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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Your tattoos will slide off your skin.

Self-Preservation -- Everyone's entitled to it. That's human nature; It's survival. I understand that. Even I sometimes have an odd inkling to live.

So why I was displeased to hear Cota say he had "escaped two car accidents" is unclear to me.

I want to say it's because the first accident he was referring to was one in which my childhood hero and favorite aunt was involved. She had given our useless seventeen-year-old selves a ride to the cinemas and then got rear-ended by someone. I remember my lovely grandma tried to pin the blame on me for that incident. I'm quite positive it was the illegal immigrant without a license or insurance that was at fault, though. (I could be mistaken.)

When a car accident occurs, however, you do not say "Golly, I could have been in there." You worry only about the people in the car.

I think it's because the second said wreck was the one I got in on Friday, though. Justin and I were driving down Shaw and the breaks gave out. It was completely unexpected. The car was totaled but he and I both walked out okay -- And I recall thinking to myself, right away, that I was glad Cota had declined my offer to hang out.

I don't know why it was okay for me to think it was great that he had avoided an injury, but it wasn't okay for him to think so.

I didn't express that thought, though. I function pretty much like a guy it seems, so I didn't say, "I'm glad you weren't in the car when we wrecked. You could have gotten hurt, too." I worded it more like, "If you were in the car with us, the extra passenger weight would have caused the impact to be much greater and the engine could have been pushed in even further, crushing both my legs and Justin's. Whew."

Alright, I'm sure guys aren't even that emotionally void. Expressing feelings of worry for human beings is just not like me. (Also it's super gay.)

Oh, and I had two-hundred loose dollars on me (in twenties) when I climbed out of the hunk-of-junk car. I could not have looked like more of a drug dealer. >D

Mood: Calm.
Listening to: "Tokyo Underground" - Blue Sky Black Death
Watching: Silent Hill
[& wondering why Rose and Cybil
haven't started making out yet.] -shame-
Drinking: Jasmine Tea.

I've been on Youtube.
I will never, ever forgive the male portion of Shiny Toy Guns for this.


(I still absolutely love what happens at 0:34 and I can't explain why.)


What the fuck were they thinking?
I want Carah Faye back (I also want that red head in the music video back). D< My ears are bleeding.

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