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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Oi!!!!! How is everyone out there still on otaku? I've upated my myspace account so if anyone wants to find me there go right ahead. Let's see, the power went out yesterday here because something exploded at the PG&E plant and the fire department had to just let it burn out. It was something chemical I think and putting water on it would have only made it worst. Luckily my dad wasn't working there and he was safe. ^__^ Thank God for little miracles. When the power went out at home the first thing I asked my mom was, "Did you forget to pay the electric bill again?" *lol* It was so funny because my nephews and niece and little Sara were going a little crazy. They couldn't find anything to do and were bored out of their minds without electricity. I think part of the whole town was without electricity for a while. My big brother wanted to go out to eat, but when he called they said they didn't have power either. (They talked on cell phones.) Yeah, we eat there often that they probably know some of us by name or at least recognize us on site. They know my brother more though on a personal level and we sometimes talk with the owner about how things are going for him. It's almost like another La Colonia for us. ^__^ My family has been going to La Colonia ever since they started the small business for more than eighteen years now. It's pretty amazing to be so close to them and talk with them about their lives as well. My sister's husband Tony seems to love it like family too. ^__^ When he first went he asked for a menu and everyone was like, "Menu? What do you need that for?" It was funny. We eat there every Sunday morning after church when we can. ^__^ It's real homey atmosphere for us. Where was I? Oh, thinking...I have to start picking up in my classes that's for sure. I'm hoping for at LEAST a C so I can pass it, but right now I feel like I'm walking too close to the edge. I'm gonna try and get my butt back into overachieving and try my best for that "A" instead of praying for the min. OOOOOOO!!!! WE DID STUFF IN MY ANIMATION CLASS!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I WANT TO LEARN SO MUCH MORE!!!!! *BOUNCES LIKE CRAZY AND DANCES* I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!! I have it as a Tuesday class only though so I have to wait an entire week for the next class. We're learning how to use FLash program now and it's very interesting. Still, trying for that dream. I think though if I ever get a chance to talk with my professor I might try and change my Major to Communication instead of Art. Or maybe I can try to Double major. Man, this is gonna take awhile I can just feel it...Oh, well it's just I think there's so much I can do with Communication than Art, ya know? Ah, think most about right now, ne? I have to focus on meeting the requirements for school first!! Then I can worry about the details later, ne? YOSH!!!! I CAN DO THIS!!! Oh yeah, I picked up an application for Yoshinoya yesterday. Now I just have to FINALLY get my state ID. But I heard it takes six months to get to you!!! *SADNESS* Oh well, I'll try and find time SOMEWHERE to do that. Well, Until next time mina-san!!!!! *Waves bye*
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