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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

omg Asia, you are amazing.
You know how in Utena, she has that omnipresent group of flailing fangirls following her around everywhere? According to the Malaysian fic writer (I know her name now, but I'm persistent on calling her that xD), that actually happens at her all-girls school. As in, the people in student council tend to be tomboyish and have giggling fangirls following them around everywhere. (And interestingly enough, they have a head girl and prefects. LIKE IN HARRY POTTER!)

That's just... mind-boggling. I had always thought that that was just some silly anime thing, but that it actually happens at some schools...

And it really makes me wonder how I can get myself in on this action. I want a fanclub. >_>;;

And now, for an AMAZING!! (albeit kind of gross) bit of reminiscing from a recent Korean variety show: So Jaejoong and others were in their apartment in Japan, when he walked into their bathroom and found that someone had pulled a ninja poop and went without flushing. So Jae does an "investigation" and finds that only Yunho doesn't have a good alibi. Jae accuses him, Yunho gets PO'd enough to storm out of the house and go jogging. (LOL) Yunho becomes really determined to find the TRUE ninja pooper and threatens to kill them. They find out that it was Su who did it (no surprise there :P), but Su is just so cute that Yunho just can't help but forgive him. And everyone lived happily ever after.

..........they are so retarded omg. I think this is the story of DBSK's life. Minus the fame and fortune and the legion of adoring fangirls, etc. I think I like Yunho getting chased out of the house the most LOL. Poor Yunho and all that, but I TOTALLY KNEW IT! YunJae have stupid lovespats! My fanfiction has been validated! :DDDD

EDIT: Wow, to think this might be my last real myO post.

*looks back on the contents of the post*

....Yeah, I think that's my myO in a nutshell. :P

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