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Hello! ^-^ I'm just a crazy random girl with a best friend named Aubrey! Not much to my life, just always out looking for anime pictures... My favorite manga is Les Bijoux...o_O or Azumanga Daioh...the manga are WAY better though. T_T I like reading, drawing, and hanging out with my COOL friends...and Gravitation...o-o. Please sign my gb while you're here. Thanks! ^-^

..::Gravitation ^-^::..
.::Les Bijoux::..::Azumanga Daioh::.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

New stuff! mehbeh...o,O

yay! 2 people missed me....T_T Well...I'm glad people did!

Alright! I posted! so...nothing new has happened to me. I'm probably going to go to the anime convention again this September! yesh!! O-O Also, I might be able to make some xtra cash! ;P no...not like a hooker...O________O but feeding a cat...and making 20 neckalaces for my grandma! woohoo! that's like...$80!!

Okeesmokee! ^-^ I'm gonna leave now! byeness!

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oh gawd...I'm gonna cry! I'm back!!! *hugs EVEYONE!!*

yes! now that summer vacation is here, i will be on!!!!!!! eek! I'm so happeh! ok...i'll calm down. *looks around at my site...* wow... i swear that I'll get on tomorrow! If i don't, you can curse at me! as much as you want!

since it's 1:01 am, I'm gonna go to sleeperz. I don't wanna leave!
ok... bye!!

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

   CSAP and glasses

hello people! I am back....again. ok, so i haven't been on in a while....

i got glasses.......pooey... oh well....i thought i wouldn't need 'em...hehe! ^^'

CSAP has started!! (Colorado Student Assessment Program) the big test thing. They're harrrrd! to me....o-O I'm not good at coming up with these paragraph things!! ha! O-O so, i'll be back...probably tomorrow... because i have nothing else to do. byee!

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

   Queen of Egypt

heh....so much for being on a lot more...T_T i'm sorry. i just haven't been in the mood to get on lately. it's refreshing actually. ok, so how is everyone? ok...good! o_O

yes, Aubrey's going out with the hottest dude ever!! well....not the hottest, but he's pretty damn hott! :P Lucky her! hmm...they're still my friends.

MY mum's BD is on Tuesday...not sure how old she'll be. I might get her a bonzai tree or however you spell them, and maybe some lime green converse! hey...she asked O_O

i'll go look at some people's sites now! byee! ^_________^

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

   hello! ^-^

Hello! i've returned! yay....i'm finishing my assignment tonight, so i'll be on a lot more.jeez...i didn't even come on V-day...;-; i'm sory! :( so here's a picture to celebrate my return:

this has nothing to do with my return...but oh well...(yes i do agree that they need new haircuts, etc. HA!)

here's something about Rahxephon

hmm....strange. ok, bye!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

   *looks at date...dies*

EEE! O_O i haven't been on in forever! ^^' sorry about that! just been so busy w/ school and all that i haven't had time to do much on the computer. i'm glad to be back! unfortunataly, i won't be on a lot due to a crappy assignment! >____< i'll go take a look at some sites now! byee!!
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