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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

馬 午

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

ONE THING KIMKIKOS NAME IS NOW Aeamie!!!As I try to think I look down and remeber them. Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzumaki. "Hmm.." I think behind my head. "Sasuke should I do anything??" I ask. "No Kamiko just waite I have some old friends to visit". "All right", as I say and walk away. I look back as Sasuke jumps down the hill..Sakura stares and does nothing. The whole scene is to much for Sakura, she cant think as she just stares. The next thing she noticed was a pericingly loud voice screaming.."Sasuke...NO!!".Sakura turns her head and looks over her shoulder. Sasuke had taken his sword and peirced it through Naruto's back..."Sasuke you..Naruto and and!"Sakura mumbles. Naruto falls to the ground and can feel his heart stopping as he falls and hits the hard cold dirt. Sakura can hear the thud of his landing. Blood is everywhere getting mixed with all the deprise and dust. She stares and almost breaks into crying. "Sa..suke wh-h-y di-id you..." Sakura runs over and stumbles beneath Sasuke's feet. Sasuke stares while he moves his foot away. She starts to bawl and mourn but yet Naruto is still alive..But not for long...Sakura looks up and sees a women with dark brown hair and an outfit sortof simular to Sasuke's. "Oh no!"Sakura yells!. "shut up its just her" Sasuke says. "Who her??". "My wife Kimiko".."wh-hat!"

Sakura yells. Sasuke stares into her eyes and sees that she still has a love for him.."I won't come back with you". "But don't you realise the orochimaru just wants your body??" Sakura asks. "Well if he gets me what I want then he can do whatever he wants with my body"Sasuke proclaims. "wull don't you remeber the good times when we used to play and have fun?? What do you still want anyway??"Sakura asks.. Sasuke stares up and gives her the sharingan, he turns very mad. "All I want is revenge, I don't care about my past! I don't care about anything except for restoring my clan!" Sasuke yells. Saskura stares at him in a glaze like she admires the sharingan. The sakura looks at Naruto and he is standing up and the demon is shown. As Naruto gets up he walks toward Sasuke. "Hey Sasuke! Didn't you forget about me??"Naruto says. "Of course not and I didn't forget about you substitute and the other "Ninja" you say". Then Sasuke turns and goes by the substitute. "Naruto if you try to attack I'll kill him!". Naruto doesn't move an inch. Then the substitute tries to attack Sasuke but hes to late Sasuke already beat him to the punch. "Not your fault Naruto he attacked me" Sasuke says with amusement as the sharingan forms. Naruto blows out with all of his chakra and runs up the hill where Kimiko is. Kimiko just stands there, she does nothing

Kimiko just stares at Naruto with his demon eyes. She realises shes in danger but still doesn't care. Sasuke panics, he knows whats coming..."I'm gunna kill you!!!!" Naruto shouts. Kamiko doesn't care. Then Naruto blasts into Kimiko and plows her into the dirt, with a grunt she gets up. Blood streaming out of her mouth. Then Naruto goes for the second blow, but this time Kamiko stops him. Naruto had done one of his most powerful jutus and lost most of his chokra. 'Hmm, hes stronger than I thought, Sasuke was right' Kamiko thought. 'I might have to bring out That One' Kamiko thoughts jumble. 'SHE STOPPED MY BLOW! DAMN HER! WELL THIS TIME I WILL KILL HER!' Naruto thinks. Naruto strikes and goes straight through. Then Kimiko flys back badly injured. Sasuke is pondered, with Sakura down and the rest down to he had to help. "KIMIKO!" Sasuke screams. "I don't need your help!" Kimiko yells back. She does some sighns that Naruto doesn't seem to know. Then Aeamie bights her lip and draws blood. Naruto think 'CRAP! A new jutsu! What is it??' Naruto thinks about it.

Then she pulls her sleave up and there are destinctive markings, kind of like Naruto's. The blood, in a straight line. "Anakura No Jutsu!" Aeamie says. Then she does various hand signs. Then she pulls out her big fan and puts the blood straight through the center. Then she puts the fan away. "Blood Of the Demon!" she then yells. 'a jutsu that requires two sets of hand signs what the hell is she doing?' Naruto thinks. Then he looks up and mirrors appear everywhere around then creating a house like figure. She grabs Naruto and puts him in front of a mirror and forces him to stare. Then he looks and sees his inner demon. And also he sees what has happened when his demon shows. Then he sees his dad appear and then he goes back into time by himself and looks. He realises that hes into the time that he was born. He turns and he sees his dad fighting the Nine tails. "Dad no!" Naruto yells and tries to grab his dad, be his father wouldn't listen, and he couldn't move him. 'Father no' Naruto thinks. then he stares and sees a big flash and looks and his father drops to the ground dead. Naruto starts crying while Aeamie just sits and watches. Then he goes to another place and sees Sasuke when he was young and Itachi. "What!?! No not this its all and illusion! Ahh! NO!!!Sasuke run! NOW!" Naruto screams. Sakura screams to get Naruo out of it but she can't reach him..No one can.....After that he sees all of the squad back together when they we younger. Naruto starts to let up the crying and finally gets out of transe. "YOU BITCH!" Naruto screams. 'What! How did he!!" Aemie wonders. Then she does a jutstu that is unknown. Naruto looks into her eyes and falls to the ground shaking and crying. "Aemie! I think you should stop your wasting your chakra against uselessness" Sasuke says. "how could you Sasuke.." Sakura says. "Ok I'm done anyways. Sakura come get Naruto hes in paralasis he'll be awake in an hour or so." The Naruto gets up and wacks Aemie in the neck and she falls to the ground cuaghing. "No one can take me down!" Naruto admits. "Naruto your ok!" Sakura blunts. Sasuke walks up to Naruto and tells him to leave. Naruto refuses but Sasuke doesn't hesitate to fight. Then Orochomaro appears. "Oh my what happened well better get going" Orochomaro says. Then Aemie gets up and they all dissapear. Then Naruto and Sakura and the rest leave as well. "Naruto what happened up there??" Sakura asks. "I don't want to talk about it." "Mhm right ok well its time to go home then" Sakura blunts out.


Back and the sand villiage the ne kazekage Gaara was ploting to find sasuke and kill him. Them Temari and Kankuro come into the office. "what the hell do you want im busy!" Gaara explains. then Temari and Kankuro say "there is new kage in the sound village its Sasuke."
"oh well then hes come far from when i remember him." " then we should attack" Gaara explains.

more comeing soon

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