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Friday, March 24, 2006

Okay, haven't exactly fixed this yet. Sorry for the small area. Just thought I'd update a little with life here. Got my Spring grades back got an A- in Art history, B in English and---D in Stats. *Burst out in tears* IT'S HORRIBLE!!! I told my parents still, my parents deserve to know the truth. I can't keep secrets from them. They weren't as mad about it as I thought they would be. They tell me just to try harder. *sighs* I made my first few greetings. *Smiles Real Big* SO COOL!! I LOVE THEM!! My favorite is between the Oh! My Goddess and the Joey Yugioh one. I also put up a new wallpaper from Hikaru Kaze. Soji!! I love him!! ^__^ I did some cool effects on the collague of manga scans I made and it looks like an anime!! SO COOL!! I was kidnapped by my mom and two older sisters and was FORCED to go shopping! NOOOO! NOOOOO!!! I DON'T---okay. LOL, I loved trying on all the clothes, but didn't like any. Went to Payless and looked at all the cool cute shoes!! LOVE SANDALS!! And I got a Wicked cool jacket on winter clearance. I LOVE IT!!!! I had to get rid of my khaki tranch coat which saddened me. My Godparent gave it to me, but it got a mysterious red spot on it...SADNESS!! Well, that's all for today! Laters!
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