Tell me, do you have a beyblade?” he asks.
“Master Zen, we already-“ Lee began.
“Silence. I know. She shall speak for herself,” Master Zen says and turns back to me.
“I had one until last night,” I said.
“Why don’t you have one know?” he asks. For once the tears don’t come and I give him my reason, about my choice and letting him free. “Would you like to have a new one?”
“Yes I would Master Zen,” I reply, not knowing where that Master Zen part came from.
“Ray, Lee, she shall go to the mountains now. I feel that Tocho is about. Maybe she is the chosen one,” Master Zen says. His beyblade starts to glow. I see Ray’s lighting up too.
“Yes. He is about Master,” Ray says as he stands up. Lee stands up too.
“We shall try Master Zen-,” Lee starts off.
“But you can’t guarantee it, can you? If Tocho isn’t about, there will be another around. There always is another. Go now.” Master Zen has finished speaking.
“What shall I do Master Zen?” Mariah speaks for the first time.
“You can go too I suppose,” Master Zen said and Mariah and I stand up. We walk to the door, put on our shoes and walk out.
“You’re very lucky. Master Zen thinks that Tocho might be your destiny,” Lee says to me as we begin to walk up a path to the mountains.
“He can tell you’re a very strong and determined, never-give-up beyblader, and he has chosen you to try. Only about three bladers have been chosen to try, none succeeding,” Ray explains.
“You’ll be very lucky if you do get Tocho,” Mariah says.
“I can remember when my grandfather handed over my bit beast, Driger. It was the best day of my life. I’ll never forget it, and I’ll never forget Driger,” Ray says as we continue to climb up the rocky mountain. A few times I slip and just about fall, but I still carry on. Soon we are climbing a vertical slope with footholds. Ray and Lee reach the top first and help me and Mariah up. I look down and see that the ground is a long way down, and I can’t see the building I was at before because trees block my path. I walk over to the other three.
“We have to climb up this last bit here. It won’t take long, so don’t worry,” Lee explains and we begin to go just that extra bit higher. As soon as we get there, I can see a wall of rock.
“Well, usually something has signalled to us that Tocho is here. But nothing has happened yet,” Ray says. He is obviously confused. The wall of rock starts to crack in the middle and a red beyblade flies out towards us. The others run out of its path, but I don’t move. It is spinning faster and faster through the air, and suddenly it lands in my right hand. The pain is so bad I just about drop the beyblade, but I don’t. I grip onto it tighter. My hand is now stinging as the others stare at me.
“No one has ever, ever caught it!” Mariah says.
“I wonder what’ll happen next,” Lee says. Ray pulls out his beyblade.
“I think I know what happens next,” he says and looks up to the sky. It has gone the colour of blood, and the clouds are white and swirling around in the sky, leaving a gap in the middle. I hear wows from the three. This was an amazing sight.
“I knew it! Tocho was meant for her!” Master Zen cries out, but I pay no attention at all to him. This was way more important! I see a red, yellow and orange lion appear from the sky, just like the wooden sculpture, only much bigger and more amazing too. His mane is fiery red and the tuff on his tail is the same red. Fire seems to flicker off it as it moves, disappearing into the air, even though he isn’t losing any of his hair at all. His sleek body is a soft, pale, yellow. His armour is all different kinds of orange, all glowing darker and then back again, never stopping. His eyes are a dark brown and are fierce, yet they are full of kindness. His nose is a maroon colour and the under side of his massive paws are the same colour. Tocho looks like he has a grin on his face and I hold out my beyblade. He turns into a bright red light and it comes down from the sky fast, and straight into my beyblade. I can feel his power coming through my fingers as I close my eyes. Up it goes in my arm, and into the rest of my body. It is incredible, like nothing else I have ever felt before. But the one thing going through my mind is I have a new bit beast and beyblade. Tocho is mine.

The others are still amazed when we had returned back to the building. They had seen it all happen, but I not only got to see it happen, but I got to feel the power. I am still in shock from the amount of power that Tocho has. Master Zen just listens to us, but he did say that Tocho is the lion spirit, and I should be grateful that he chose me. I said I was very grateful and that I wouldn’t let him down ever! He nodded in approval back. When we entered the building we went straight to Main 1 and went through this special ceremony thing. It was quite cool actually. Master Zen and Ray were the main characters and Lee, Kevin and Gary sat there, occasionally joining in. After that Mariah talked to me in our room.
“Brittnee, you know how there is only us Ray, Lee, Kevin and Gary?” she asked.
“Yeah, I do. So?”
“Well, we’re the only ones who go here,” Mariah said.
“What’s your point?”
“I thought that you thought this was a jam packed school, but I’m just saying it’s not, okay? It used to be, but it’s not now.”
“That’s okay. I’m cool with that okay?”
“Sure. That’s good to hear. We need to go now, we’ll miss our training,” she said and used the door this time to get out. I followed her, this time we went to the door that was first on the left after you enter the building. It had a sign saying ‘Training’ hanging up on it. Mariah slides the door open and walks in. We once again take off our shoes and we sat down on a large soft padded mat in the centre of the room. Master Zen has sat down in front of us. He looks at Lee, sitting forward of him on his left.
“Lee, you will show Brittnee the JJ. Ray and Mariah, I want you two to master your action phrase. Who knows where Gary and Kevin are? They know they’re not allowed to be late, and they never are.”
“I’ll go and check their rooms,” Mariah offered and walked out of the room. Lee stood up and put his shoes on. I followed him and did the same, since he was showing me the JJ, whatever that was. Mariah came back into the room with a note. She passed it Master Zen and he sighed.
“I suppose that their stuff has gone?” he asked her.
“Clean as room, nothing left. They’ve gone.”
“Okay, Kevin and Gary are no longer to be here with us. They have run away. Ray and Mariah, show me what you have practised.” Lee opened the door and walked out. I followed him until he went outside and over into the bush. These trees were the trees that blocked my view from the top of the mountain. There was a ladder on a tree, made of bits of wood nailed onto the tree, acting like a ladder.
“Okay Brittnee, follow me. I’ll show you where to go, showing you the ropes as you might say. Come on,” Lee said as he started to climb up the ladder. “I won’t go too fast so you can keep up.” Little did he know, I’ve ran non stop for over an hour, trained with weights and done a lot of other intense training for a girl. We reached the top and stood on a platform. There ahead of me was a challenging jungle gym. First Lee swung like a monkey across the vines hanging down. I’m not kidding! He did it like a pro. I swung fast across the vines too, landing on another platform, lower on another tree. Then there was a knotted old rope hanging from above. I could easily jump out off the platform, grab it, swing across, jump onto the next one and so on until I came to the big rope net waiting there for me.
“I guess you meant it when you said that you’d show me the ropes huh?” I asked as a joke, knowing the answer.
“Yeah, guess you could say that.” Lee swung across the five ropes and grabbed onto the net tightly. I copied and landed right next to him. He climbed up to the top and walked along a strong tree branch and stepped out onto yet another platform. We kept on going for at least half an hour and finally I landed on the ground.
“So that’s the JJ,” Lee said as we started to walk back. “You like it?”
“Yeah, it’s quite fun,” I said and Lee stared at me with shock.
“That? Fun? For a newbie no one ever says that man! Who brought you up?” Lee said as a joke. I looked to the ground and didn’t answer. Lee realised what he had done. “Oh, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean that.”
“I don’t know who my parents are or where they are okay? Can we not talk about that please?” I said and we walked into the training room again.

“You had fun Brittnee?” Master Zen asked me. I nodded.
“Yeah! That was great fun!” I exclaimed.
“You have a true lion’s heart,” he said as he watched Mariah and Ray practise their action phrase for the last time. It was a lot of kicks, punches, ducking, dodging, and a cool end and start pose. They looked really cool doing it together at exactly the same time. “It is time to eat.” We grabbed our shoes and wore them until we came to a room with ‘Dining’ written on the sign that hung up on the door. You know how you expect dining table and chairs with forks and knives? Well in this small room, there was a mat on the ground, no chairs, and definitely no forks and knives. Instead of the usual forks and knives I was used to, there were chopsticks. I don’t know how to eat with chopsticks I thought as we sat down on the mat, me sitting at the end with Mariah to my right, who was next to Ray, who was next to Lee. I realised that everyone had put out his or her beyblades in front of him or her, but not too far in front, and so I did that too. Master Zen called out for Mariah to come and help bring in the food. She went and I stared at my beyblade in front of me. I can’t eat with chopsticks! I kept on thinking to myself. Master Zen and Mariah gave everyone a plate, half rice and the other half meat mixed with vegetables, though I wasn’t quite sure what the meat was. There were some bits of parsley sitting on top of the rice. When Master Zen and Mariah had sat down, Master Zen once again at the front of us, we placed our hands together as if we were about to pray, bowed our heads slowly to Master Zen, Master Zen bowing to the middle of Ray and Mariah, and then lifted our heads again. Master Zen began to eat and we were allowed to grab our chopsticks and start to eat as well. Surprisingly, I could eat with chopsticks just perfectly fine. This was weird but way cool. We had all had eaten about half of our meals when Master Zen spoke.
“Ray, your friends are here.”
“Huh? I didn’t invite anyone over,” he said as he looked up from his plate to Master Zen. There was a knock on the door. “I’ll get that.” He got up and headed to the door. How did Master Zen know that someone would be knocking on the door? And how did he know that they would be Ray’s friends? I noticed Master Zen’s beyblade was glowing.
“My bit beast is psychic,” he said, as if he knew what I was thinking. I smiled a toothy smile.
“Thanks,” I said to him.
“Hi Five girl!” Mariah suddenly said as she held up her hand. “You’re one of us now!”
“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked her, confused.
“Well, take a look in the mirror at that smile! You have grown the cat teeth!”
“What are you on about?” This was very confusing.
“Feel you’re teeth Brittnee!” I did. Starting at the front and I slowly made my way to the back. About halfway I stopped.
“Eeekk! What happened?” I asked her. Two of my teeth were longer, like fangs, and just like the rest of them.
“You’ve been accepted into our group!” Mariah said.
“Oh, cool!” I exclaimed. These three people would be my mates from now on!
“Tocho must really like you Brittnee! You are so lucky!” Lee said and I smiled.
“Thanks Lee,” I said as Ray walked in. His friends followed. A blue haired boy with a cap on and wore blue pants and a red jacket over a yellow t-shirt, a blonde boy dressed in a yellow, green and orange top with orange overalls with the top part down and tied around his waist. Also, a girl with brown hair down to just past her shoulders, with a short yellow skirt on and an orange jacket over a blue-green top, a short boy with short brown hair wearing a green top with a darker green tie and olive green shorts. He also carried a laptop. And another short guy with orange-red hair with a leg of his pants ripped off from just above the knee and a blue top on, and after him entered Kai.

I know it's a lot of it, but you guys haven't seen a lot of it. Please check out my other site at free webs, cause I am putting up my mates story there. She has done it on Holes, but it's not finished yet. It's really cool, so do check it out, or what's there anyway. I will also update this story on it too. More than you see here too.

Okay, so I guess I'll see you all later!

Keep in touch!


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Saturday, December 10, 2005

   My Site
I have a beyblade site up now! Check out


Please PM me about if you want another story with my made up charecters in it, (Nicole, DC, Eddie, Diana, Voke and Chelsea) but before they were famous. Or if you have any ideas I might like, please PM me now! Should I start a fan fiction of Holes? In case you don't know, it's a book and a movie. I want to rewrite it and add myself and a few mates in it too. PM me with ideas! Thankx!

Here is some more of The Other Side:

I stared out the window, ignoring the pulling of my hair, teasing of guys, the pinching and, of course, the laughing. This was unbelievable. They are the same age as me, and they can’t control themselves! They’re acting like 5 year olds! I could ask Hayden to tell them to stop, but that wouldn’t work. Like I said, he’s mates with Kai, and after we broke up, I don’t think he’d even want to listen to me. I pulled out my Discman from my backpack, put in Full Stop, turned up the volume as loud as it could go and continued to take in the scenery I hadn’t seen for a long, long time. It was lit up by the sun’s bright light. Then Tala pulled off my headphones.
“What are you listening to?” he asked me and put them on.
“I’m about to kill you if you don’t leave me alone,” I replied, but he didn’t give them back to me. I pulled them off him. “And I mean it.” I placed the headphones back on, but they were soon pulled off again by Tala. “Give them back now.” I was practically yelling over the back of the seat to him and he just smirked back at me. I lunged forward at him trying to grab them, but missed. I squealed as I just about fell over the seat and Tala suddenly cracked up laughing, confusing me.
“If this is what you’re like in a car, what on earth are you like at a hotel?” he asked me and the three other guys. Bryan and Spencer laughed along to and Kai smiled and chuckled to himself as he closed his eyes.
“Seriously Tala, give them back,” he said. Tala turned to Kai with a shocked expression on his face. Kai had started all of this. I lunged forward again, this time grabbing the headphones.
“Thank you,” I said sarcastically, wishing I wasn’t travelling with them. All of a sudden, the mini bus swerved left to right. We all went crashing from side to side, especially me, since I wasn’t facing the right way with my belt on. I actually fell forward onto them as the bus continued to swerve. We were all yelling at each other and I was trying to get back up. My head hit the wall hard and everything went black. I soon woke up and saw the four boys, probably my age staring down at me. I sat up.
“What happened?” I asked the strangers.
“There was a drunk guy driving. He just about crashed into us, but Hayden swerved just in time. You okay?” the one with red hair asked me.
“I dunno,” I said and looked around. I appeared to be in a small vehicle.
“Where am I?” I asked them, but they cracked up laughing. “What?”
“Don’t be stupid Kara!” another one said as I put my hand to my head. Who’s Kara? I looked around for another girl, but no, just boys.
“Who’s Kara?” I asked, really puzzled.
“Who’s Kara?” the third one said, mimicking me. “You are stupid!” This was weird. I don’t know who I am, where I am, and who these people are.
“Okay guys, I don’t think she’s joking,” the last one said. “She must have hit her head, see.” He pointed to my head, which I touched. It stung me and I looked at my fingertips. There was blood. “She must have hit her head hard, gone unconscious, and woke up not remembering anything at all, not even her name. I’ll call Mr. B.” This blue haired guy pulled out a shiny thing from his bag and pressed something on it. “We’ve got a problem. No. Kara’s lost her memory, and she’s not fooling around either. She doesn’t know her name or where we are. Yes. I understand. What about-“ He just stopped, pushed something on it again and put it back where it was before.
“He says we have to teach her how to beyblade again before tomorrow. Hopefully she will somehow remember everything and we’ll be right,” he said again.
“Kai, what if she doesn’t,” the red haired one asked.
“I don’t know what we’ll do then,” Kai replied and they all looked back at me. The thing we were in started to move and they stood up. The one with red hair held out his hand to me. For some reason, my own hand reached out into his and he pulled me up. It was then I saw another bag in the seat. Its contents had been spread out over the seat. For some reason, I knew what it was, and I knew it was mine. An image flashed in my mind. It was me putting everything carefully into that bag. It was my stuff! The red head seated me next to him and he grabbed my stuff from in front of us. I stared out the window, trying to figure out what had happened and who I was.
The vehicle pulled up outside a huge white and gold building. The others got out and I followed. They all had a small bag, but I didn’t. That red head had what I thought was mine. I followed them until they started a conversation with another group of people. There was a blonde guy, a guy with blue hair and a hat, a guy with long black hair and a short guy with brown hair. It wasn’t a friendly conversation though. Kai was talking tough to the other blue head about beyblading and winning. Soon the talking was over and we walked off. As soon as we got into an empty room, they started to talk about that Kara girl, which was me.
“Who is going to start?” Kai asked. “Some one has to teach her how to beyblade.”
”But we don’t-“
“Shut up Spencer. We don’t this, we don’t that. Stop it,” Kai said.
“Look, I’ll start and we’ll take turns. I know her beyblade moves, so that might help,” the red head said.
“What’s a beyblade?” I asked them, but they ignored me.
“Remember, we’ll want to rest tonight, so make sure she knows everything before then,” Kai ordered. “I’ll get some food, Bryan you find the times for the beyblade competition, Spencer you go and check out the competition teams, and Tala try and teach Kara how to beyblade. We’ve only got a few hours ‘till ten, so hurry.” The others left the room and I was left with the red head, or what he was called before, Tala.

He had shown me a heap of things about this small orange thing that was in my hand. He had shown me the parts it had, what they did, what this picture thing on the top was and what it did, and a lot of other things, but I was soon forgetting everything. Soon I had forgotten the parts and what they did. Everything had vanished from my mind. The others came back at exactly the same time.
“Any luck?” Kai asked Tala and he sighed.
“No. I’ve told her the same things over and over again, but she forgets everything!” Tala was obviously annoyed at me. Kai placed the food on the table, but I left it. I didn’t know what food was and what to do with it. I just sat down and watched the funny square thing the boys had turned on. They soon went away to different rooms and the world went from bright and sunny to pitch black again.
I woke with a start. I was on the couch with a blanket over me. I sat up and looked around, having no memory of a white and gold room. I stood up and caught a glimpse of me in the mirror. My hair was absolutely perfect. It wasn’t knotty, but out and beautiful. My eyes saw a loaf of bread sitting on the bench. I ran towards it and grabbed a few slices. I was so hungry! I flicked on the TV and saw that there was an ad on about the Beyblade Championships being held today. That was why I am here, I though, remembering that Mr. B had told me I was going to the Championships the next day! And then I went straight away into a mini bus and it started to swerve and I, I passed out! I couldn’t remember a thing of yesterday after I hit my head! I looked for my beyblade. Where was it? It wasn’t in my pocket or my bag. A door opened behind me and I looked over my shoulder. It was Tala. And in his hand was my beyblade.
As he walked over to me, he said, ”Right, lets start again. This is a beyblade. It’s yours. You-“
“I know it’s mine. Give it,” I said, my voice, as usual, cold.
“What’s your name?” he asked.
“Kara. Duh!” I replied, wondering what was going on.
“And who am I?”
“Tala. Once again duh! Why are you asking me this? I’m not stupid!” I said, kind of annoyed.
“You had a hard hit on your head yesterday. You couldn’t remember a thing,” he replied. He chucked my blade to me and I caught it perfectly in one hand. He went into the other rooms and woke the others. In a few minutes, we were all ready to beyblade.
“Welcome to the Beyblade Championships here in Russia! We have BBA Revolution, Team BEGA, Team Blitzkrieg, The All Stars, The White Tigers and The Barthez Battalions. Each team will have a battle containing three beybattles. The team that wins the most matches will move on to the next round. The matches have been drawn randomly. After the first three matches have been fought, there will be an hour for a break and time to fix your beyblades if needed. One team will be added back into the competition, and the next two matches of the four will be fought. Then tomorrow, the final two teams will compete against each other to find out who wins the championship!” Mr Dickinson announced and the crowd roared. “First up, we have BBA Revolution, your winners from last time, up against The White Tigers!” Once again, the crowd roared, but I stayed silent, like the rest of my team. I wasn’t in the mood to watch the match, so I focused my attention on my beyblade. After probably five minutes, it was all over.
“And BBA Revolution wins with a very close win! Next up is Team BEGA against The Barthez Battalions!” Once again, I wasn’t interested in these battles. I wanted it to be my turn.
“And they tie! Now Team Blitzkrieg against The All Stars!” Finally it is our turn, I thought. Kai stood up and went to fight first. He won of course, because we just don’t loose.
“Okay, Spencer go,” Kai said when he got back. I knew that I was going to miss out in this fight. His plan was to send out himself first, to get used to the opponent, tell Bryan about them while Spencer fought, and then Bryan would go out. But I knew that when it was the finals, it would just be me, Kai and Tala, not Bryan and Spencer. It was a great strategy, especially taking in the fact that Bryan and Spencer were the weaker two in the team. And look at that, Spencer had won and Bryan was going out for the kill. We soon won and we were looking pretty good, making a good impression on the other teams and the audience.
“And it looks Team Blitzkrieg have won!” Mr Dickinson said. “Now you have exactly one hour to rest and fix your beyblades. There will be no team coming back into the competition because we had a tie. I will see you all in an hour!” Great, I thought. I have an hour to waste, most likely with these guys. I sighed.
“I’ll be at the market and I will arrive on time,” I said firmly to them and walked away. I didn’t want to know what they were going to do, so I walked off as quickly as I could and walked out of the stadium and looked at some jewellery at the market. I was thinking of buying a pretty silver necklace when The Barthez Battalions came up to the same stall. I recognized the bright pink hair the girl had and her outfit. I looked at her teammates she had pulled over to the stall with her. They were all boys, just like my teammates. And one of them was actually an okay guy. He had blonde hair, was the second tallest if you didn’t include his hair, had bright blue eyes, a white jacket with loose black and white buckles on it over a green top, maroon pants and maroon and black gloves. The pink haired girl had dragged over him and his teammates to this jewellery stall. I thought that I had seen her before.
“Hey Claude! Does this look good on me?” she asked a blue-grey haired boy as she showed off her necklace she was trying on.
“Whatever Matilda. Can we go and eat now?” he asked her. Matilda! I do know her! I tilted my head at her and stared at her. She was actually quite short. I brought the necklace and continued to move down the stall, looking at jewellery until I was standing right beside her. I picked up a gold and silver charm of a ying yang. I took off my charm bracelet and held the two together.
“Hey, do you think this would suit me?” Matilda suddenly asked me. I turned to her. She was holding up a pair of earrings up to her ears.
“Of course it would,” I replied. “Do you think I should buy this charm?”
“Yeah, I would. Man you have a lot of charms!” Matilda exclaimed. It was true. I had at least twenty of them. “I’m Matilda by the way.”
“I’m Kara. Nice to meet you. Aren’t you in the Beyblade Championships?” I asked her.
“Yes. You are too aren’t you?” she asked me, and I said yes. We started a conversation about beyblading and I soon brought the charm and she brought the earrings.
“Hey Matilda, can we please go now?” the blonde one asked her.
“Yeah, we only have half an hour to eat!” the dark skinned one said.
“Sorry!” she yelled back to them. They had moved to a bench nearby and they were wanting to go and eat before the time was up. “Would you like to come and have lunch with us?” I nodded and she walked over to them. “Guys this is Kara, form Team Blitzkrieg. Kara, this is Claude.” Claude tipped his head up and back down quickly, just a quick hi. “This is Miguel.” The blonde one smiled and held his hand up and put it back down again. “And this is Aaron.” The dark skinned one smiled at me and made some movements with his hand. “Aaron! What did Dan say about that?” Matilda suddenly said, but I was shocked. That was a Biovolt greeting!

I am also thinking about starting up the BeybladeIsSoCool Club again. PM me if ya wanna join or if ya think it's a good idea!

Love you all!


P.S. Please comment and visit my site!

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

   More and more chapters! Again!
Chapter 11:
“Hello,” Kai said as he answered the phone.
“Hey Kai,” Nicole sniffed. “Chelsea just died.”
“Serious?” Kai asked. “Holy shit! Hang on a sec, let me tell everyone else.” There was a lot of gasps and lots of murmuring in the background.
“Hey Nicole,” Ray’s voice said.
“Hi Ray,” Nicole said and sniffed again.
“You handling it okay?”
“No. What do you think? She’s, like, my best friend,” Nicole replied and *once again* sniffed. “I am so sorry how I didn’t really care about Max. I am really sorry.”
“Hey, don’t worry about it. You’ll live. How did she die? I mean she was fit and healthy and doesn’t really have a reason to die right?” Ray asked, wondering if it was connected to Max’s death.
“Yeah, you’re right. She didn’t have a reason. She was stabbed, just like Max. Do you think they’re connected?” Nicole asked, realising what Ray was thinking.
“Possibly yeah,” Ray said. “Look, I gotta go okay? I’ve got an interview thing with some of those Crime Lab people. Bye.”
“Bye.” Ray hung up the phone and walked out the door, prepared to say he had absolutely nothing to do with Max’s death. Nicole sighed and walked out of the hospital with her friends.
*Next day after everyone has been interviewed by a group of policemen. They all said they didn’t kill them and were out or not with them the night they were killed*
“Is it just me or is someone after us?” Kai asked Nicole.
“I know. It’s like we’re being hunted eh?” she replied and Kai nodded his head. “And I just can’t believe that I murdered Chelsea!”
“Who do you think killed them both?” he asked.
“Well, I guess it could be Brooklyn.”
”Hello! Wake up Kai! Ethan shot him remember? He can’t have killed them!” Nicole said, just about yelling.
“But what if he-“ Kai began.
“Didn’t shoot him. What if he lied,” Ritchie finished off for him. Him and the rest of the people had come out.
“What? How did you know?” Kai asked as Ritchie came up to Nicole and put his arm around her.
“Think about it.” They turned around and walked out with the other thugs following back to their room at the record company. Inside their new room, they found a note stuck on the door. It said, ‘IM COMING 4 U NEXT’.

Quote for Chapter 12:
We are outta here!…… and we are already in trouble!

I really hope everyone likes my story. Anyone can just PM me anytime and say nice or bad stuff about it anytime at all!

Chapter 12:
The thugs (including Ritchie) packed their bags. There was no way that they could stay here. They had to leave, get out of there. They were being hunted. If they didn’t get out of there, they would be stabbed to death too. The others (Tyson, Kai, Ray, Hilary, Emily and Kenny) decided to come too. They boarded a plane and left for a very long flight to Magadam. There was rows with three seats in each. Luckily there was 12 of them so no one had to sit by strangers. It went Kai, Nicole and Ritchie in the first row, Tyson, Eddie and Hilary in the next, then Ray, DC and Emily, and after that Kenny, Voke and Diana. Everyone had found himself or herself something to do, like reading a book, listening to music, talking to each other, sleeping, checking out the view, or annoying people, like Tyson for example. He had started to annoy Kai, who was sitting in front of him, and now he couldn’t stop. Kai was trying to sleep, but wasn’t having much luck.
“Would you stop it Tyson?” he asked, turning around and practically yelling it to him. Tyson quickly turned his head and his attention to the lovely view.
“Huh? Stop what?” he asked.
“You know what. Stop it,” Kai said in a very stern voice keeping his face straight. He turned back around to face the front. Eddie looked up from his book, exchanged glances with Tyson and then poked Kai. He quickly returned to his book as Kai spun around again. “Stop it Tyson!”
”But I swear it wasn’t me!” he said.
“Seriously Tyson, you’re acting like you’re a five year old,” Eddie said and Kai agreed. “Act your age man and stop annoying Kai.” Kai turned back around and Tyson looked at Eddie with a ‘Why did you do that?’ look on his face. Eddie grinned and once again returned to his book.
*That Late Afternoon Wandering In The Streets*
The sun was setting as they went for a walk. It was just Eddie, DC, Kai, Ritchie and Nicole.
“Psst! Come here!” hissed a voice from a side street. They all spun around and saw Ethan standing in the middle of the alley. “Come on, I’ve got to show you something! It’s really important!” Ritchie shrugged and followed. Being a guy who had lived on the streets, he knew what Ethan could have found. That meant that he also knew he could be lead into a trap and be killed, but it was just about always worth following someone. The others followed Ethan and Ritchie and they came to a big blank space surrounded by the walls of buildings.
“What is this about?” Eddie asked as he looked around. Quickly, Ethan grabbed his beyblade, let it rip and called out his bit beast, Cobra Copello. Of course, a huge cobra snake with armour, a headset and a blade tail appeared and hissed and flickered its tongue. “Thanks for answering my question.”
“I think all of this ends now, doesn’t it?” asked a voice from behind them. They all turned and there stood Brooklyn. “After how many years this has been going on for and finally I get to kill you. Well actually, Ethan does, I get to watch.” With a blink of the eye, Nicole was pinned up against the wall. The cobra’s mouth opened to reveal very sharp teeth covered in venom that with one small bite would kill anyone and anything. The same icky green coloured venom was on the tail blade. And for the very first time ever, they saw something else in Nicole’s eyes. It wasn’t determination. It wasn’t love. It wasn’t anger. It wasn’t hatred. It wasn’t happiness. It was fear.

Quote for Chapter 13
Saying good bye.

Now Chapter 13 is the last chapter. The last you will ever hear of The Thuganomics and Ritchie. The last you will hear of Maria and Ty, Maria is redvixen's specially created charecter and Ty is her boyfriend. Thank you redvixen for your cool charecter, the story wouldn't be the same without you in it.

And so *sigh* here is the last chapter of Beyblade T-Revolt.

Chapter 13
She stared up in shock at the monster. ‘This is it. This is the end. Say bye to your friends girl, cause you are so dead, and you haven’t won,’ she thought to herself as she closed her eyes. She was so ashamed of herself. She knew when she had had a gun pointed at her head that they wouldn’t shoot, but this was way different. This was the end, and she knew it. Someone was going to die, and it would be her. But of course, the guys watching on the side had to grab their beyblades and try to do something, even though it was pointless. The snake lashed out quickly with its tail, defeating them all. Kai, Eddie and DC picked up their beyblades that had landed at their feet, all frowning. Eddie suddenly jumped at the snake, but he cut open on his arm by the tail and was poisoned.
“Argh!” He fell down to his knees and DC grabbed him.
“Call an ambulance, he’s bleeding fast and is poisoned,” DC ordered Kai and he obeyed quickly. DC picked up Eddie and they all ran back down the alley, knowing all was lost now. ‘Hey Nic, I’m sorry, okay?’ Kai thought-said to her. ‘I know. I’m sorry too. Keep fighting for me though okay?’ she replied. ‘And accuse Brooklyn of injuring Eddie, cause once he’s caught and locked up in jail, even his powers can’t get him out!’ ‘Okay, I’ll do that for ya. Bye.’ ‘Bye,’ she replied, and broke their contact.
“Damn!” Ritchie said.
“What?” Kai asked.
“I forgot my Beyblade! Brooklyn will probably steal it! I need to go back!” Ritchie took off back down the alley, despite DC and Kai’s calls. He ran and ran and spotted Nicole, still alive standing by his beyblade. He looked up at the bit beast that glared straight back at him. Then the ambulance’s sirens were beginning to be heard, sounding like police’s sirens.
“Quickly, kill her and leave him alone. No one will believe him! They’ll think he’s nuts!” Brooklyn ordered and climbed up the wall. “Hurry! We need to go!” Kai heard a sharp, small scream from Nicole echo down to him and he sighed. It was finally over. He imagined the blood covering her hands as she placed them over the wound. He imagined her crying as she faded away. He imagined what life would be like if she was still here. The ambulance pulled up and started to give medication to Eddie, who was in a lot of pain. They drove to the hospital, and it was then that what had happened hit them in the hard in the face.

*Sniff* Isn't it sad? Well here is a bit of Need To Know information I typed up to make it a bit clearer for everyone about what actually happened then.

Ending The Story:
What Happened That Day: Nicole actually lived, and it was Ritchie that died. He jumped in they way of the bite and the snake left straight away. His blood had covered Nicole’s hands as she put her hands over the wound. She cried and cried as he faded away from her, and she started to fade away as well, soon passing out.

What Has Happened Since: Nicole has had a baby girl (Kylie 7 years old). She still sings with her friends as The Thuganomics. Emily was pregnant and had twins (both boys called Todd and Daniel 7 years old) and lives alone as well. Tyson and Hilary have had a baby girl (Sandy 7 years old) and boy (Reece 4 years old) and are about to have another baby. Ray married Maria and have had a baby girl (Larissa 6 years old). Kai, Eddie and DC are still single and are dating (Eddie the most) and Diana and Voke finally got married and had a baby girl (Hailey 6 years old). Everyone lives in a huge mansion and Emily and Tyson and Hilary are neighbours.
The End.

So that's it! And just to keep you interested in my writing, I have a new story started. PM with what you think about it and any ideas I could add into it.

“Okay, I need a drink,” I said and stopped running and pulled out my drink bottle I was carrying.
“Come on!” came the voice of my beyblade trainer, Dylan, but he also stopped. “This isn’t good enough Kara. You need to push yourself harder if you want to be in the championships. The rest of the team have already passed you! Hurry up!”
“Okay, okay!” I put the bottle away and took off down the hill with him right behind me. He was right. I needed to make it. I slowed down on the flat ground as it lead me into the bush, letting me weave in and out of the trees. There wasn’t any track to follow and I did my best to stay straight. I jumped over the stream and went up the steep hill. I reached the top and saw the boys just going down again. I speed up, and by the time I was going down again, they had reached the bottom. I continued running as they jumped into the river. They had made it and now got to rest. I continued, but stopped just before reaching the river and sat down on my rock. Dylan pulled up beside me.
“Great times. You boys got 1 hour and 12 minutes, well done. Kara, 1 hour and 13 minutes. All of you are at least two minutes better than last time. Keep it up.” He glanced at the boys that were puffing hard in the river and cooling off. “Tala, I expect you to be in charge and everyone to get back safely okay? Ten minutes at the most.” Tala nodded and Dylan set off towards Biovolt and I sighed a sigh of relief. Back at Biovolt I would be able to catch up with Darcy, my roommate. At least I wouldn’t have to hang about with these goofs anyway. They were only in my team, thank God for that. Kai and Bryan belonged in the blue group, and Tala and Spencer belonged in the red group. I was in the yellow group, and so was Darcy. There was also the white group where all kids go into to start off with when you first come at 6 years old. Then when you are 8 or 9, you go into red, blue or yellow. And then after that, you can go up into green, and then a special group, black. It is the highest group and only about 10 people are in it. Green has only about 20.
“Hey, I’m going back now,” I said and stood up.
“Nah, you’re not. You’re waiting on us,” Tala said as I started to walk in the direction of Biovolt. “And I’m in charge, so you’re doing what I say.” Man I hate that attitude I thought to myself. They all had one and so did I, but I wasn’t that bad.
“Fine,” I replied giving in and sat back down again on the rock. I glanced at my watch. I still had, like, nine minutes left. Yay. I looked back at the guys that were just chilling in the river and talking about guy stuff, like how hot Jasmine was. She is in the black group and just about every guy thinks she is hot. And she is blonde and just about every guy thinks that blonde girls are hot. Finally Tala announced that we had to go back and I quickly jumped up and headed in the direction of Biovolt. The other guys followed dripping with water, but slowly drying in the heat of the sun. We walked back and I went straight up the dark staircase to my room I shared with Mandy and Darcy. Mandy was a very annoying girl that won’t shut up. She is only 10 years old and sometimes looks up to Jasmine (what a surprise). I looked at where Darcy’s bed is and realised that she would be out doing her run now, and I’d have to wait for a while. I glanced at Mandy and she smiled back. She was far too cheerful to be here. She had to learn to be darker, not bright and bubbly.
“Joshua told me to tell you that you have to see Mr. B at 1:20 sharp in his office,” Mandy told me as I sat down on my bed. I tilted my head to the right slightly as I looked at her. Her voice was so high and chirpy; I hated it. Joshua was a highly ranked guy in the black group. If anyone in the black group told you to see Mr. B, you did it.
“Okay. Thanks,” I said, my voice cold, unlike hers. I then decided to glance at my black watch. It went with my clothes really well in my opinion. I had a tight, dark grey, halter neck top on and slightly lighter grey pants with lots of silver zips on it. I also wore a thick, black and dark maroon belt that had thick, black and maroon pieces of thread hanging down on my left side to just higher than my knee. I occasionally wore a black jacket over the top if it was cold with lots of silver zips on it. My shoes are black with maroon laces, I have a few small silver and maroon necklaces on and also a few small maroon and silver bracelets on, all being so quite tight so they didn’t fall off or get in my way while training. I have green-blue eyes and dark maroon lipstick on all the time. My hair is straight, long, black, tapered and is always tied back for training and I prefer it to be out, even though no one has seen me with it out. And now you might see why I am so dark. I look like a Goth, I kind of am, and I’m also a girl not to mess with. Darcy’s hair is black as well and hers is long and wavy. Darcy about an inch taller than me and I think she is just about ready to go up to green, maybe straight up to black if she’s lucky. Anyway, I checked my watch and it read 1:15. I swore out loud and ran out of the room and up a lot of stairs. You never can be late for things like these. I reached the top of the building and waited at the big door. I checked my watch again and it told me I had one minute left. I let out a sigh of relief and stood there waiting. Suddenly the door opened and Jasmine came out. She turned and walked away down the stairs I had just come up. I walked into the room and sat down on the chair that faced Mr. B. I kept my breathing steady as his chair turned around. I couldn’t see his face because the only windows in the room had curtains pulled over them, barely letting any light in at all.
“You have some good news Kara,” said the cold voice of Mr. B. I kept quiet. Over the years I had learnt what to do and what to not do. He continued. “You and your team will be competing in the World Championships tomorrow. The others will be going through intense training for the rest of the day, so leave them alone.”
“What about me sir? Do I go through training too?” I asked.
“No. These boys need to get their act together.”
”I don’t understand sir. I’m always behind them in every bit of training sir. They are always beating me in everything. I might be only a few minutes behind, but I am still behind them sir,” I said.
“No. That’s not true. You are far ahead for a girl of 16 years. For example, these boys are expected to be at least half an hour away from you in the run. They aren’t. You were only two minutes behind them today and you are the one who is ahead. And with beyblading, they are ahead for their age and so are you. This team is going to win the Championships and go far. I want you to go to the entrance door in about 10 minutes. There I will get a mini bus for you and the boys to travel to a hotel, stay there, and go and compete the next morning. Do you understand me now?”
“Yes sir.” I paused. “Do you really mean that sir?”
“Yes. Now go and pack. I have talked to the other boys, but you don’t say a word to anyone else, understood?”
“Understood sir.” I stood up and walked out and shut the door behind me. I walked down the stairs and saw Kai coming up them.
“You ready?” he asked me as he walked past.
“No.” I continued to walk to my room and packed my bags.
“Did you get up to green class?” Darcy asked.
“Uh, no. I’m just going on a trip,” I said, remembering I couldn’t say a word to anyone.
“Okay.” I could tell that Darcy knew that it wasn’t the real reason why I was leaving. I could see it in her eyes. She knew something was up.
“Bye,” I said and walked out of the room with my bags. I went downstairs and met the other guys at the gate. It was a black metal gate and was padlocked shut. At the top (like the fence that surrounded the grounds) were sharp spikes with a lot of rumours evolving around them, like Timmy. He had tried to escape, but the spikes had made sure he didn’t, killing him quickly. No one was ever able to get out of the grounds unless it was a special occasion or if Mr. B trusted you enough, like the black class. Jasmine came up behind us, unlocked the gate, and pointed to a mini bus.
“There’s your bus. Take it and make sure you win,” she said coldly and we walked out. She slammed the gate shut, locked it and walked away. We pilled into the back of the mini van, and then we noticed the driver. It was Hayden. He was another guy in the black group, but he was Kai’s mate, and he let him and his friends get away with anything. I sighed. This was going to be a long trip.

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A bit of good news, Edge Hottie decided to not quit the otaku. And redvixen, do you have the pic of The Thuganomics ready yet? Cause I would like to see it, especially since they are history now. And Kara and her team are ready to have pics drawn too now. You know what they all look like and I would love to see some cool pics of them. I was ind of dissapointed though cause no one has drawn a pic of The Thuganomics, so please draw one of Kara and her team. Kara is also my charecter, just like Nicole was.

See ya!

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Saturday, October 1, 2005

   Story & redvixen
Chapter 2

“But you’re dead!”
“So are you!”
“No I’m not!”
”Neither am I!” Nicole said back. “I didn’t know you lived.”
“I didn’t know you had lived either. I just assumed you were dead.”
“Everyone thinks we’re dead. I made it clear to Kai that I didn’t want him to tell the others something, and then I said something like ‘Can’t live. Bye guys.’ They must have believed me,” Nicole said and started to laugh. DC pulled his hood back up.
“Shhh. I think I hear someone coming,” he said and Nicole pulled her hood up too.
“Hey Sam. I know you’re here,” called Ritchie’s voice.
“Damn,” Nicole whispered very quietly.
“C’mon out. I won’t hurt you.” ‘Yeah right,’ Nicole thought. The footsteps came closer and closer, then BANG! Ritchie kicked the box. Nicole or ‘Sam’ fell out. Ritchie saw her, but didn’t see DC or ‘Jack’ inside the box.
“Let me go,” Nicole said sternly.
“No way!” Ritchie said. ‘What’s he doing to her?’ DC wondered. ‘Should I come out?’
“Hey guys! I’ve got her!” he called and the sound of more footsteps reached DC. The words of Ritchie’s leader echoed in his head. ‘Get the girl. The others will handle the boy.’ Ritchie’s grip tightened on Nicole’s shoulders. She wasn’t struggling.
“What do you want from me?” Nicole asked as the other boys approached her.
“Just for you to come for a walk with us. We want to show you something,” Andrew said and he turned around. Ritchie pushed Nicole along and they walked out of that alley and DC got up and followed. He kept his distant and moved swiftly and silently, but soon they reached the real streets. The streets where people work and live. Not the streets behind all of that. They walked until they came across the BEGA building.
“What the hell is BEGA?” Nicole asked as they walked inside. She had noticed DC following her and tried to keep their attention away from him.
“You’ll find out,” Mark said as he knocked on a door.
“Enter.” The door opened and they all walked in to a dark room with a chair facing away from them. As it spun around, Nicole got a huge shock. Brooklyn! He was alive! She acted as if she didn’t know him, but he recognized her straight away.
“So you are alive, Nicole,” Brooklyn said as Ben pulled her hood off.
“So you are alive, Brooklyn,” mocked Nicole. “Why am I here?” Then the door opened. There was a girl standing in the doorway. She had short ginger hair and was wearing a skirt and a t-shirt.
“Brooklyn, sir, the man has been captured,” she said and made way for some guards to bring in DC.
“Isn’t it amazing how you two both lived?” Nicole and DC exchanged the ‘yeah, so?’ looks with each other. “I thought that you would have tried to hide yourselves. But no, make it easy-“
“Who are you working for?” Nicole asked.
“Myself. Why?”
“Wanted to know.”
“Can we go now? Cause this is getting really boring listening to you talking BS,” DC suddenly said.
“Yeah, of course, go. But my boys will be keeping an eye on you two.” They got pushed outside and they walked away. Actually, they ran. They ran all the way to where Nicole’s ‘home’ was. She grabbed everything and then ran to the building where Madame Massey was. She saw an envelope and grabbed it. It had her name on it. DC saw another one, this one with his name on it. They were plain white envelopes and as they walked along the street, DC realised that it was a wedding invitation.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Nicole said as she held it in her hand. “Who’s getting married that we know?”
“Well, these two here,” DC replied and he pointed to his invitation that he had opened.

Qoute for Chapter 3:
A makeover and a reunion for some old friends.

redvixen, I can't send PM's to you again. it says that you have reached the amout of PM's you can have in your inbox. probably try deleting some of them!

Chapter 3
He pointed to the words saying Diana and Voke.
“Ohmigod! Those two!” Nicole said and cracked up laughing. “You have got to be kidding!”
”I don’t think that they are. But how did they know we are still alive?” DC asked confused.
“Uh, Diana was writing notes to me and leaving them there. I would always read them and write something back. She swore to me though that she’d never tell anyone,” Nicole admitted and looked at the ground. “Hey! She never saw me! It could have been anyone really!”
“Oh you stupid girl,” DC said and stopped walking. “She can’t always be trusted you know! She’s probably got the cameras ready and lined up for when we enter and then everyone will know we’re alive and then we’ll so be in the shits!” He slapped her across the face hard.
“Don’t you realise that we should come out now! We’ve had a break from it all! I want to go back to my star days!” Nicole yelled back and stormed off.
*The Next Day*
Nicole had gone to everywhere now. She had had her hair cut into a new style and got blonde streaks in, starting from about a quarter way down and then got red tips. It was very silky now and not knotted anymore, unlike it was on the streets. She had gone shopping and found some nice clothes to wear, of course not costing too much. She found some cheap jewellery and soon she was ready to go. She absolutely loved her new look. The wedding wasn’t until next week, but she had to visit a few old friends first. Some very old friends. She walked up to a mansion and knocked on the door. Inside, a voice said “I’ll get that,” and soon the door opened. Standing there was a man, 20 years old, a grown up Kai. His hair was still the same at the front, but was longer at the back and turning into black at the end. He was wearing a black T-Shirt and jeans with a black belt with a white skull and cross bones on it and still had the signature scarf on.
”Who the hell are you?” he asked. “Whoa! Hang on! You’re not, no way! Nicole?” She nodded.
“Yeah it’s me.” He hugged her.
“Why are you here? I thought – everyone thinks you’re dead.”
“I know, but I’m not,” Nicole said as she pulled out of his tight grip. “Otherwise I couldn’t be here. Can I come in now?”
“Yeah. Everyone else is in the third lounge. By everyone else I mean Tyson, Ray, Max, etcetera.” He let her in and then shut the door behind her. She walked into the third lounge and saw grown up versions of her old friends. There was Tyson, still wearing his cap. His hair was a bit longer, he had a red T-Shirt on and blue shorts on and didn’t look chubby anymore. To his left was Ray, still wearing his headband and having his long black hair pulled back. But he wasn’t in his ‘Chinese Uniform’ as Nicole had secretly called it. He was finally in normal clothes; a red, yellow and white T-Shirt and red pants. To his left was Max. His hair hadn’t changed, but his attitude sure had. He was kind of like a Goth Max. He wore just about all black now, and the only other colours he wore was either a little bit of green or orange. Sitting next to him was Emily. She had grown out her ginger hair and it reached down to the middle of her back. She wore a nice pink top and pink skirt, and had Max’s arm around her. ‘So sweet,’ Nicole thought. Then there was Kenny, still looking the same, except his laptop wasn’t to be seen and he wore yellow clothes. Then Hilary. She had also grown out her hair, but just slightly longer than the last time Nicole had seen her and wore a pale blue T-Shirt and a navy blue skirt. And of course Tyson had his arm around her. Between Tyson and Ray there was a gap, obviously where Kai was sitting and they were all passing around beer. Actually Max was, and the others accepted, but didn’t drink much.
“Who’s that Kai?” Ray asked, the first to notice a new person in the house (mansion).
“Your girlfriend?” Tyson said and laughed. ‘Man, he’s still and idiot!’ Nicole thought as she put her hands on her hips and frowned. ‘Oh well, at least his voice sound like way better. It’s not so bad now. Actually they all sound and look way better.’
“She’s not my girlfriend,” Kai said and clenched his fist and Tyson stopped laughing very quickly.
“New neighbour?” Emily suggested.
“No.” He paused. “Oh come on guys! You know her!”
“No we don’t!” Max said as Kenny pulled out his laptop from behind the chair. He opened files of all of the girls he had stored on the laptop and ran a quick search. He did this technical search thing with facial features and soon came up with who it was.
“Got it. It’s Nicole,” he announced and put it away again.
“Nicole? But she’s dead,” Hilary said and then stared at her. “Okay, yeah. That’s her.”
“Look, I’m not dead. I’ve just been hiding in the streets for a while and then I’ve decided to come back. It’s cause I need help.”
“Did he live too?” Kai asked her, keeping his voice low and barely moving his lips. She scarcely nodded.
“Look, I’m being, uh, hunted. I need help and I know I can trust you guys alright? I really need help otherwise I will actually die this time.”
”What can we do to help then?” Ray asked.

Qoute for Chapter 4:
Who are you? And why do you want to kill people?

Sorry to anybody that i haven't been in touch with lately! I've staying over at a friends house lately.

Chapter 4
“I need help breaking into a place, killing a couple of guys and then walking out again okay? Sounds easy but it’s not.”
”Whoa. Wait a sec. You want us to kill someone?” Kenny asked.
“Not exactly.”
“Hello! Earth to Nicole! For a starter, I’m not even too sure you are Nicole. Plus, if we kill someone and get caught we’ll end up in jail. I’m not letting that happen okay?” Tyson yelled at her.
“Okay, just kidding with that killing bit all right? You know me. I just want to break into a place, talk to a few guys and then walk back out okay? Easy as.”
“How do we even know she is Nicole? She’s been dead for like three years now!” Emily said.
“I can run a DNA test. I’ve got some of her DNA in my laptop from when she was ‘alive’,” Kenny suggested. “DNA never lies.”
“I’m with the computer freak,” Tyson said.
“Can you come here and give me one of your hairs please?” he asked and Nicole cooperated, moved over and pulled out a hair. Kenny slipped it into a compartment and a red light flashed across the screen.
Then blue words appeared on the screen saying MATCH and the familiar voice of Dizzi said, “Yep. That’s a match guys. She’s Nicole.” Tyson pulled a face at Kenny’s laptop. “Dude! I saw that!”
“Don’t believe it. It really is you huh?” Tyson asked.
“Duh, of course it is! I don’t lie that much!” Nicole said and rolled her eyes.
“You haven’t changed that much have you?” Tyson said.
“Neither have you.”
“So, you need help breaking into a place, talking to some guys and then walking back out again?” Ray asked.
“Yeah, unless I go and flirt with a guy to let me walk straight in and back out again, but then he’ll think I like him. That will lead to problems because he lives on the streets. One little accidental flirt can lead to death you know,” Nicole said. “Best friend got killed by a random guy cause she flirted without realising and the guy asked her out. She turned it down and the next day she was dead. That was only last week. Since then I have been totally avoiding that guy as much a possible. But he really likes me. I’m just staying away from him; I don’t want to be dead. Anyway, can you guys help me for a while? Please?” Nicole pleaded.
“Do we get anything in return?” Max asked as he got up and walked into the kitchen and grabbed some more beer from the fridge. He walked back in and passed Nicole a can.
“Well, what do you want?” she asked.
“A hell of a lot of stuff,” was Max’s reply as someone knocked on the door.
“I’ll get that again,” Kai murmured and walked out of the room.
“Well.” He stood up and walked over to her.
“You could show me where everyone on the streets live,” he whispered in her ear.
“Apart from me and a few others. But yeah, that would be correct. I could do that any time, even right now Max.” ‘Man he has changed a heap. Used to a quitting boy, a Mummy’s boy, but now he’s not,’ she thought to herself as Kai returned.
“Yo Nicole, there’s this guy at the door that wants you. He says he’s a recent friend from the streets. Do you know him?” he said as he walked into the room.
“Looks like?”
“Blonde hair, slight accent, quite a tall guy really.”
“Rich, Ritcho, Richard, something like that.”
“Oh God. Was it Ritchie?” she asked and looked worried.
“Yeah, that’s it. Ritchie.” Nicole walked briskly to the door and opened it.
“Look Ritchie, I don’t care what you want, but you’re not going to get it okay?” Ritchie stared at her.
“What the hell are you on about?” he asked puzzled. Nicole got annoyed so quickly.
“What am I on about? What a stupid question! You know what I’m on about! You like me and cause I lived on the streets, you think I’m a slut, but I’m not! And don’t even begin to think that I’d-“ she started but Ritchie put his hand over her mouth.
“Look, I don’t know what you are on about okay? Yeah okay I slightly like you, but not that much all right? I know I’ve betrayed Brooklyn and he’s brainwashed me. But what I don’t know is what’s going on. I’m left with only a few memories, one being that you hate Brooklyn, and I just happened to know where you were and I found you. I don’t know how I knew though. It was as if I knew where you were. I want to get revenge on Brooklyn for killing my sister okay? I need your help. Please Nicole,” Ritchie begged.
“You just knew I was here?”
“Yeah, just knew you were here. I don’t even know whose house this is. I don’t know what I’ve done to you and why you hate me, but I really need your help.”
“Okay, come in,” Nicole said as she stepped aside. “You swear though that you don’t work with those other boys, Ben, Andrew, Josh, Mark-“
“No way, I swear I don’t work with them or for them.” ‘How did he just know? He can’t be psychic too can he?’ she thought. ‘Nah, no way!’
“Guys, this is my friend, Ritchie. He lives on the streets too.”
“Yo, can you show me the streets now?” Max asked her.
“Sure. C’mon lets go then.” She walked back out, Max following her, then everyone else.

Qoute for Chapter 5:
Welcome to my old life, the streets.

And if anyone who is trying to get in contact with Edge Hottie, she said she's going off the otaku. i'll try to get her back on so someone send her a PM to try and get her back on, cause she ain't listening to me! AARGH!

Chapter 5
They walked all the way until they were quite close to the burnt down building. She turned down a very dark alley and continued to walk down it. Stray cats and dogs ran past, a few dogs taking a shot or two at them. Soon they reached light and there were the streets. It was very full of people.
“Welcome to my home yall,” Nicole said as they all stared around in amazement.
“It’s huge!”
“I’d say!”
“Oh no!” Ritchie suddenly said.
“What?” Nicole asked, even though she knew the answer.
“There,” he replied and pointed to 6 men walking towards them. They were the obvious, Ben, Andrew, Josh, Ethan and Mark. And hey! Brooklyn too.
“Okay, we need to run all right?” Nicole asked as she took off running in the opposite direction and everyone using their common sense, ran too. Soon they reached a large space of concrete with ropes surrounding an area of about 10 metres by 10 metres.
“What the hell is this?” Kai asked himself.
“Oh, that’s just a place for a street activity. So not you though, so I wouldn’t actually bother to attend it,” said Ben. Then they realised that the men blocked the only entrance. They all pulled out loaded guns out of their pockets. Brooklyn and Ben stayed at the entrance and held their guns down, but the others moved forward to them, guns also down, but their finger on the trigger.
“We’re bored, so we decided to come and get some people to entertain us,” Josh said.
“Street entertaining, you know,” Andrew said as he walked up to Nicole.
“We want some of you,” Mark finished.
“You too, Ritchie,” Ethan said.
“And believe me, if you refuse,” Brooklyn said slowly and tightened his hands on his gun. At the same time, Andrew pointed his gun to Nicole’s head and Ethan the same but to Ritchie’s head. The two froze.
“We could do with another girl huh?” Josh asked and he looked at Hilary.
“No seriously, please no.” Josh raised his gun too and Hilary immediately fell silent.
“And we could do with another guy too right?” Mark asked and looked at Max.
“No,” Max said and then looked at the gun Mark was holding.
“Move,” Mark said and nodded where Ben and Brooklyn were. Max walked to where Ben and Brooklyn were standing and kept on walking.
“Go,” Josh said to Hilary, but Tyson grabbed her arm.
“Seriously man, leave her alone,” he said and Ben went into action and walked over to him.
“Leave the girl alone and I don’t shoot.” Tyson let go and Hilary walked away too. “That goes for anyone else. Leave them alone or we will shoot.” Andrew told Nicole to move. Nicole didn’t move.
“Go. Move. Now,” Andrew said and nudged her into the wall with his shoulder. He then aimed his gun at her heart. “I’m serious. Go now.” She stared him in the eyes. Ritchie moved in front of her.
“Don’t shoot her.”
“What are you going to do, Ritchie? I’ll shoot ya’s both. How’s that sound?” Andrew asked and smirked.
“What the hell are you doing?” Nicole asked him silently so only he could hear her. “And why?”
“I don’t know what I’m doing! I couldn’t control myself and I moved in front of you. Why? I don’t know. It just happened,” was Ritchie’s reply. Nicole leaned on his right shoulder and saw Andrew taking a few steps back and aiming.
“You can fire at me, can you Andrew?” Nicole asked, knowing he couldn’t shoot her. “You can’t shoot either me or Ritchie. You just can’t do it.”
“Watch me,” Andrew said and aimed right for Ritchie’s heart, right where behind his was Nicole’s heart.

Qoute for Chapter 6:
Shoot me.

And i am proud to announce that I have finished this story and have started a new one! 3 chapters down allready!

Chapter 6
Andrew couldn’t do it. He couldn’t fire. But he could fight them. He lowered his gun and looked at the ground. Then he suddenly leapt out and punched Ritchie in the face, drawing blood. He also pushed Nicole hard, back into the wall. Her blade in her right pocket rammed into her thigh, leaving a deep wound. Nicole fell to her knees and yelled out in pain and shock.
“You two! Move now! Andrew, cut it out!” Brooklyn said as he aimed his gun at them. They both obeyed. They both knew that Brooklyn wouldn’t hesitate to fire at all. “And no one tells. We’ll give them back soon.” Brooklyn made his exit and the others were moved along to a cell. It was quite small, had only two what you call ‘double beds’ in the streets, one window with bars across it, well, it was really just a cell. They got pushed into it and the door slammed shut. Ethan stayed guard. He sat down on a chair and rested his gun on his lap and watched them. Hilary sat down on the bed closest to the window and soon lied down. Max stared out the window, his hands resting on the bars.
“I thought we were street mates dude,” Ritchie said, looking at Ethan.
“I’m not your friend no more Ritchie in case you hadn’t noticed yet,” Ethan said. “I’ll give you guys a tip though. Watch what you say, Brooklyn will kill you. He’s not scared you know.”
“Really man, what happened?” Ritchie whispered and turned. He sat down next to Nicole and silently talked to her as she gripped her leg.
“How ‘bout we blade? Haven’t seen you in action for a while,” Max asked as he sat down on her other side.
“Guess it can’t hurt to,” Nicole replied and she reached into her pocket to grab her blade. Then she said in shock, “My blade’s gone!”
“Serious?” Hilary asked. She knew that Nicole’s feelings hadn’t changed about her beyblade. She always had it on her, even in bed, in the shower and in her shows.
“Oh no. This is so bad,” Nicole commented as she rested her head in her hands. “Drydzia is so gonna hate me. No, he can’t hate me! Maybe he will. I’m so, freakin’, annoyed!”
“Hey, look, just calm down and everything will be fine okay?” Hilary said and walked over to the other bed. “It’s getting dark, we should all get some sleep right?”
“Yeah, you’re right,” Nicole agreed and she climbed into the bed she was sitting on.
“And we sleep where?” Max asked.
“The floor,” Hilary replied with a serious look on her face.
“No clue,” Nicole said.
“Ha ha really funny. Flip the coin?” Ritchie asked Max.
”Heads is I get her, tails you do.”
“Hilary.” Ritchie got a coin out of his pocket and flipped it, landing on heads. “You get Hilary, I get Nicole.”
“Ooohhh yay!” Hilary said sarcastically. Ethan walked away, not knowing of what was about to happen.

Qoute for Chaper 7:

And it isn't about The Thuganomics, just about the original Beyblade charecters. And of course with my charecter. i won't ruin it though, that just wouldn't be nice.

Chapter 7:
That very night, while everyone was sleeping, Nicole and Ritchie were having a horrible nightmare. It was when the other one got shot and then they got shot too. Suddenly they sat up, puffing heavily and sweating, dreading going asleep again.
“Hey,” Ritchie said between his heavy breathing, noticing her and making her jump.
“Oh, hey,” she replied and lied back down, acting as if nothing had happened. Then it happened. She saw DC’s face peering through the bars on the window. “DC?” she hissed and Ritchie looked too. She got out and ran silently up to him.
“Hey,” he said.
“Thank God you’re here! How are you gonna get us out?” she said and smiled.
“I haven’t exactly figured that out yet,” he said slightly feeling embarrassed. “Down there on the ground is Eddie, the lovers and Chelsea. They don’t know it’s you; I just said Max and Hilary. Hey who’s that? They’re in trouble! Look, I need to go for a sec okay? I’ll be back soon, I promise.” DC disappeared and Nicole woke up Max and Hilary. Meanwhile down on the ground, DC had noticed a girl and a boy with street body language talking to his buds. He jumped down from the tree and saw a very beautiful woman standing beside a man. He was obviously in love with her and they were challenging them to a beyblade match. Eddie was about to accept, but DC butted in.
“No we can’t. Not right now,” he said.
“Why not? It’ll be a bit of fun won’t it?” Eddie complained and then saw the p.o.-ed look on DC’s face.
“We aren’t fighting okay?” DC said sternly. “Our friends are in there, and if you help me get them out, you’ll see someone you know and want to see again okay? Please just help.”
“Okay, okay fine,” Chelsea said. “What do we do?”
“Who are you busting out?” the woman asked.
“Friends,” Diana replied and then saw Hilary’s face up by the bars. She smiled and saw DC climbing back up the tree.
“We obviously need to get the bars out okay?” DC said.
“I can do that,” the lady said and she pulled out her beyblade. She let it rip and her beyblade flew up to the window, just missing DC’s head as he talked to Max. “Pandmonii (pronounced as pand-mo-knee-eye)! Break those bars with Pandmonium!” Her beyblade turned invisible and then attacked the bars without a warning. Her beyblade came back down and into her hand and the bars silently broke.
“Nice job Maria,” the male said.
“Thanks Ty,” Maria replied. “See? I told you guys I could.” DC helped out Max, barely reaching him; the tree was actually further away than he thought. Hilary came out next and Max was already on the ground. Hilary reached the ground just as Ritchie was completely out.
“Do we know him?” Voke asked.
“No. No clue that is,” Eddie said as he watched DC. He was waiting up the tree, helping out another person.
“Oh my gosh! It’s Nicole!” Diana screamed and she hugged Voke.
“It is too!” Chelsea said as she saw her climbing out and jumping down out of the tree. She ran straight over to her friends and started to hug everyone.
“Hey guys!” she said.
“Look, hate to break this all up, but shouldn’t we be away from here? What if Brooklyn is around here, waiting on us?” Ritchie asked.
“He’s not,” Ethan said and they all spun around. He was standing there holding a gun, most likely the same one he had before, and still loaded.
“Seriously man, don’t shoot okay?” Ritchie said.
“I’m not gonna shoot you. I’ve just shot Brooklyn.” Nicole’s jaw dropped. That was one less evil person she had to fight! Ethan took out the ammo of his gun, dropped the gun and then disposed of the ammo quickly. “Lets get outta here quickly, the others will be alert soon.” They all ran and ran (including Maria and Ty) until they were completely out of the streets and back to Kai’s mansion.
“Thank you so much Maria. We couldn’t have gotten out if you weren’t there,” Nicole said to Maria as she sat down puffing hard like the rest.
“No prob. After all you are a superstar with hit records,” Maria complemented.
“Yeah, but I’m dead remember?” Nicole joked.
“No you’re not,” Ty said. “You’re standing right here right now. You can’t be dead.” Then he faced the other thugs. “How about we have that beybattles we wanted earlier on?”
“Sure,” Eddie said before DC could say no, but DC actually nodded along.
“Oh no! I forgot to say, I’ve lost my beyblade!” Nicole exclaimed just as Kai walked into the room.
“What the hell are you guys doing in here at midnight? And who are these three?” he snapped, staring at Maria, Ty and Ethan.
“New friends, Maria, Ty and Ethan,” Hilary answered. “And we’ve just escaped death in case you didn’t know.”
“Uh huh. Really,” Kai said.
“Look, can I just sleep? I haven’t had the best sleep lately,” Nicole asked.
“Swear you’ll reappear in the star world?” Kai asked and Nicole nodded.
“Of course. I miss all of the limos, butlers and shows,” she replied and Kai showed them to a room.

Qoute for Chapter 8:
We want it all back! Now!

And I really have had a lot of fun trying to get the story from my charecter, the "I" charecter. So now in this story, you get the thoughts from my charecter, because it is I this, I that, not Nicole this, DC that. Now you get her thoughts all the time!

Chapter 8:
*Next Morning At About 8:30 am*
Everyone woke up around the same time and The Thuganomics dressed up. Well they put on their best hooded tops and pants. They also had their hoods up, covering most of their faces. After Nicole and DC disappeared, the others stopped singing and started to live a nearly normal and perfect life. They walked to their old record company. After entering, they were told they could enter the boss’s office. Nicole knocked on the door.
“Come in,” Mr Marino said and they six thugs entered. When he saw them, he was slightly annoyed. “Look, I’m not accepting any more stupid, pathetic street thugs who think they can sing when they can’t okay?”
“Don’t call us stupid or pathetic,” Nicole said and she drew back her hood at the same time the others did too.
“Nicole? DC? But… you are dead!” Mr Marino said in shock.
“No we’re not,” DC said.
“We want our record contract back,” Diana said.
“We’ve got new hit singles already written down,” Chelsea said.
“And new dance routines,” Eddie said. He was the main one who came up with dances.
“We can see it already, The Thuganomics Return Tour. It’s a great idea. We’d make millions,” Voke said, trying to convince Mr Marino.
“Hang on. You guys really are The Thuganomics right?” he asked.
“Of course!”
”We wouldn’t lie,” Diana said. “Would we guys?”
“Actually I would, but not over something like this!” Nicole remarked.
“How do I prove you are really The Thugs?” Mr Marino asked and the six exchanged glances.
“Uh, we could sing,” Chelsea suggested. “Only we sound like ourselves.”
“Okay then. Get in the recording studio and sing. What song?” Mr Marino said. He was already quite sure that they were The Thugs; he just wanted to make sure they were.
“Just play the music to Razzle Dazzle,” Nicole said, one of her favourite songs. Mr Marino agreed and got his workers to ready to play it as they put on their equipment. Everyone was soon ready and they began to sing. Their voices were slightly different as they were older, but they were obviously The Thugs. Mr Marino just stared at them after they had finished. His jaw dropped, and then he started to clap. Everyone else did too, and Mr Marino realised that this was his big chance to make millions. They were really back.
“Okay, here’s what is going to happen. We are going to see some of those songs and dance routines, cause you guys have one massive contract to sign!” Mr Marino announced and they thugs were over-joyed. They were back to being superstars! “I’ll find a date for your first concert and we’ll work out some songs, etc, you know, your ordinary stuff. I expect you guys still take up the same positions to keep everything going right?”
“Uh, suppose so,” Eddie said looking at the others. Nicole handled the vocal practise, Chelsea wrote a lot of the songs, Diana designed most of the costumes, Voke did most of the show’s lighting, DC did most of the musical instruments, and he did the dances.
“Great! I’ll leave you guys to a room and there will be everything there that you need! And there is another new band staying here too. The Fire Five, made up of Harrison, Don, Jase, Steve and Luke. DC, if you haven’t changed, can you please try to be nice. They are you age too by the way,” Mr Marino said and he gave Diana a key. It had ‘1’ engraved in it.
“That’s right! We’re gonna be number 1 again!” Diana yelled as soon as he had left.
“After we find our room,” Voke said and walked out of the room. After finding their room, they were really happy. This might have been their old room, but it had obviously been renovated. There were small, posh rooms of a normal house, but the other parts were amazing! The recording room was a gorgeous dark red and had a lot of fancy equipment in it. Next door to that room with a panel of glass as a wall was a big, blue room full of flash new instruments. There was also a dance studio with the latest stereo out and large speakers. There was also changing rooms to the side and there were also steps in one corner leading up to the ceiling just above the room. Voke went up there only to find he could have control over all of the lights and anything else electrical. Then everyone, apart from Eddie who was busy turning up a song really loud, went into a small room. It had a computer sitting on the desk beside the window and a lot of paper. As soon as Voke shut the door behind him, no noise was heard.
“Sound proof?” he asked himself and opened the door again. J-Kwon’s Tipsy song blared into the room loudly and he quickly shut it again. “Yes.”
“I’d say that this is my little room then,” Chelsea said. Nicole walked out and shut Eddie’s door. It immediately blocked off the sound.
“Yeah! The walls are all sound proof!” she said and they left Eddie to dance and moved on to Diana’s room.
“Wow!” Diana exclaimed as she walked into the only room not explored yet. It had a lot of fashion designs up on the wall, lots of paper and blue-tack, yet another computer (once again by the window), a huge dresser full of material of every colour, the obvious to make clothes (thread, a sewing machine, measuring tape, etc), a mirror that took up the whole side of one wall, and fake mannequins to put on her clothes (three were male figures, three were female figures). This was just what they needed and wanted. DC got Eddie and they all gathered in the lounge.
“Okay, I reckon that today we just figure out either new tunes, new routines, new hits, just new whatever. We should go and meet those other people, the what’s again?” Nicole suggested.
“The Fire Five,” Chelsea replied, rolled her eyes and giggled.
“Yeah, those guys. Just to be nice though. They could be really great singers, so it might be a good idea.”
“But not as good as us,” DC said.
“No. No one is as good as us,” Voke replied.
“You got that right!” Eddie said and he went out onto the balcony. He was the first to realise it was there.
“Okay then! Get to work guys! I’ll see if I can find those guys okay? I don’t think we should sing right now,” Nicole said and walked out as the others went to work.

Qoute for Chapter 9:
The Fire Five.

And I know that all of these last few chapters have seemed like a big heap of BS, but it's not. It actually pays a huge part in my story. Because if you didn't know all of this "usless information" as it may seem right now, once you get further on, you'll see why I needed it in there. It just doesn't make sense when someone dies in a place they haven't been before, right?

Chapter 9:
She looked on the list of people staying in the building, and she found The Fire Five staying in room number 3. She went and knocked on the door. Don answered it. He was a cute enough guy with short, orange-brown hair, blue eyes and was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
“Hey Harrison and Luke! What one of you has this girl?” Don shouted.
“What?!” Nicole said obviously confused as Harrison and Luke both came to the door. Harrison was had short brown hair with blonde in it, blue eyes, wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Luke had black hair, green eyes and was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
“Not me, but I’ll have her if she ain’t yours Luke,” Harrison said. His voice was sweet and his eyes gazed at Nicole admiring her.
“Uh, I’m from room number 1 and I was told to go and see you guys,” Nicole explained, and saw Steve and Jase come up behind the other boys. Jase had very dark brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Steve had dark blonde hair, light blue eyes and was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
“And you are?” Steve asked her.
“Who do I look like?” Nicole asked. ‘This is hopeless,’ she thought as the men gazed at her. “Do I have to spell it out? I’m Nicole from The Thuganomics!”
“But she’s dead,” Jase said and looked at her as if she was insane.
“No, I’m not. If you don’t believe me, then follow me and the rest will tell you I am alive,” Nicole said and walked away back to her room. Surprisingly, the guys followed her and she walked into her room. She walked into the closest room, which was the dance studio. There Eddie was writing down a new dance routine and Voke was up the stairs, making the lights go different shades of blue. “Yo Eddie! I’m alive right?” Eddie looked up.
“Yeah! Of course!” he said back. “Who are they?”
“Those Fire Five people,” Nicole replied and Voke came down the stairs. He walked right past without saying anything. Eddie started to talk to the other boys and Nicole left, silently following Voke to Diana’s room. He walked in and shut the door. ‘Damn! Now I can’t hear what he’s saying!’ Nicole thought to herself. But then Diana screamed. That wall wasn’t that sound proof. She opened the door and saw Voke walked over to the window. Diana was hanging back.
“What happened?” Nicole asked.
“I heard something scratching and banging at the window. I also saw something moving. It was really loud,” she said as Voke opened the window and looked out. Suddenly a black and gold object came flying through the window, barely missing Voke, and landing at Nicole’s feet.
“My beyblade!” Nicole said as the little blade spun at her feet. It flew up into her pocket and stopped spinning. Nicole sighed a sigh of relief. “How about we go and talk to those fire guys? Once again, they could actually be quite good.”
“Sure,” Diana said and followed Nicole out to the dance studio. There she saw the Fire Five dancing really well. They were good break-dancers and could do anything. Absolutely any move you said to do, they could master it.
“We’re up against that?” DC whispered to Nicole, making her jump. She didn’t know he was there. She nodded and watched Steve dance. He was really good at it, but for some reason he was showing his opposition, the people who were fighting against him for the number 1 spot. Yet he kept on going until the power went off and the music stopped and the lights went off too.
“Voke!” Eddie yelled sounding annoyed. He was actually stealing Steve’s ideas for his own dance. The power came back on and Voke shouted a sorry down to them. The Fire Five soon decided to leave because lunch was soon and they were going out.
“Okay guys, I’ve got the perfect routine for our next song. Well, actually it’s for the new song that Chelsea wrote called ‘Blood And Me’. DC has already got the music recorded and it’s on this CD right here right now. Diana also went and brought some cool clothes before and has successfully modified them to look great. They are apparently hanging up in your changing rooms right now, so if you guys can get changed and then I can show you guys the dance okay?” Eddie said and watched them nod and go and get changed. After they came back, Chelsea was wearing a red cap with a black and white The Thuganomics logo on it, big looped earrings, a white and black ring, a white necklace, a low cut red top that cut off above her belly button, with a black and white The Thuganomics logo on it and with a bit of the black top showing underneath, a shade lighter than navy blue jeans with a big black belt on it with silver studs all the way around. DC was wearing a white t-shirt with a red top over the top with the buttons undone and was wearing black track pants. Diana was wearing a black and white cap with a red The Thuganomics logo on it, a black choker with silver studs on it, a red top cutting off above her belly button with black patterns on it, a red band on her left hand, looped earrings, dark blue jeans with a black belt on it with a bit of red near the front of it. Eddie had changed into the just about opposite of DC, a red t-shirt with a white t-shirt over the top with the buttons undone, and black track pants. Nicole was wearing big looped earrings, a few black and silver necklaces, two thick black and red bands around her right arm, a low cut white tank top stopping above her belly button, with a red top underneath with the right strap tied in a knot together further down her arm, a black belt with silver studs on it, red nail polish and dark brown nearly black jeans. Voke was wearing exactly the same as DC.
“Hey cool. Now listen to this,” Eddie said and he pressed play. After they listened to the music, they were ready. It was fast, cool and new, and everyone liked it.
“Now it needs voices right?” Nicole asked as she grinned.
“Shouldn’t we be doing that first?” Diana asked.
“Yep. We always did,” Nicole replied and looked at Eddie. He gave in and then they went into the recording studio. 1 hour later, they had completed the music with words and had had lunch.
“Now can I show you the dance?” Eddie asked.
“Yes, you can,” Chelsea said. Eddie grabbed two bits of paper and handed one to Chelsea and the other to Voke. They read through it and decided it was cool.
“It’s great huh?” Eddie asked as the others finished reading.
“Apart from the bits that Steve was doing, yeah it’s cool,” DC said and glared at Eddie who shrugged.
“Couldn’t help it. As long as no one knows then we’ll be fine,” Eddie said. “Besides, they’re modified a bit, so he won’t know.”
“Yeah he will,” Diana said and she walked over to her position on the stage. It was right up by the line at the back. In other words, she started at the very back of the stage. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie went up the front, Nicole and Voke in the middle and DC joined Diana at the back. Eddie went and pressed play and the music once again started, this time with their voices. Chelsea started to lip sing as her voice started to sing and the others danced too. Then she quickly went up and paused it.
“What’s that for? Keep it going, Chelsea!” Nicole said. Then someone knocked at the door again. Chelsea poked out her tongue and then went to answer it.
“Hi!” she said as she opened the door. There was Tyson.
“Yeah hi. Something really bad has happened,” he said. He looked like he was about to burst into tears.
“Oh, what happened?” Chelsea asked.
“Max is dead.”

Quote for Chapter 10:
Yet another.

I hope that so far it is interesting. I mean, Max is DEAD! Isn't that a turn in the story? Everything seems all perfect and happy, but then they loose a friend! Not all perfect and happy, is it? No!

Chapter 10:
“What?! Really?” Chelsea said and felt tears come to her eyes. “I am so sorry.” She could barely speak and walked back to the dance studio.
“Hey Chels, what’s wrong?” Nicole asked as she saw Chelsea just about in tears. Then she saw Tyson walk in, also just about in tears.
“What’s happened?” Diana asked as she walked up to her and put her arm around her.
“Max is dead,” Chelsea managed to say.
“True?” Voke asked Tyson and he nodded back as a reply.
“Yeah. He got stabbed to death. The murderer hasn’t been found yet though.”
“I am so sorry to hear that,” Nicole said, but really thinking that she didn’t actually care. Then someone else knocked on the door. Nicole went to answer it. ‘This has to be the perfect time to knock on my door huh?’ she asked herself and opened the door.
“Surprise!” Ritchie said and hugged her. He was wearing a cool leather jacket with the buttons undone, showing a white top underneath, and dark navy jeans.
“Hey!” She grabbed him and they kissed. “How did you find me? I just left!”
“Well it wasn’t that hard. I know you. You love to run away,” Ritchie said and he let go. There was DC staring at them. ‘It’s about time she liked someone,’ he thought.
“Come in,” Nicole said and stepped aside. When she turned around, DC had disappeared again. “Just heard that Max got stabbed to death, but I don’t-“
“Really care, cause number one, I’m used to that kind of stuff happening and number two, I didn’t like him. I know,” Ritchie said and they walked into the dance studio. “Flash place you guys got.”
“It is eh?” Nicole said, slightly proud.
“So I guess we’re invited to his funeral then?” Eddie asked. Nicole had obviously missed out on all of the conversation.
“Yeah. But he isn’t gonna have one yet. We all want to see who killed him, so there is a bunch of guys from the Crime Lab trying to figure out who killed him. You know, just like on CSI. Just this time it’s for real. Max really is dead,” Tyson answered. “They’ll want to talk to you guys probably, since you are his friends. I guess I better be going then.” Tyson walked out of the building.
“Hey, when did you get here?” Eddie asked Ritchie, only just noticing that he was there.
“About in the middle of all of this,” Ritchie replied. “Why?”
“Just wondering. Whoa! Times gone fast! It’s already time for dinner!” Eddie exclaimed. Sure enough, it was quite dark outside and the clock read 7:30pm.
“Maybe we should eat,” Chelsea said and clutched her stomach.
“Yeah,” DC said and walked out and downstairs to the restaurant. Chelsea and Eddie both went there too, but the other four went to a fancy restaurant just a few buildings away.
“Man time flies,” Voke said as he picked up the menu.
“I know! We were practicing, then we got the news, and then it’s 7:30!” Diana said as she sat down beside him. Nicole and Ritchie sat down on the other side of the table.
“Wow! What a menu!” Nicole exclaimed as she read some of the dishes she could order. A bald waiter soon came over and took their orders. “So Diana, is this fake or for real?” Nicole reached into her jeans and passed it over to her. It was the wedding invitation that she had received. Diana opened it.
“Yeah, of course! See!” Diana held out her right hand and sure enough, there was an expensive, diamond wedding ring on her finger.
“I thought you were kidding!” Nicole said. “Oh congratulations Diana!”
“Thank you! How are you Ritchie?” Diana asked.
“Great. Why’d you ask?” Ritchie replied.
“Just wondering,” Diana answered back. Then she realised Ritchie just staring at her. “What?”
“Yo Ritchie! Wake up!” Nicole said and waved her hand in front of his face. ‘What are you doing?’ she asked him. ‘She hates you Nicole,’ Ritchie replied. ‘What!?’ Nicole thought. ‘Sorry, but she does. She’s thinking that right now,’ Ritchie thought-said and Nicole sighed. “Snap out of it Ritchie!” Ritchie’s eyes darted away from Diana and to Nicole. ‘Thank you,’ Nicole said. The waiter came back with their meals and they all enjoyed a nice meal.
“Want a drink Ritchie?” Voke asked.
“You said you’d stop,” Diana hissed.
“Sure,” Ritchie said and the boys walked over to the bar.
“He said he’d stop drinking, but he hasn’t!” Diana said as he left.
“Hey c’mon girl! That’s his prob, not yours. I wouldn’t worry about it,” Nicole said. “How do you feel about Max being dead?”
“What kind of answer do you want? A I don’t care or a I am so sorry for your loss?” Diana said and cracked up laughing. Nicole shrugged. They continued to talk until it was 10 o’clock on the dot. Then they went back to their room. But before they could enter the building, there was an ambulance parked outside the building. Voke and Ritchie were on the edge of getting drunk, and didn’t pay much notice. Then the crew of the ambulance came rushing out of the building with someone on the stretcher.
“Is that-“ Diana said, breaking off in the middle of her sentence as she realised that yes, it was. Nicole gasped and ran over. There was the rest of her friends jumping in the ambulance and Chelsea was on the stretcher with a lot of blood on her. Nicole jumped into it too, with Diana, Voke and Ritchie following.
“What happened?” Nicole asked Eddie and DC.
“Eddie found her lying there on the ground covered in blood. He called me and I called the ambulance,” DC explained as the ambulance set off on a rickety journey. They were speeding down the road to the hospital and the doctors in the back with them were urging the driver to drive faster. They arrived at the hospital’s emergency room and they followed Chelsea into the building. She was lead right into the emergency operating room and the thugs were left outside to wait and hope. After one and a half hours, a doctor came out.
“I’m sorry, but she’s dead,” he said and walked back into the room. Diana collapsed into Voke’s arms crying. DC’s head started to spin and he sat down. Nicole cried into Ritchie’s shoulder. One of their best friends had just died.

Quote for Chapter 11:
I didn't kill him or her.

Now that is interesting! PM me soon with what 'cha think! I love hearing from you all!

See ya!

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

   Stuff The Club!!!!!!!!!!!
Totally stuff the club!

The new story is called Beyblade T-Revolt. It totally rocks so far! I really hope that you guys enjoy it.
Caption For Story: Now they must handle life’s imperfectness, now as adults, not teens.

Caption For Chapter 1: Two street thugs have a very happy day.

Chapter 1
She wandered the streets by day, she jumped rooftop to rooftop by night, she stole food to live, she tormented others for pleasure, she traveled alone, she never trusted anyone and she became someone who she never thought she would ever become. She was a woman living on the streets at only 19 nearly 20 years old. But one-day things changed.
“Sorry, we’re out of your usual,” the guy behind the boards asked. He was the only person stocking food in this area of the streets in Russia. The woman pulled out a slip of paper. It was no ordinary bit of paper. It was a money note. She placed it on the board and the man grabbed it. “I’ll see what I can do.” The woman waited and looked in the mirror. Even though it was cracked and very dirty, she could make out herself. She was wearing a navy blue, loose, hooded top, hiding all features of the woman from all of the boys living in the streets. She was also wearing old jeans, with a few rips and tears in them. Her hair was hidden under the hood and her blue eyes still twinkled in the sun’s light. Then she noticed who was coming towards her. The man came back and handed her her food. Quickly she grabbed it and walked away to her right.
“Hey look! It’s Sam!” Ben yelled to his ‘boys’. The woman heard this. Her name was obviously Sam, and she quickened her walk.
“Hey! She’s trying to get away!” Andrew said loud enough for her to hear as she turned into an alley, knowing it was a dead end. Another man walking by saw the group of 6 men (Ben, a short, black hair man with brown eyes wearing blue track pants and a denim jacket. Andrew, a tall, brown hair man with brown wearing old jeans and a leather jacket. Ritchie, a tall, blonde hair man with blue eyes, a strong Australian accent and was wearing jeans and a black hooded top with the words ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ written on it. Ethan, an average height man with brown hair with blonde streaks in it and green eyes wearing red track pants and a black hooded top with ‘F U’ written on it. Mark, a dark man with black hair, brown eyes, an American accent and was wearing a dark orange hooded top and red track pants, and Josh, a silver haired man with brown eyes, a Mexican accent and Mexican tan, wearing a dark grey hooded top and dark blue jeans) walking towards a woman. Usually he would ignore their behaviour, but he thought he knew the woman.
“But she’s dead. She killed herself ages ago. After all of those suicide attempts, she finally got there,” he murmured to himself. But then he thought that she could actually be alive. ‘Yes, that was definitely her kind of walk.’
“Leave me alone!” the woman yelled. ‘Definitely her voice, just matured a bit. And that kick was definitely her style,’ he admitted to himself as he watched her kick Mark in the guts. He walked over to them and saw the woman climbing up the wall. It was very risky, but she was doing it. The boys didn’t follow, but the other man went to the next building and used the fire escape to climb up to the rooftop. There he jumped to the next one and the woman reached the top. She saw a man dressed in a dark green, loose, hooded top and black track pants, worn out like her jeans. He also had his hood pulled up over his head.
“Please tell me you’re not with them,” she said as she pointed to the ground where the six men were.
“I’m not one of them,” the man said. “I’m Jack. I heard your name before, Sam.”
“Horrible name huh?” Sam said as she walked along to the next rooftop, jumped and landed perfectly. ‘This new guy wasn’t too bad,’ she thought to herself as she listened to his deep voice and stared at his cute smile. ‘Where have I seen that smile before?’ “Have I met you before?”
“Probably not, even though I’ve been around here for a while,” Jack replied. Soon they reached where Sam slept. It was a fairly big box with lots of warm blankets. ‘How could she afford all this?’ Jack thought as he watched her crawl in and sit down.
“C’mon in. I won’t bite,” Sam said and Jack climbed in too. She pulled out the food she had just bought. Two sandwiches, two small packets of cold fries and two small half empty cans of Coke. “Here, have some,” she said as she handed him one of everything.
“Thanks,” he mumbled and looked at her. ‘I wonder,’ he thought and suddenly reached out and pulled her hood down. She pulled his down too.
“No way!” they both said in shock.

Caption For Chapter 2: It's You?

I hope I have captured you into my story again. It really does get interesting. I have a heap of ideas so far and I really need to get them onto the computer. Believe me, everyone gets into a lot of trouble and a few more charecters have to go. (Yes, some one else dies).

PM me with perdictions for the story and I will say who gets it right when I post the next chapter. They will also recieve by PM a site I love to check out every so now and then.


And I also have a new picture!

It's Jesse McCartney! (If it isn't, PM me with how to fix it)

He is so cool! Edge Hottie is so lovin him too! (She's my neighbour by the way! We're just about to hang out together!)

See ya! Edge Hottie is waiting for me!


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