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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Man, I keep posting don't I? Well, I finished with my finals and I'm on Spring Break for this week!


*Jumps into the air with fist and does a little jig* Man, o man!! I'm gonna do ALL KINDS OF STUFF!! Like sleep, eat, and sleep some more!!! PARADISE!! lol, I think I'm probably gonna stay inside all day if I can and just chill. I only get a week until I have to go back for my spring classes.*pouts* Man, I can't BELIEVE I won't get Easter off. Man, that sucks...Good news is, once I pay for my books I should have some money left over! ^__^ BUT!! *sighs* The RESPONSIBLE part of me tells me I should save it for books again or other important stuff. I shouldn't go wasting it on ANIME or CDS or FUN BOOKS or other stuff like that.

IT WAS SOOOOO COOL LAST NIGHT HERE!!! My family and I were sitting in the livingroom watching the American version of Dark Water when outside it was raining hard and we even saw flashes of lightning and heard thunder. My older sister screamed, it would have been funnier if she hadn't pulled my arm which I was holding hot chocolate in. Eh, I was cold anyway, but it burned her a little. My brother said that we had the perfect weather for watching Dark Water. It was pretty cool, but has a really sad ending.

Let's see, what else in my life? Oh! I'm gonna try and get a savings account of my own hopefully soon. whipee...and what else? Hm, *tries to think* OH YEAH!! FAYE-CHAN AND KONEKO!! I think they're coming back to old Bako! Maybe we can go to an all you can eat chinese food place and movies when they're here. That would be fun, or we can all go raid Gany's house and then Borders? lol, man, I can't wait to see them again. Although I may not look excited at times, inside I'm always am. ^__^

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