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Saturday, February 25, 2006

I know I told Ganymede that I would try to put more stuff about me here. Heh heh, listening to the Matrix Soundtrack for the first movie. SO COOL!! I love that one. I saw the second one and it was eh...I got bored with it and I think I left before it could all finish. The thing with the cake and the lady was all too disgusting and perverted...ew...that's when I left. I haven't seen the third one yet. I heard it was a lot better. I just don't quite like how it got all romantic with that one girl and Neon. Neon was cool though, SUPERMAN!! LOL, I liked the part where he could fly.

Let's see, what's up with me?

Well, my dad was talking to me a few days ago asking what the family would do if he retired in the Spring and took a four day vacation somewhere with my mom. It was a little depressing because my dad is getting old and my mind always wander to depressing stuff and I get all BLAH!! But I reasonable started telling him the obvious, such as my little sister would need a ride to school, my brother would also need a way to get to work and such.

I was surprise that he didn't stop to think about those sort of things. He said he didn't tell my mom yet, so no biggie. It's sad and depressing when I think too much on these things. And I think I've been doing an okay job than how I use to be on the subject.

Hm, my family went out to eat yesterday and it was fun although I wasn't that hungry. We went to an all you can eat chinese buffet. My older sister and I waited at the tables to order the drinks, she told me to order five waters. I laughed and made an angry voice demanding my order while lightly slamming my hand on the table Kyo style. ^___^ lol, then the waiter guy popped up and I think he heard me. He was laughing while placing down the few waters he had and said, "I'd better go get some more then."

I was surprised he heard me and my older sister laughed out loud. It was funny. I can't help my out bursts sometimes. I'm not really angry sometimes and voicing out frusterating thoughts or compliants really helps my mood sometimes. Then again there's always that saying, "Talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity." LOL, if that's true then uh oh...

Also reminds me of when I had to climb the four flights of stairs. (Five if you count the basement part) I was going to read a little more about Bernini and other Baroque artists, for fun. I was wheezing a little when I noticed I was on the wrong floor I pulled out the Ranma angry fist combined with a little of my own anime style for depress/angry/sigh feeling. A person going by looked at me kinda strange and asked if I was all right. LOL, I swear I remind myself too much of a cartoon sometimes. I feel nervous and was sure a sweatdrop mark appeared right above my head when I told then I was fine and keep going up the stairs.

Hm, I another essay to write for my English class. The articles are SOOO long!! I just have to get all the pieces together and get an idea and thesis formulated. I still have almost a week to get it done. Still I want to get started early...What do you guys think about furthering technology? To be or not to be that is the question.

On a TOTALLY different subject!!! I just finished cleaning my room!! *BIG TEARY EYES* It's so beautiful!!!! ^__^ I ususally hate cleaning it up especially the closet area. AND ANOTHER TOTALLY OFF SUBJECT MANNER!!

I went to the mall yesterday walking home and was thinking of getting some ear piercings when I have the money. It would be nice, I was looking around comparing different store prices, looking at all the girly different earrings. It was fun, looking at the hair places to. I've been trying to grow it out, but I'd like to get it professionally streaked or something artsy with it. LOL,I'm open to any suggestions. Well, I'll take my leave now with hopefully more interesting stuff next time either about me or someone or something else. Laters! ^__^

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