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If your new to my site, I hope you enjoy! I can be rather boring, but you could look at my art (maybe. . .please oh please!) You don't have to or anything, it's just an idea!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011



ZOMG! The snowpocalypse is here! Hopefully it's winding down though, b/c i'm getting super bored of staying in at home. Yay for snow days off of work, boo for having to stay inside b/c the inch to 2 inch thick layer of ice on the car sucks and it takes an hour + gallons of hot water to scrape off O.o It's crazy! Well, everyone stay safe out there, and i'm going to watch more Gakuen Alice!!! laterzzz! watch out for zombies!


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

   Long Time No Otaku...


Haha hey people how are you all doing? I haven't been on myOtaku in quite awhile... years in fact. And I randomly today decided to jump on and revisit! I was super excited to look back on my artwork and see that on my best picture, Jin, I have 585 views and like 6 comments!!!! Plus a bunch of people favorited it! You have no idea how exciting that is!
Life has been pretty good. I have my own apartment now, new job at Starbuck's< and good friends. Things with my family are still.... meh.... but other than that life's getting better. Haha rainbow after the storm right? And i had quite the storm over the holidays. Oh well just keep swimming :) Anyway, enough of my randomness! Happy new year everyone (rather late) and talk later!


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007



Well, to answer those who visited me (thanks for visiting by the by!) I have had a boyfriend for about four months. My long lost relatives are basically my biological mother's family who has had no comminucation with me for about 11 to 12 years, but they decided to once my mom committed suicide (about 2 or so years ago), but really really decided to this past year. I learned that my "grandma" had a heart attack but is doing fine now, and that my "little sisters" are so special and smart, etc etc. Also, my "grandpa" got on the phone (this conversation was two nights ago) and proceeded to ask me when I was visiting and to hop on a plane and come on over (I live in Indiana and they live in Arizona, so it's a bit of a plane trip) but I didn't know what to say except "ummm. . . grandpa. . . I'm sorry, but plane trips cost money that I don't have. . .*awkward silence*" so that was my long lost relatives bit. And I'm still waiting on my Purdue acceptance letter! Oh, and for thanksgiving I am going to Alabama with the family to see my bro at college, so I'm gonna be WARM!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!.

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