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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Posing for a Better Feature.
03Ô 18ÈÕ ¡¸Ë®ê×ÈÕ¡¹
I¡¯ve been wondering why people teach their dogs how to jump.
I¡¯ve been curious as to why this basic, underrated¡ªand for good reasons¡ªability to leave the ground for a second because of shear muscle force against gravity should deserve praise. Leaving that aside, what is so amusing about seeing your dog jump? How is that a trick?

(¡°Jump¡± is about the only thing my dog knows how to do, btw. Lawl)

That, and sitting when he wants something. Yeah, great talent.
I feel really tired today, not physically either. The feeling probably set in this morning after my dog pissed everywhere in the garage and I realized my human best friend was just as useless as he was. I was probably grumpy also because I¡¯d gotten home late and didn't sleep. I got home around 3am because I was over at my aunt Tiffany¡¯s house watching late recorded episodes of America¡¯s Best Dance Crew (that I¡¯d missed). xD It sounds really lame now that I think of it. Staying that late to watch people dance on TV.

I¡¯ll let you know Tiffany¡¯s friend Cheryl was there visiting as well though, so my visit was not entirely for ABDC. She¡¯s been in town for a week and she¡¯s leaving for Vegas again in an hour. I was already prepared for it because Tif had warned me, but Cheryl spent a small portion of the night advertising her cousin to me. That was quite funny and I didn¡¯t mind it but I don¡¯t understand why people I know come to me when they want a friend of theirs turned gay. xD I don¡¯t think it works out that easily. And it sounds very bizarre, but I¡¯ve been asked to do so a couple of times now.
The story¡¯s a bit long and odd so I¡¯ll just say Cheryl is less than convinced her cousin is straight ¡°again¡± and thinks we¡¯d be a good fit. As if that¡¯s all I need, too. A long distance relationship with a girl who thinks she¡¯s straight. I lol¡¯d. Pretty hard.
Cheryl says she¡¯ll be back in June and when she drives back home, we should go with her. How does Vegas sound for summer? ._.¡± Besides terribly hot and desert-y.
I¡¯m so sorry I write so much. I used to write more though, right? Hah.
Cota and I had driven out to Bakersfield, to get the Tegan and Sara shoes. When the worker came out from the back looking at the flyer that came in the shoebox, he stopped and said, ¡°I thought that was you right there,¡± pointing at Tegan, next to Sara. It was a terrible, terrible coincidence that Tegan and I were wearing virtually the same thing. ._. Bahah. I felt very lame, yes I did.

But I laughed and said, ¡°No, but I hope I still look that awesome when I¡¯m rounding my 30¡¯s.¡±

Canada has the Fountain of Youth. They must.

Behold, the magnificent Tegans (If the picture agrees to show up). Cota is my Sara when we play their songs, so it was natural who would get which pair. Also, I didn¡¯t want Sara¡¯s. They¡¯re white. :x

Also, it was like being in the Twilight Zone in that town. It was near impossible to find a Starbucks and when we asked people, they had no clue where to find any. Those things are on every street corner, or at least should be.

Mood: Blank.
Listening to: "Like O, Like H" ¨C Tegan and Sara
Reading: Richard Ford¡¯s ¡°Independence Day¡±
Eating: Dosirac Instant Noodles

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