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Monday, October 29, 2007



I feel so old...haha! I've basically been beating the crap out of myself this past weekend at scary acres. I was in the physch room on saturday and sunday. And, in there, I have to bang on a plexiglass window and scream and all that fun stuff. So, my hands are all swollen and bruised. And sunday, I had a straight jacket on so, I had my arms crossed and I was doing my thing and like, totally whacked into the wall behind me with my head. I had to go back to the prop room and sit down for a while cuz I was seeing spots.

And, my legs hurt from jumping around so, it's been hard walking around all day. :/

Buuuuut, in other news, I'm excited! My birthday is in like...2 weeks and so is Anime Nebraskon! yay! Only bad thing is, is that my birthday is on a monday. But, hopefully, I'll be able to go take my test and get my driver's lisence before that friday when the con starts.

So yeah....thats really all I have to say. Nothing really exciting has been happening lately. :P

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