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Friday, November 16, 2007

Anime Nebraskon!


Weeee! It starts today! yay!
I was supposed to wake up, take a shower, then have my dad drop me off at my friends house after he dropped my brother off at school but...I woke up late. XD

So here I sit. ...I have to go take a shower, finish packing a few things, and then wake my mom up to take me over to my friend's house. :P

Annnnd...I made a mini-gaara-gourd! yay! Actually, it looks kinda bad but, haha, whatever! XD The plaster wrap was kicking my ass and the paint was....also kicked my ass.

See! Mini-gourd...
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Erins not entierly good at drawing straight lines at 11 at night. :P

Oh yeaaaahh, my 16th birthday was monday! My mom and dad actually got a car for me! It was only $450 though. but still, they got me a car! yay! My dad has to work on it this weekend. It's basically the only time he can get me away from it... XD

So yeah. I might update sunday nights with some pictures from the con and such. I have to get ready and stuff so, bye byes!

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