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Hey, people. If you're reading this, it's probably because I left a post somewhere and NOT because you liked a picture I put up. Why? Because 1. my scanner hates me and 2. I'm still a little shy about putting my art on here. ^_^;; I'll wait until I completely outgrow using reference pictures....And maybe when I FINALLY learn how to color my stupid little doodles on the comp, to post any on here. -_-;; Yeah, I'm not very confident in my talent.

Anyhoo, if I DO ever put any pics on here, they probably won't be stunningly gorgeous. Just a warning.

In case you couldn't tell by now, I'm not normal, and neither are my friends. We make up the SPED classroom at my school. I've been to the crazy house two...or was it three times? I dunno. I take Prosac to help control my anger. I have ADHD, OCD, ODD, SID, and Tourettes syndrome. Dunno what my friends have, but they're all just as insane as I am. ^_^;; Yay for crazy, fun people!

So, that's all there is to me. If you actually read all that, you totally deserve a cookie. Seriously.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

   ....random post....
Yeah, so, updating on here? Not really a trend for me. I'll just write like it's my LJ.

Uhm....I recently beat Okami, which was a STUNNINGLY gorgeous game. I LOVE it. And Waka. Waka pwns all. You can tell I like a character when I doodle the guy at school. =P

Lesse, what else....Oh, yeah. I feel very bad about myself for this. I mean, I make fun of people who play POkemon, but here I am, playing Pokemon Ruby NONSTOP. At first it's because I had nothing better to do so I borrowed it from a friend. But now it's like "Oh my GAWD, Team Magma, just GO AWAY! You stupid TURDS!" like yelling at the Gameboy madness. 0_o And I congratulate my Pokemon every time they evolve. I've succumbed to the evil....

Final thought now. Did y'all see that Georgia Tech football game?! They totally OWNED those stupid hunchbacks! THe ol' Quazimodo coach was all twitchy and stuff. It was AMAZING! And I don't even really like football! It was great, seeing those cocky little jerks being put in their place. Beautiful.

Ai'ght, I'm gonna go try and catch s'more Pokemon. Laters.

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