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Hello! Im becca!
Im the creator of mint and rocky the wolf (my two main anime charaters)
so I hope we can be friends!

Monday, November 24, 2008

birthday! :D

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on saturday its gonna be my birthday! XD
Im so exsited! I'll be 14! (then it will jest be two more years till my drivers licence! 8D
I will be contuning my comic! ALSO!
the reaseon I wasent on the last past three days where because...
1.I wint to a sleep over on friday
2.Computer shut down
3.my dad didint give the comp back once it worked
XD oh well..
questing time! 8O
1.whens your birthday?
2.lisoning to anything?
3.comics or anime?
4.are you feeling well?
ansers! :D
1.nov 29! X3
2.weirdly seven things by hanna montanna
3.hmmm... anime! XD
4.no... IM SICK! O.o

have a nice day! ^^

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