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Hiya! and welcome to my home! im a fun luving chick who doesn't take crap from people and is always ready to give a helping hand in anyway. whether that b talking, listening, advice, etc! there are rules (down below the pic) so plz read them. for ur sake. anyway, i love sweets, Basketball(duh), music, guys, friends, and most of all my Lord and Savior Jesus. and if i ever get on ur nerves tell me k. i don't bite...much. lol! ok i think i'll stop babbling and let u read the rest of my post :D
Fave anime: Inuyasha, FMA, Naruto, Gundam Seed, Kingdom Hearts, Blood Plus, Trinity Blood, and ect.
Email: kayliemillay@aol.com (ask before use plz)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ok this is me^.^ in all my blonde glory!
1.) NEVER dis God on this site or i will take u off my friends list so fast u won't no what hit u!
2.) no drugies/smokers allowed! or i'll kick ur srry butt to the next milleniom!!!
3.) don't just sign my gb saying u want me to do the same. i will if u want but say more than that k.
4.) don't be an ass!
5.) (Most important) if u ever need to talk or want to talk just pm me k^^

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hi everyone!
well i feel like a bitch... im srry when i left, but i just wanted to say i got my problems figured out and i hope u can all forgive me, if not, i understand. i'll try to visit everyone i can. that's a promise.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I think it's time to say goodbye for a while...
hey...like the title says, im gonna say goodbye. i don't feel very happy about being on otaku anymore. this new version is totally screwing with me becuz i cant find or get to my friends sites, i don't know how to really add new ppl, and i barely have time for it anymore...i might stay around im just not sure yet. if i don't respond within 2 months then im probably done with otaku.
plz don't be mad at me ppl.
if u want to e-mail me or something my email is: kayliemillay@aol.com (all in lower case).
so i guess i'll just say later..."Later."

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a poem to Charlie...my dog
As a young u were shy
Growing bolder as time flew by
Now i cry out asking why;
For i will never again see those puppy dog eyes.

Growing up u were wild,
but your temper was mild,
No matter how mad i got,
You would love right on the spot.

As a young u were shy
Growing bolder as time flew by
Now i cry out asking why;
For i will never again see those puppy dog eyes.

I wish you the best of luck,
In the resting place wherever it may be,
I just wish i could see;
ur rambunctious face one more time...

Dedicated to my Dog who had been with me for ten years: Charlie (I Love You)...

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chptr 2
Hi every1! ok im gonna post up my story again! i'll talk about my valintine's day 2morrow. here we go!
Chapter 2
I just stand there looking at him like some crazed groupie. He just continued to smile at me with such brilliance, that I begin to wonder if I’m dreaming the smile. I doubt it.
“Hello.” The word sounded like a musical note as he said it, filling me with strange peace.
“Hi.” I whisper. Though I feel a little safer when he’s talking, I shy away from him. There’s something about him that seems dangerous-not just because its night time and I’m alone- almost deadly. He takes a step forward I take a small step back.
“Why are you out here? Isn’t a little dangerous for a young woman to be alone at night?” He stared at me with such innocent curiosity that I almost didn’t see him take two more steps towards me.
“I can take care of myself.” I fought to stand my ground and look more aggressive. I know a few self-defense moves, but just enough to slow an attacker down.
“I see.” He nods with understanding, then looks me in the eye and asks, “Might I ask where you are heading?”
I stutter, “I-I forgot something at my school, so I’m going back to get it.” Suddenly his eyes brightened with a strange sort of joy, and I start to cuss myself out for saying anything.
“Well, it might be a dangerous walk. Why don’t I accompany you?” Something in his voice told me that even if I refuse, he would end up walking with me anyway. I just start walking away and he follows.
When I think he’s not looking I steal small glances out of the corner of my eye to get a look at his face. He would just keep looking forward, though a few times he did actually catch me looking at him….
“By the way I never did catch your name.” I looked up to see these beautiful blue eyes staring down at me, like they were trying to pull my name from my very soul.
“Lie! Lie to him dang it!” I screamed at myself. “…My name’s…Karla.” Wow, I didn’t know I was this bad at lying to someone.
“Karla…that’s a nice name, my name’s Matthew Nightingale. You may call me Matt if you like.” Matt smiled that unbelievable gorgeous smile again. It alone is enough to take my breath away and make me flush. Turning away quickly to hide my rapidly, growing red face, we don’t talk for a few minutes.
It’s a chilly night and I’m in a tank-top and shorts, not the smartest moment on my part. At least I’ll be able to run without much restraint. The crisp, icy wind blows in quick jabs and send shiver up and down my spine. It’s painfully obvious and Matt asks the most obvious question, “Are you cold?”
I think to myself “No, I’m just rubbing my arms and chattering my teeth because I enjoy it.” Instead I say, “No, I’m fine.” Before the sentence completely escapes my mouth, Matthew shrugs off his jacket and drapes it over me. When he tries to wrap an arm around my shoulders I move away, just enough to keep out of his full reach. I can see he doesn’t like it because-when he thinks I’m not looking- a grim expression spreads across his face like a plague. It stays there only a moment though.
As we walk I notice a very sweet smell in the air. Smelling the air I find that it’s coming from his jacket! To make it less obvious I pull the jacket over me more and take small quick sniffs. I don’t know what type of cologne he wears, but it smell delightfully wonderfully.
He must have seen me sniff it or something, because a huge, enthusiastic smile creeps across his lips. I hide another assault of blushes. The school is finally in sight, the only thing is there are no lights even near the track-where I left my pack- or buildings. Suddenly running wasn’t a half bad idea in my ever anxious mind.
I don’t want to run though. Weirdly enough I actually want the guy who I meet at night alone on a dark street to be with me. We hop the fence and head towards the track.
“Do you know where it is?” Matthew asked. Stupidly I gawk at him like an idiot until I finally understand what he’s talking about.
“Oh, the bag!” I smack my forehead and curse myself for being stupid. “Ummm… I think I left it by the giant oak tree.” I point to the big tree near the track. He nods as if to confirm it, and walks over to the area. I follow him.
A few minutes into searching it Matthew calls, “I think I found it!” Rushing to his side I check to see if it’s the right bag. Sure enough it is. Matt stands up and hands it to me. I’d forgotten how much crap I stuff into it on weekends.
Heaving it onto my shoulders I thank Matthew for his help. “I really appreciate it.” I give him my best smile.
“It was no problem.” He returns my smile with an earth-shaking one. On top of that the moon is shining fully on him, making his smile glow and his eyes dance like the stars in the heavens. His hair shined like gold as the moon reflects off it.
Looking at him so long made me a little dizzy. When I clear my head, it occurs to me how close we got to each other. Snapping my head back I end up popping it, and stumbling into the tree.
“Are you okay Karla?!” Matthew comes towards me and offers a hand. Ignoring it I just nod. Using the tree as leverage, I push off and stand perfectly straight.
The walk back is quiet, but it’s okay. I don’t really know what to say or talk about anyhow. About thirty feet away is my house, with the lights on. I sigh heavily knowing I’ll probably get chewed for being so late. I turn to Matt to say thank you one more time and good night, but when I look at him my mind goes blank.
His face looks like a god’s! Matt’s eyes reminded me of sapphires reflecting the sun’s rays and I can smell the cologne he is wearing, all of his beautiful features drawing me in. He places one hand on the side of my face and slowly leans in. Less than three centimeters in my brain turns back on. It screams at the rest of me, “What in the world are you doing?! You’re about to kiss a complete stranger and what if dad sees!?!” It’s too late. As I start to pull away, his lips gently brush mine. I think to myself, “I’ve just been kissed by a god!”
End Of Chptr 2
plz comment and tell me what u think. L8terz!

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