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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

   Do do do...


Soo...School started back up from christmas break. My classes are still boring. ...and I'm about as tall as my Everyday living teacher...when I'm sitting down. It's hilarious.

I'm going to Alaska at the end of this month. My uncle's retiering from the Coast Guard and we're going up there for the ceremony and then stayin' there for a while. I'm so excited. Though, I miss two weeks of school and durning that time, I miss my district testing. So I have to go talk to my counseler sometime soon about when I can make it up. But...thats okay...because I am going to Alaska... lol

I got in my first accident yesterday. Ick... It was actually my fault though. XD And wasn't that bad either. Though, I was never told that you were supposed to stop right there so like...I kinda drove a block away to a car wash. I mean, I was going like, 10 mpiles per hour under the speed limit and trying to motion outside my window what I was doing. So...The lady called the cops on me because I drove away. I freaked. Of course. So, I called my mom...she came up, and then we waited for like...an hour for the friggen cop. But yeah...the lady was a complete bitch. I mean, yes, you're going to be angry but I mean...she just has a little scratch... The cop only wrote me a ticket for improper lane change though...which was $69. Nice round number...

Well, in other news, I'm almost completly done with my Deidara cosplay. I have to finish my shirt, because I have that half done. And then I need to get my headband. ...and dye my hair out more to get it blonde. lol. And, my friend who's cosplaying Konan, her cloak is comming in the mail right now so, she should be done soon too. And as for my Sasori...lol, she's not getting her costume till later. XD So...I won't have any fun, mail roaming picutres/videos for a nother couple months. It's sad... lol.

Well...I guess thats it for now...cuz I have nothing interesting to say. XD

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