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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hey!! So how is everyone? It's certainly been awhile and I have somewhat interesting time to report back to all my friends here ^__^

I helped at with the dinner that was being held for the Seven Oaks Golf Club. They're some of the major funders for the Hispanic Scholarship fund. The students who received money from them were asksed to volunteer and I did. Man, it felt like a Seto Kaiba mansion and here I was feeling like a Joey Wheeler. lol ^__^ There was statues, a big classy piano, several waiting rooms, huge curtains, and chandeliers!!! The dining room was amazing!!! And the food smelled positively DELICIOUS!!! There were little waiter people too running around in tuxedos. Real High Class, and this was just a little club to them.

It was sort of funny with this high class place to see old men in shorts, polo shirts, sneakers, and baseball caps coming in all laughing and hungry. ^__^ I was the first to arrive and Stella gave me the CSUB shirt to wear. I looked nice enough. Then I met Jessica who was in my communications class. I've talked to her a little, but I was so glad someone I knew was there. She came in jeans and seemed just as awed as I was.

Oh! And get this. You know how in regular restrooms they have the paper sheets in that silver metal thing of that thing where you press down? Well, I went to the restroom looking everywhere for the towels and I look in this basket with cloth outlining the inside and BAM!! In three neat stacks were the towels all nicely folded. It made me laugh. ^__^

Hm, Well, I've updated my myspace if anyone wants to read that. That's it for now!!

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