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Hi,I'm battousai,some of you are wondering why I canged my profile twice lol,but thats not important,anyways,I'm a Christian,and unafraid to stand up for my rights,I'd have to say my best qualities would have to be,I'll try my best when things are down,I'm a hard worker(when I feel like it)And I'm a quick learner.I also am a loyal friend,and I try to understand when things are goin on and my friends need some space,I also hope to be a strong person someday.My bad traits(dramatic music):A bad temper,lack of listening when I have somethin interestin on my mind(only in conversation)I have a nack for gettin on peoples nerves,and I don't like working,unless it's a job that is instructed,which,most of the time,isn't.Weird qualities:I have split personalities,and I like pie and fighting too much.

Alright,back to everyday life,I'd ave to say my best traits for physical atributes would be,quick eye reflexes,moderate strength,I'm fast,and I don't back down on a video game lol.later!

*flys into distance on a hot dog*

Saturday, August 28, 2010

   Nobody ish me XD
I have officially become a nobody,(kh reference anyone?) And as such,nobody remembers me XD though I don't remember much either,soooo..I guess I'll simply say hi=]

I was on this site about 3 years ago by now,but then all of a sudden I stopped getting messaged,and little by little I forgot about myotaku...and then it went poof,then all of a sudden a week ago I went...what's this? so here I am =D If anybody feels like sayin hi,feel free XD (grey smiley to represent my nobodyness)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dang I forgot again!
well,I thought I'd be on in summer=S....but then I forgot to come on cause of alot...well,if anyone's still on after a year,that'd be shocking=O,well,if you've have the misfortune to wander in here:P *shoots bazooka at whoever is hereXD*

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hmmm...wonderin if anyone even knows me anymore lol
Well,again I keep goin off for long periods of time and not pmin anybody,very sorry^^"
I don't got much time till summer starts,so if anybody still remembers me,pm:P

overall,not much has changed,still your average boredom phantom busterXD (if anyone remembers that)
Crowd nods:Not in a million years-_-'''

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