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Monday, March 13, 2006

it feels like I haven't posted stuff about myself here in a long time. Well, gots some stuff that might make yalls smile or remember when something similar might have happened to you once.

I went to class a few days back and found out it was cancelled. So I RAN back to the bus that would take me home. I was so thankful after knocking on the side of the bus that they let me on. Man, I was sooooo tired!! Once I got off at the depo I decided I had enough time to just go wandering in the mall seeing that the people at home wouldn't be expecting me until later. I didn't really waste any more time than I normally would taking the bus to the stop I ususally got off at. I must have been walking fast.

Anyway, I had a pretty good day until I try to open the door to my house. It was locked. They must have gone out to eat. So I go through the backyard to check all the usual entrances I can try. But rotten luck. I can't open a single one. I even tried opening a window to my mom's room and ended up hurting my fingers.

Then when I go back to the front again I remember my dad stayed home from work because he was sick. So I knock a few times REALLY loud and ring the doorbell like a maniac. No one answered. I stood there a few more minutes, but still no answer...They must have taken my dad somewhere to eat because he hasn't eaten all day, I think.

I would usually sit on the steps for hours, but that day I forgot my phone inside the house because it was recharging. I start worrying that my mom will worry and I then decided to find SOME way inside.

I look up and the bathroom window is open, but at least two feet above my head. I look around and find the wobbly stool that would lift me up to get in if I angle it. So I manage to stand stable on the stool, but once I look down...NO WAY!! The tub is too deep and if I get hurt or end up DEAD no one would know or be able to help me. So that idea was a goner.

I sit longer on the steps mumbling some nonsense, rather LOUDLY might I add. Then I look to see the window to my brother's bathroom open, but there's a screen on it, there are bottle though that might shatter if I just push it out, and it's about the same height above my head as the other window, or even higher seeing that it was off where the concrete is. There's the blue recylable thing and the stool. I made like a stair with both of them. It was wobbly, but I somehow managed. There was a small rip in the screen so was able to get the bottles safely out of the way before entering. Getting down and going up with the bottles in my arms was hard and I almost fell over a couple of times.

Once the bottles are out of the way I push in the screen. In my brother's bathroom there's a small frigerator that I could climb on, but there was all sorts of stuff on it. I knock them all down each landing with a BANG!! Once cleared I squeeze through the window. (might I add it only opened half way!!) I almost fell twice and gasped several times from trying to find the recyclable container which had fell over!! By I MADE IT!! SO HAPY I DIDN'T DIE OR GET STUCK IN A HUMILATING SITUATION!!! Once in I open the door and walk out feeling VERY TIRED AND HUNGRY.

When I open the door my dad is standing right there wide eyed and crazy hair. I screamed and he got scared. I didn't expect him to be there!! He tells me he heard some bangs and came to see what it was. WITH ALL THE FURY WITHIN ME!!!!! I growled at him and pretended to choke him and pumble him!!! He laughed at me and told me how my sister had given him some cold medicine and how he was watching tv with the volume on high. I walked away mumbling and growling at him. He asked why I didn't knocked and it only got him deeper into the whole.

Eventually I forgave him, but he thought it was sooooo funny he told everyone who came home. *Shakes Head*

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